XML driven Flash slideshow

May, 13th 2007 update: improved gallery with linkable images here

I found this very interesting script on Sephiroth’s site at

It’s a XML driven flash slideshow where the pause between images transition and the transition type, with nine defined transitions.

Great script, but you can only define one pause value… it means that if you set the pause to 10 seconds, all images will stay 10 seconds before changing.

I wanted a slideshow where you can set the pause between EVERY transition, so I added some simple code to Alessandro’s file.

I am going to add some new transitions too, but in a latter time.

This is the movie

In the complete example you can download, you will find all necessary comments in the XML file.


ps: seem the script has an issue with some transition effects if played at different fps.
Will be fixed soon.

  • James

    hi! this is really a great xml-flash component! my only question is can i put a link on every image? another is how can i make this dynamic, meaning a php script? will it do? where will i insert the php script? in the flash or xml file… thanks a lot!

  • I have been trying to add the attribute LINK=””
    and hve each image be clickable, but to no avail
    any help would be appreciated!


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  • jeffper1

    This is really awesome!! It’s exactly what i’ve been looking for to pu on my website.
    Thanks very much and keep going on with these cool suff you’re the best.


  • :D Great… I just made one transition in FLASH with XML for the featured products in the ZEN CART. You can see it at http://www.ebeautysupplier.com, i will update it with your transitions :D Thanks!

  • Torsten

    is there a way to not have to store the xml file in the base directory of the page?

    i’m using a wft a few dirs below root. i can put the pictures in there the swf – but not the images.xml.. this one needs to be in the “root” directory i tried to work with the base param etc.. any idea… or feature?

  • Hi, do you know is it possible to have 2 of these galleries on the one page? Ive been trying but it only sources one images.xml file. Where is the images.xml specified?


  • alexandre

    And what about if I want a random slideshow?

    Can you help me and tell me where I can put my function?

  • Otto

    Hi this is really great and works so nice.
    Just something to ask if possible.
    I’m making the whole flash document small like 150×100 px and the images that i resized to same size are now showing so bad. Is there a way to leave the images at higher size i.e. 300×200 px and put a code in flash that will fit the images in the document?
    any thoughts are welcome.

  • Chris

    unfortunatelly it does not work with flash MX or MX2004 … (.fla file cannot be opened)

    anyone who can provide a MX2004 compatible file?

    thanks a lot!

  • ankit

    hi by any chance can we have random images in slide show?

  • I am having a problem uploading the slideshow to my webshell. Also the slideshow isnt allowing me to go past 9 images even tho I have 20 installed in the xml code please help!

  • jin


    This is a really super great work!
    The question is how to make just one transition for this instead of the multi-transitions. Please tell me. Thanks


  • Andrew

    Hi there, i love this xml slideshow. I am having a problem loading it onto my website. I havent changed any of the actionscript, i have all my files on the server in the gallery folder including the swf file. When i put http://gravesmedia.com/gallery/photography.swf into the address bar you can see that the movie works and it pulls over the images from the XML file. However when i try to embed the SWF into a page the images from the XML arent showing up.
    http://gravesmedia.com/offroad.html this is the page i am trying to get the file to show on with the images.

    ANY HELP?? thank you in advance.

  • Andrew

    i got it to work in a roundabout way… i created an html page within the gallery folder.
    and it works for what i am trying to do.. but what if i need the slideshow to be embedded into a particular part of a website? i had the path right in my initial comment/post but it wasnt working… would i need to always do an iframe like you did above on this website?

    sorry for the questions, i am just trying to see how much i am going to be able to use this slideshow.

    thank you again

  • I downloaded the image loader to create a slideshow, but I using the CS3 version of Adobe Flash. I was wondering how would I go about getting photo onto this image loader with this version?

    I kinda want to create some that is on the homepage of this link:

    Any help here will be greatly appreciated.

  • Ann

    Hello. Does anyone know how I could modify the flash code so that the xml file does not have to be stored in the base directory of the page? I would like to use a direct link to the images.xml file instead of a relative path.

    I will appreciate any help. Thanks!

  • really, this is very useful stuff.

  • Sofian


    Any chance to see this on AS 3.0 ?