Enhanced country selection with Css and Javascript

How many times you had to choose your country in a form, with a old, simple popup?

Time to change the way you choose your country (or anything else) with a bit of Css and Javascript.

I am showing the example in a iframe not to mess with WordPress styles.

As you can see, when you move the mouse over the text input, a list with (almost) every world country and flag appears, and when you click on a country, its ISO code is displayed into the text input.
When you move the mouse out of the country list, it closes.

How can it be made?

Let’ see the content of the main page

The trick is in the <a> and <span> css use, with a display attribute changing on hover status.

It’s easiest to see than to explain.

Let’s look at line 34, when I call the iframe I simply load an ordered list with a javascript to communicate with the “parent” page.

Look how I set the menu starting with an unordered list with Css (lines 5-10) and how I pass ISO values to the parent page (line 15 for example).

You can download the whole work here, check 2 html files and give me feedback or suggestion about the use of this feature.

  • Spiketmr

    Great script. Thanks alot.

  • Ajay

    Gr8 work…Can i use it..in my commercial website..without much modification in the code.

  • Emanuele Feronato

    Of course… and do not forgeto to show me the final result

  • metz

    Bugs like a hillbilly in Opera.

  • saeed

    its very intersted

  • doesnt work with IE7… but IE7 doesnt work much anyways so no worries.. lol :P

  • it does work in ie7, but ie7 that you used was probably beta…

    amazing! there’s great need for this in almost every website! thanks!

  • oh … i see what you mean, kerim. when i downloaded it and view it won’t work! sorry about that!

  • Ste

    Dont work in firefox!!!

  • Beenish

    Please provide me the source code for this.
    I have a big list of values, which i want
    to display like this.

  • Kevin

    Can you add a state/territory and zip code. Thank you

  • Looking for javascript Pakistan cities like world countries.

  • Great Script. Can we add country code as well as shortname in this script .. ?