Create a Flash Racing Game Tutorial

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In this tutorial we’ll cover the creation of a flash racing game.

I got the permission from Remus C. from gameSheep to publish this awesome tutorial.

Before we start, I recommend you all to give a look at gameSheep. You will find a lot of games with cute graphics.

Moreover, this tutorial will give the start to another series of tutorials about creating a flash racing game.

Let’s start!

Moving the car

1. Car movement is not the most difficult part of a racing game, but if you want to simulate realistic (almost realistic) movement you have to take in consideration some of the aspects described below.

2. Download and open racing_part1_step1.fla file.

3. Click on the first frame (the only frame) of the “defs” layer and press F9 to display the Actions Window for this frame. Now let’s see what these variables do:

4. OK! Now let’s get back to school :) and see what we can do with these variables.

Click on the first frame of the second layer (“actions”) and if the Actions windows is not open, press F9 to display it.

We will discuss this script in a few moments, but first let’s see how Flash “understands” movement and coordinates.

Just a bit of trigonometry and Flash

Flash is using the classic Cartesian Coordinate System (a grid based system with a horizontal axis OX and a vertical axis OY).


You notice in the attached picture that in Flash the Y axis is inverted meaning that the negative side of the Y axis is positioned higher than the positive side. So the lower a coordinate is, the higher it’s value will be.

Because Flash understand only horizontal and vertical vectors we will have to calculate the horizontal and the vertical components of the actual “speed”.

So, from trigonometry we know (in this case) that:

sin(angle) = speedx/speed and

cos(angle) = speedy/speed

so… we know the angle (angle=car._rotation) and we know the speed. That’s all we need know. Is it? No. You need to know one more thing:

The Math class implemented in Macromedia Flash does not work with angles measured in degrees. Instead we will have to provide angles measured in radians (an alternative unit measurement for angles).

The only case in which you will use degrees is when actually rotating the movieclips.

Using the simple equation below you will be able to transform degrees into radians:

angle_radians = angle_degrees * (PI/180)

Now we can easily calculate the X and Y components of the car’s speed:

speedx = Math.sin(_rotation*(Math.PI/180))*speed;
speedy = Math.cos(_rotation*(Math.PI/180))*speed*-1;

Well, you already figured out why the sign of the Y component has to be inverted ;)

And now let’s get back to Flash and our Actions Window. Next I will explain what the “step” function is all about. The “step” function will be executed on every enterFrame event (on the “stepper” layer you will find an empty movieclip the executes the onClipEvent (enterFrame) routine).

That’s it! We already have a moving car. Now we can move on to collisions.


1. We all know why collisions are important in a Racing Game… Because we don’t want the car to leave the track, because we want to force the player to use a specific way, because we want him/her to avoid collisions in order to get the best time (or win the race).

Collisions are a very important part of a racing game and 70% of the game feeling and success depends on good collisions.

We don’t want the car to get stuck in the non accessible areas (NAA), we don’t want it to lose all speed although it hardly touches those areas and we definitely don’t want it to bounce back (by reversing the speed).

In other words we don’t want to give the player a hard time, but on the contrary, an enjoyable game. So when the car touches the NAA we must try to correct it’s trajectory and of course apply a speed penalty depending on the angle of collision and collision duration.

2. Download and open the racing_part1_step2.fla file.

3. Before we go back to the “step” function, I will explain how the collisions will work.

Using four points to detect collisions

As you can see in the attached picture, we will pick four points, one on every side of the car and check to see if any of them “touches” the NAA.


For example if the Left Side Point is inside the NAA (hits the NAA) then we will have to apply a speed penalty and increase the angle (_rotation) of the car. Why do we do that? Because of what we discussed earlier: we must try to correct the car’s trajectory. So what we do here is force the car to steer right.

OK, I guess everything is clear up to this point. And since we are speaking of points, let’s see how we calculate their coordinates. To simplify things we will take the Left Side Point as an example.

