Photoshop Lomography Photo Action

I am always looking for nice effects to give to my photos.

The “Lomo” effect is one of them.

From Wikipedia: Lomography is a commercial trademark of Lomographische AG, Austria for products and services related to photography. The name is licensed from a former state-run optics company LOMO PLC in St. Petersburg, Russia. The 35 mm LOMO LC-A camera employed an unusual lens which produced large amounts of distortion at the edges of the image whilst keeping the center sharp, and was promoted by businessmen from Austria with international gallery shows.

Lomography emphasizes casual, snapshot photography. Accidents such as over-saturated colors, lens artifacts, and exposure defects are rehabilitated to produce swirly, abstract effects — a trait emphasized by practitioners. Others use the technique to document everyday life, because the small camera size and ability to shoot in low light encourages candid photography, photo reportage and photo vérité.

The lens effect (although perhaps not the philosophy) can be partially emulated in photo-editing programs, such as Gimp or Photoshop.

Why not creating an action that to automatically emulate Lomography? Here it is!!!

I divided the action into two parts: the first one with just saturation/brightness/contrast adjustments, and the second one with edge blurring.


Before Lomography

after saturation/brightness/contrast adjustments

Lomography in progress

final result

After Lomography

Download the action

If you use this action and are satisfied of the result, please tell me where to find your before/after photos to add them to my example page, and help me with your feedback.

This is a photo sent me by Tim Stet ( using my lomography action

Lomo by Tim Stet

  • Kool effect bro…works GREAT!!! i’ve been looking for just that type of effect for a while..thanks

  • ray

    Does this .atn work with PS 8 on OSX ?

    The preset manager won’t load the .atn..

    Any help / guidance appreciated !



  • Emanuele Feronato

    Sorry I cant’ test it on a OSX at the moment.
    Did anyone test it?

  • F***in’ Awesome Man!! Just Lomo-ed a pic it looks real cool. This effect makes it look so damn agressive. I’m gonna do it on all my pics.

    Thanks for this. Thanks a lot, mate. Will post a link when I’m done and uploaded them all.

  • I am a Photoshop newbie. And there’s this dialog box that comes before the last one. What can I do about it?


    Is this an error? Am I missing some filter/effect?

  • I am happy you enjoyed it.
    Why don’t you send me a pic or two?

    About lens blur, I am afraid it’s only available on CS and higher.
    Simply skip it or replace with gaussian blur.
    Let me know what are you doing.

  • Hi,

    I tried on Mac Os X and it works great.
    Congratulations…. and Thanks.

    Some of your actions are in working here in brazil now….

  • Hello there,

    I am a photographer that for work, practically always have to use a digital camera.
    I have difficulty with creating an image in post-process to create an attractive atmosphere as the camera itself creates to clean of an image.
    After searching the net for a day i downloaded loads of filters, plugins, actions and editorials about this.
    Well, I just mail you to say that your ‘triqui lomo’ action is superb!
    It’s a heavy thing off course, and therefor not suitable for many images, but it has definately created the effect I wanted for some.
    I attached a photo, to show you an example of ‘our’ work. (I am now working on a serie wich is even better with your action, but this is still in progress)

    So.. once again, thancks for making this action available, really appreciate it!

    Kind regards,

    Tim Stet

    ps. It did make me feel that, for me, there is still a lot to learn about PS, just when I thought that I was becomming quite good…

  • Hey Emanuele. Remember me, comment #4 and #5. A’right. So I just worked your great Lomo effect on some pics and here’s the result man.

    I’ve uploaded about 13 pics in a Flickr set – Lomo-dified. Do enjoy, it’s not much just a newbie’s clicks.

  • I’m using Photoshop CS on a Mac and this script worked perfectly. i can’t believe i’ve lived without it for so long.

    here’s a like to my photos on flickr.


  • Hi, I used your lomography action on a few snap shots and they came out beautifully. Do you want me to email you them and if so, where should I send them. Thanks!

  • johann

    superb effects. it has that “professional” feel to it. tried the action on some of my photos and it turned out great. thanks emanuele, keep up the good work.

  • Jo S.

    I used this effect with PS CS on Mac OSX and it worked beautifully. I had never heard of Lomo until I started working for a magazine in China called Lomo Life. This is such a nice effect, very striking. Link to a picture that’s been Lomo’d-

  • sunsurfr

    I used this effect on a picture and loved the results. Thanks.

  • I get the message after extracting and loading into PhotoShop that it is not a valid file name. I have not done anything but download it. Does anyone have suggestion on what I need to do? I’d like to try this. Thanks for Sharing!


  • I got it to work. I didn’t realize there were 3 versions. I love the monochromatic sepia like effect. Thanks a zillion.

  • john

    nice…but i think it will be better with more vignette..

  • Just wanted to let you know that I used this action for this grasshopper macro shot….

  • Aurock

    I’m sorry, but how does one utilize such actions in Photoshop?

