Tunnelball: design a level for this flash game

I want you all to play TUNNELBALL, a complete flash game I developed using most of the topics covered in tutorials 1 to 5.3


Moreover, I am releasing the full source code and I invite you all to contribute to the sequel of this game by designing one or more leves for the sequel I am planning. I will teach you how to do it in this tutorial.

But first of all play the game.

The source code is commented at its inside and there isn’t anything you haven’t already seen.

Let’s examine it:

All the actionscript is located in the 1st frame

There is nothing more to comment in my opinion, but if someone will ask for some explaination, I will be happy to spend some more words on it.

The topic I want to talk about now, is:

How did I design a level?

Levels are squares 570 pixels wide and 570 pixels tall, that are enlarged by 10 when in game.

In these squares, in the same level, I started drawing the “track” with the brush tool, and then I removed the drawing.

Let’s see how: let’s suppose we want to design the 11th level of the game: it’s easy to follow these 10 steps:

Create a Tunnelball level

1: Select the wall movieclip by double clicking on it in the library window

2: Create a new empty keyframe in the 11th frame

3: Select the rectange tool

4: Draw a rectangle

5: Define its width and height as 570 pixels and position it at (-285,-285)

6: Select the brush tool

7: Draw the “track” over the rectangle

8: Delete the brush shape: you will delete a portion of the rectangle too!

9: Place the end movieclip on the same level

10: Since the movieclip will be resized by 10x, scale down the end movieclip at x=10, y=10


You have just created a track!

To play it, just add a value to the arrays at lines 31, 32 and 34 and you are ready to go!

So, I want your levels!!!

I am planning a sequel of Tunnelball (of course we will make it together as I will describe any new feature with a tutorial), so I need some tracks you will design!! Unleash your fantasy, design some nice tracks, save the .fla and send it to info@emanueleferonato.com.

Your name, along with your personal webpage, will be listed in the credit section of the game! And in this site too!!

Download the source code, leave a comment and remember I am waiting for your levels!

  • abhilash

    Its very nice, but are these ‘creating a game’ tutorials are over??If yes then I will be waiting for line rider tuts


  • Emanuele Feronato

    No they aren’t over.

    We will create some more games with these basics

  • mousey

    what will you cover in the next lineriider tutorail?

  • Alex

    i dont like how you have a time limit and a damage limit,it makes the first lvl to hard.

    Ps.how can i show you my stuff?

  • Emanuele Feronato

    Send it to my email info@emanueleferonato.com

  • Random Web-Designer In Training

    There isnt many people like you, Emanuele. Keep up the good work.

  • abhilash

    please now post line rider part 5 I cant wait for it!

  • Too hard.

  • Dude:

    You are awesome. I have already created several games from your tutorials directly or indirectly for my kids to learn math,reading etc….

    I really appreciate what you are doing.
    I cannot say enough.



  • Every time I try to open the source files i get the message: “Unexpected file format.”

    How do I fix this?

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  • Callum



    Its in the shape of a smiley face

  • Callum

    Ill email it to emanuele and hopfully he can post link here

  • Father

    oh my goodness, you scared the shit out of both me and my bird with that KABOOM lol

  • Sam

    How do you enlarge the level?

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  • n

    I dont under stand. It seems you began half way throgh.