When the car’s rotation is 0 our job is very simple: the LSP coordinates are x=car._x-20 (20 pixels to the left of the car’s center point) and y=car._y

But the car will not always have an angle of 0. Well, here comes the tricky part. There are a few ways to calculate the four points even if the angle is not 0 (for example you can use the sine and the cosine functions) and for this tutorial I chose the simple way (I don’t know if it’s the optimum way, but it’s very simple):

We define the Left Side Point as if the car’s rotation was 0:

car.pointLeft = {x:-20, y:0}; //this is an Object

and then we transform the point’s coordinated from local (related to the car’s clip) to global (related to the _root clip where we will test the collisions):


Now we have our Left Side Point coordinates that we can use to check the collision:

car.pointLeft.x and car.pointLeft.y

Can it get any simpler? :)

4. And again back to our Actions Window. Click on the first frame of the “actions” layer and if the Actions Window is not open press F9 to display it.

You will notice that I added a few lines to the “step” function and you probably already know what those lines do :) but still I will go into a few details.

Hard? Not so hard :) And the next two steps are even simpler.

Where are we running?

1. Up to now we have a 100% functional game engine but no game. We don’t have a goal. So we’ll have to add one and because this tutorial is about a time trial racing game we will add laps and timers.

2. Download and open the racing_part1_step3.fla file.

3. You notice that I added two frames on every layer and I labeled them “ready set”, “go” and “finish”. In the first frame a movie clip will play saying “ready, set, go”. When “go” is displayed _root will move to the frame labeled “go” where the car can move.

Why the car will not move in the first frame? Well, that’s because the “stepper” movieClip only exists in the second frame, so that’s where the “step” function will be executed.

On the second frame of the “actions” layer you will also find two new variables. Those variables will be used to store the exact time when the race started (initialTime|) and the exact time when the current lap started (lapTime).

When the game is over, after the player finishes ten laps, _root will move to the “finish” frame where an information movieClip will be displayed.

4. OK! What we need to do next is determine whether the player has finished a lap or not, so we will add two movieClip (the red line on the right side) and check if the car “touched” this movieClip, and if it did, than you know that a lap is finished… hmm… not really :)

First of all the car will “touch” this movieClip for more than one frame. Maybe for two, maybe for ten, maybe for one hundred frames, you cannot determine this number because it depends on the car’s speed. And instead of increasing the number of laps with one, you will increase it with two, ten or one hundred laps, so the race will be ready quite fast.

The second problem, assuming that you solved the first one is that one player will go past the finish line (the red line on the right) and then return immediately to the same line and “touch” it again, increasing the number of laps even though the lap is not completed. This problem can be solved in a few ways but we will chose the solution that fixes both our problems: we will add a checkpoint (the red line to the left). This checkpoint will be placed somewhere around the middle of the race so that the player will lose more time returning to the finish line than he will lose by completing the lap. Of course if you want a more secured race you will add more than one checkpoint. You will be able to easily add more checkpoints after finishing this tutorial.

5. Open the actions window for the first frame of the “actions” layer. We have to new functions both related to timing the race – setTimes (calculates and sets the total race time) and setBestLap (calculates and sets the best lap time). We’ll take them one at a time and see what they do.

6. And now one more time (I promise this is the last time) back to the “step” function and let’s analyze the new lines.

7. That’s it :) Now let’s move on to the final graphic touches and see our completed game.

Finishing the game

1. The final graphic touches… Well, there’s nothing to explain here. You can express yourself in anyway and create graphics after your own taste.

Just remember to set the alpha of the green movie clip and the red movie clips to 0.

2. This is racing_part1_step4.fla file provided with this tutorial. Download it!

3. Remember that this is just a tutorial. You must work on it in order to build a really addicting game. In the next tutorial we will add opponents in the game. Until then, have fun building your Time Trial Racing Game ;)

And by the way my best lap time is 9.84 :D

And here ends Remus tutorial. I learned a lot from this tut and I will use it to improve the gameplay with some additions.

Meanwhile, give feedback to Remus and try to beat that n00b laptime!!