  • Aurock

    I got it to work! And it is pretty cool, though I think the actio works much better with light-colored objects/people than darker ones. And this is from a darker-skinned person’s perspective. Not disimilar from when I was in film school, changing exposures for different complexions. So I had to make some alterations. But yeah, thanks for the Action. Peace.

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  • scribble

    How do I make use of the action after I’ve extracted it?

  • scribble

    Got it! I couldn’t find it on your site, but it might be useful to put up a tutorial on how to load the actions. :)

  • blues note

    i tried extracting the file and it gave me a bunch of gibberish. is there any way of sending me the steps via email? i’m really eager to try this style out! danke!

  • Thanks! I’ve used your action in Photoshop CS2 and CS3 (beta). Interestingly the vignette seems to have shrunk a bit in CS3.

    I love the results, and have run this one over many of my shots.

  • Trish

    Hey there —

    I love the photo of the yellow car and what you did with it using Photoshop. I have “Photoshop Elements 4.0” — will it work on that? I’ve saved the action/script to my PC, and I tried to open it with Adobe (right click, open with, Photoshop), but nothing’s happening. I’m a complete novice, so I’m guessing I’m doing it incorrectly. Could you please walk me through the steps? Many thanks.

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  • Steve Bender

    Thanks so much! This really is a great action. Easy to use, perfect.

  • Robert

    This action is just great!!! Always had a look like it produces in the back of my head… Thank you very much.

  • ariefous

    Can you kindly provide me the photoshop action for vintage-look effect?…i`ve been searching for it…Thanks in advance, good day~~~!

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  • I love love love this action! Thank you so much.
    The lomo effect adds SO much to a photo.

    Here’s two of mine :

    Thanks again!

  • Adele

    Well, I can’t buy you a beer (or two) but I can sure leave a very grateful comment. =] Thanks a lot for your help. Really. I have been looking for a lovely way to mimic the wonderful Lomo effect for quite awhile now.

  • i’m going crazy over this lomo thing to the point im thinking of buying an lc-a. however when i stumbled into your site, i was thinking twice if i have to purchase one.. lol

    your ps lomo action is amazing, i was able to apply it in my unpublished photos and there you have it an artwork using your Lomography Photo Action…

    thanks a lot… here is the link of my lomo effects album


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  • 3AM

    This action is just awesome!! Thank you very much for sharing it!

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  • randell

    how do i make the action work? where do i put it? im using photoshop cs.

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  • Susan

    Thanks for this very cool action!

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  • Aloha, used your Lomo action on a few of my dolly shots & I really love the effect. I might just have to buy me a lomo camera just for the novelty of having it with me to take some snaps. Anyway, your action works great I can’t use the Blur lens because I have an older version of PS but I still like the effect anyway. Maybe you can make one for PS7 users also. Again Much thanks.

  • hey there emanuel,

    your actions is pretty amazing! thanks so much for the tip..

    another thing i want to ask from a PRO like you, i am searching for tips on how to make glossy pictures..(dont know if i used the words exactly) but visiting below site will be helpful to what i mean:

    i hope you’ll find time to reply to me!



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  • Charina Razon

    would like to ask you how come i downloaded the triqui lomo and it does not work or open in my photoshop version? am using cs2
    please help me
    thnks in advance

  • I used your action on a picture of a model train set and I think it came out great! You can find the after picture here:

    and the before picture here:

  • toti

    the file i downloaded (triqui lomo)doesn’t work with my cs3…pls tell me how will it work…thanks

  • geir

    Hi! Exploring the world of lomography, trying to get the tool to work in PS Elements 2.0 on mac OSX 10.3.9, unsuccessfully. Any tips, anyone? All the best!

  • maan

    i’ve tried downloading “the action” but it has a file extension of .atn and it won’t open, what should i do? i really want to try this one on my pictures…

  • Jenn

    ahh! It works with PSE 5! Thanks so much!!

  • Jenn

    oops! darn it. I spoke too soon. It applies it to my pic fine but for some reason it won’t save the effects! :( bummer!

  • vincent

    thank you! enjoyed the effect very much =)

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  • Lina

    I tried to use your triquilomo, but it didn’t work. When I’m opening the file, the photoshop CS3
    opens but then I don’t know what to do… I’m a beginner at photoshop, but I would really like to try using this effevt, it looks great.

  • Its a great effect! Thanks :D

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  • Yolanda

    Is there a way to make the effect save in PSE5? It works up until the very last step. Someone mentioned 3 versions. The only one I got was a sepia tinted one. Thanks.

  • DontAskDontTell

    Wow! An




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  • I have a downloadable Lomo Photoshop action as well! Check it out…

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  • Cindy

    Where do you download the file to so you can find it when you open your photoshop???

  • Great effect, I love it. Check out my pic here:

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  • SprayBlood

    Great~~man~!!!!! that is exactly what I want!!! Many thanks!!!!!

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  • Anj Lim

    really cool actions. I tried it on one of our wedding photos and my husband liked it.