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    to make the car go to the next frame add code like this

    if (car.hitTest(terrain)){

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    Nice tutorial!! This is what I was looking for, specially because I starting with flash, specifically with Flash 9.
    After to check it and convert it to AS3, I could not find a way to predict a collision using localToGlobal method, which is very easy, So, I followed your advice to use trigonometry, and this what I got:

    function newPos(point:String,x0:Number,y0:Number,sign:Number):void{
    var hypotenuse:Number = Math.sqrt( Math.pow(x0,2) Math.pow(y0,2));
    var angle:Number = Math.PI-(this.car1.rotation*Math.PI/180)- Math.acos(sign*x0/hypotenuse);
    this[point].x = this.car1.x – sign*hypotenuse * Math.cos(angle);
    this[point].y = this.car1.y sign*hypotenuse * Math.sin(angle);
    newPos (“ref1”,-15,-20,-1);
    newPos (“ref2”,15,-20,-1);
    newPos (“ref3”,15,20,1);
    newPos (“ref4”,-15,20,1);

    where ref 1,2,3, and 4 are a circle movieClips I am using to see if positions are correct. In my case, I am putting four points in the corners of the car.

    I hope it can be useful for someone else.

    I forgot, just change car.x for car.x xSpeed and car.y for car.y ySpeed and you can check if there will be a collision.

  • Orlando

    This is the same code but with little changes

    function newPos(point:Point,carRot:Number,sign:Number){
    var hypotenuse:Number = Math.sqrt( Math.pow(point.x,2) Math.pow(point.y,2));
    var angle:Number = Math.PI-(carRot*Math.PI/180)- Math.acos(sign*point.x/hypotenuse);
    point.x = -sign*hypotenuse * Math.cos(angle);
    point.y = sign*hypotenuse * Math.sin(angle);
    var newPoint:Point = new Point(-15,-20);
    newPos (newPoint,myRot,-1);
    newPoint.x = myCar.x;
    newPoint.y = myCar.y;
    myCar.point1 = newPoint;
    ref1.x = newPoint.x;
    ref1.y = newPoint.y;

    newPoint = new Point(15,-20);
    newPos (newPoint,myRot,-1);
    newPoint.x = myCar.x;
    newPoint.y = myCar.y;
    myCar.point2 = newPoint;
    ref2.x = newPoint.x;
    ref2.y = newPoint.y;

    newPoint = new Point(15,20);
    newPos (newPoint,myRot,1);
    newPoint.x = myCar.x;
    newPoint.y = myCar.y;
    myCar.point3 = newPoint;
    ref3.x = newPoint.x;
    ref3.y = newPoint.y;

    newPoint = new Point(-15,20);
    newPos (newPoint,myRot,1);
    newPoint.x = myCar.x;
    newPoint.y = myCar.y;
    myCar.point4 = newPoint;
    ref4.x = newPoint.x;
    ref4.y = newPoint.y;

    Remember ref 1,2,3, and 4 are just to see the collision points.

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  • chris


  • Number One

    Wow, you guys must suck if you can’t get under 8.00. FTW 6.73!

  • Vinay

    Hi nice tutorial thank u so much..

  • ty

    i’ve always wondered how to make one of those side veiw dirt bike games were you travel through
    inclines and declines trying not to fall over, I
    mean it’s so complicated, if you have one wheel on
    a higher or lower level the whole movieclip rotates to a certain degree dependant on the y and x axis of both wheels.

  • Nice tut! i got 8.73 on 2nd lap, but can’t beat it now :p

  • henrik

    yea 7.57 =)

  • ask

    why can’t run fla file?

  • needaask

    why i cant run fla file?

  • ProfeaX

    My best time is 8.50 :)

  • Tim

    9.90 :P
    Great tutorial, this is very helpful!

  • barenbaren

    lol. great tutorial. i’m working on it. btw, my best is 08:53. lol :D

  • Niven

    Hey can anyone email an AS3 version of this tutorial?

  • sam

    hi i want to ask u how did u create the stepper and by the way good tutorial

  • Tweetie076

    @Niven: Download > Open with..

    Couldnt be easier.. Atleast, works for me.


    Good tute!

  • Aaron

    Just did a lap in 7:49

  • Iska

    Hello, what program do you use to create this game?

  • Cirus

    I’ve done 8.44! xD

  • best game ever

  • Ansis

    7.33 ;)

    It is the best tutorial I’ve ever seen :) I mean the style is consistent and the explanations given for the math behind it are easily comprehensible :)

    I sort of imagine, how to put together some AI cars that follow waypoints on the map, but I would surely appreciate it, if you could make and post the second part of this tutorial. I really want to see, how it can be done in a neat and fluent coding style :)

  • Really nice tutorial – Thanks!…
    I would love to learn about adding a multi player option or a play against the computer option :-)

    where can I find Part 2 of this Tutorial?

  • massi93

    Nice tutorial. My best 7.27..

  • Kurtis

    Thanks for the Tut.. very interesting and helpful

  • gary

    where is step1 part4?
    can u send me on my email
    hopefully i can build my own games!!

  • khan

    plz tell me how can i add text like START GO GO etc

  • this is the best game ever

  • gary

    how can i change the race track background pls need help!!i need tutorial


    hey! man, what a very nice tutorial, i rily liked it.

  • patrick

    Is there a part 2 please link please???

    @60.Van meerhaeghe on October 15th, 2008 2:55 pm

    [quote]hello everyone !

    I’m trying to make a racing game with your example, i have the solution for an Ai but i can’t :

    – skid the car in a turning point
    – know in live what is the place of the car (1st, second, etc.)
    – have a realistic collision with other cars…..

    You can find the begin of my job here :

    If someone can help me !

    Manu (sorry for my bad english)

    How do you make your circuit move whit te car???

  • Daniel 2k9

    awesome tutorial.. thanks very much.. i’m not newbie now :))

  • jefar

    8.71s very good tut

  • Aaron

    7.04 =D

  • Aaron

    Lol, just got 6.69 after that

  • rovzx

    my best is 00.08.20 :P

  • asd5

    my best time is 00.07.77

  • only
    4.81 seconds got

  • Asif

    thanks man………ur information was use full to me…to complete my project…….

  • Asif

    if u have any other small tutorial for creating some other mobile games ..plzz send an mail to my ID plzzzzzz

  • cammyj3

    this is an awesome tutorial 5*

    i am trying to put this game into my own project now for college presentation but i cannot find where to put the stop() code in to make the game continue and not go to the next scene. the game starts by ready, set, go and after go, it continues to the next scene… this is very frustrating! please would you assist me as soon as possible. im sure other people are suffering from the same issue.

    thanks alot!

  • Maximum speed only 4.81 seconds.
    You can try.

  • Molly

    This was amazing! Thank you so much!

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  • ziko

    how do we make same things about hit part with actionscrtip 3.0 using trigonometry !!

  • Cool, but my best lap time 10.34 :(

  • iflipante…. gracias amigo :)

  • keethakaran

    i m do in project regard highway codes.
    this is project outline its game based learning, therefore user can learn by enter game.
    game outline function…….
    user login.
    user progress level(progress will show 5 different section in highway code
    example like motorway section score 2 out of 5.

    game like when car move near sign code question will pop up and answer with in certain time or it will skip to another question

    do have an idea to improve and development help for this project

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  • tyler

    where can i find part 2?

  • Hi

    9:16 =p

  • harry

    ok i have made a new track and when i play it i can drive through the actual track and it doesnt push me back could someone help me find where abouts in the code i have to change so my second track doesnt let you drive through it as if it is invisible.

    plz mail me at
    or post a repley

  • gofish

    Good Tutorial :) I got 7:30 exactly ;)

  • harry

    fixed it lol

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  • Great Tutorial :) Keep up the good work .