  • nicolas

    hello my name is nico but you can call me cowgoose
    (that’s my nick name). i’m from indonesia. i just want to tell you abot your action… it’s f*** man
    and if you have any action more, contact me at

    terima kasih (english:thank you)

  • Charlie

    Don’t expect any help from freeloaders on here. They use the free stuff to improve their photos, then act like they did it all by themselves.

  • Hello, llevaba tiempo buscando un script para PS, para convertir mis fotos a lomo-fotos.
    Tu script está muy bien, he creado una lomo-foto de 4 disparos (la que más me gusta), PUEDES VERLA EN:

  • these are my pictures without using this effect because i downloaded the file, zipped. and extracted them. i’m not sure what to do with them. i’m only 14 but photography is what i want to do. please help me!

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  • s.

    the last picture. i used only a few parts of the action.

  • Eccles


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  • Brittany

    if CS3 reduces the vignette, how can we increase it after the action is finished?

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  • Thun

    does this filter work on ps7?

  • Hi Emanuele, I’m just new into Lomography and I’ll try your product for sure. Anyway thank you for providing it for free, I’ll get back to you as soon as I have finished trying. Cheers.

  • Tiffany

    wonderful action. Thank you!

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  • Lonell Rodgers

    This action is absolutely amazing. Here is a link to the photo:

    The greatest Action ever!!1

  • Lonell Rodgers
  • skg

    Running CS3. Tried the action, and it doesn’t seem to be applying the blur. Color adjustments are defintely made.

  • I developed a script for the GIMP to emulate the Lomo effect. Although it doesn’t achieve a complete effect, it’s fast and gives a very nice result. Follow my link and give it a try. GIMP is available for both Linux and Windows. Comments welcome!

    Cordially, Ismael

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  • zne

    I just saw a thing on tv about lomo cams and i really wanted to be able to take shots like that for myself. And i googled it and found your action. IT WORKS GREAT! Many thanks. Will be checking out the rest of your site now.

    //Jonas “zne”

  • lin

    thanks …

    this is really cool ….
    it works great

  • Clarissa

    hi! thanks for the wonderful action! as im using ps7, i replaced lens blur with gaussian blur. im not sure if i did it right since im new at ps, but the gaussian blur created smudges and grey patches on my photo instead. guess i’d just go without the blurring. thanks once again!

  • ADek

    this effect is amazing! i’ve been looking for something like this for months!


  • please help do i make the action work? where do i put it? im using photoshop cs.

  • Don

    Gorgeous effect. Download this action! The results are so nice. Thank you Emanuele for the free Lomo. I wish I’d found this months ago.

  • Constance

    i dknow how to download the action! it gives me an ATN file that cannot open. sum1 please help me?

  • Hi! Your site is great! I learned about Actions through here. Thanks a lot!

    I posted a sample shot on my multiply!

    Again, thank you for teaching me about P.S. actions! w0oh0o!

  • Oh, btw, to the people confused about HOW TO USE ACTIONS, I too was clueless, but after googling about it, here’s how u do it:

    1.) Unzip the “” file.

    2.) Double click/OPEN the “Triqui Lomo.atn” file. (this should open/bring up your Adobe Photoshop editing program)

    3.) Bring up your HISTORY window in Adobe PS.

    4.) Click on the ACTIONS tab. (a folder named “Triqui Lomo” should appear below the Default Actions folder)

    5.) Open your photo, or if you already have your photo opened, just click on “lomo” right below Triqui Lomo and click the PLAY icon in the same window. (play icon should be located between the RECORD button & a little folder button on the bottom of the window)

    6.) Presto!

    Enjoy! :-)

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  • Great action script! I too, have been searching for something like this. Great job and thanks for sharing.

  • Damo

    Thanks so much – great action, just what I was looking for! Cheers!

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  • NICE!!

  • Thank you so much, it looks very nice and it helps to have it split in two parts!
    Well done!

  • h

    thanks! :]

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  • mark de dios

    thanks for the actions :) godbless

    GReat JoB

  • Leng

    Thanks so much for the action. Great job ^_^

  • MintCraver

    Thanks for this action! Here’s some samples

  • Thank you very much, this is fabulous!

  • Simon Shaw

    Hi Emanuel
    Tried out the action on a few pictures and loved it! Excellent – just what I was after.

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  • rita

    this is amazing.
    ive downloaded the effect, but where can i find it in photoshop?

  • Nita

    Thanks for sharing, I really like it. But when I closed photoshop and want to use it again, there’s a box showed that I can not use this action again. Can I use it for one time only, before I closed photoshop?

    Here is the sample of my photo:

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  • Christine

    I clicked “download” from your page (i use firefox) when d download finished one window showed the i double click to open it then i saw “extract all files” so i clicked … now the triquilomo file is in my c//:users/user … and now i don’t know how to do already …. where to go how to use yr software to lomo my pic … pls advice … i am using PC

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  • I love this effect! Thanks

  • I just cant get enough…

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