  • Andrii

    Thanks a lot!
    Awesome tutorial, quite useful

  • Kalashnikova

    Hey, nice tutorial, I just have one basic question, what kind of flash player/editor do you use? I want to get one but I don’t know which one would be best for making games, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Btw, I also got exactly 7:30 for best lap

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  • todo es super vacano pero ¿como se llamas el programa????

  • 8.10 Oh Yeah!!! :D :D

  • Nice, very good post thanks admin.

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  • Iron Stark

    You are al slow, i got 7 : 15

  • me


  • ricardo sousa

    6.87 fracos –‘

  • me

    6.10 :-)

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  • cleo

    How about the 2 players? the key control of the arrow keys and using w,a,s,d control? plss answer

  • Anonymous

    This tutorial looks interesting, but is there a way you could revise it to make it compatible with Flash CS4?

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  • john

    how would you make it like the game driftrunners instead of top-down?

  • GreenPuffle92

    I Can’t Download racing_part1_step4.fla and WHERE’S PART 2!?

  • Zetsu

    wheres step 4 download? cant seem to find it anywhere -.-“

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  • Jamie

    1.53.46 :)

  • sachin

    thats it im the king yay-1st place time-0.26

  • God

    no bullshit, 7.47! i’ve been doing it for like 10 minutes

  • Mighty

    i just got 8.02 :)

  • Hillbilly 208

    wat program do you use?

  • Fat Albert

    Which flash is this for?
    and would it work in flash mx??

  • how to create a lan connection in flash?

  • mikle


  • ryan

    my best lap time is 00.08.87

  • 5.68 omg :)))

  • Azhar

    Nice tutorial…….. Hope u’ll keep same work goin in future and provide lots of such stuffs
    God bless u…………. keep coding
    Enjoy n take care………… once again thanks for guidance and for great tutorial

  • Bilal

    What a way to start and complete this game!!!!
    Nice tutorial…….. Hope u’ll keep same work going in future and provide lots of such stuffs
    God bless u…………. keep coding
    Enjoy n take care………… once again thanks for guidance and for great tutorial

  • XD

    By any chance… have you worked with Game Maker before?

  • PA

    but lap finished same if car go forward and car go back

  • Nice tutorials with easy steps thank you.

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  • vlatko

    Were is defs

  • vlatko

    I like to create a game but are no were is defs and wath is it

  • atomic robo kid

    Hello all. This particular tut originally made by GameSheep is fantastic. Much enjoyed. It’s very intuitive if you’re quite comfortable with Flash.

    My only concern is how to add AI opponents. of course I know it’s been done and some of the results are equally as fantastic. Did you lot see these? and
    by others users. Amazing. I was impressed because I would like to implement something like that. HOW????

    Please help me.


  • atomic robo kid

    @ gamenetwork

    hello. I tried to download your carTableDetail.rar file at this address >> file on your website but all I get is un-readable code which seems to have the extension file type of a .RAR (compressed) file. It looks like the binary source code but how do i use it please?

    Because you’ve managed to solve the AI issue, I think virtually everyone here would be grateful. It’ll also make the original tutorial complete since no one can find the “GameSheep Car Racing Game – PART 2 – Adding Opponent Cars”. Please re-upload the FLA sourse file(s) for the version with opponent cars on your website (please post link here).

    Cheers mate.

    The Atomic Robo Kid

  • Alexandre Colella

    Can you make an AS3 tutorial like this? :)

  • Thanks!! such a nice tutorial……

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  • Nice tutorial!!! You´re a master!

  • thanks this for good tutorial dude.

  • aaaaa

    howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww do i move my car

  • aaaaa

    i cant play what tutorial goes in witch??????????????????????

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  • When i downloaded first fla file and open it. I got format error. Do anybody know how to fix it? Please.

  • Thomas

    Well, I’ve watched a lot of your tuts and I have to say you’re great. They’re all really helpfull. So is this one!

  • Jamee

    7.73 is my best lap time. thanks for the tutorial!

  • Nile

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!How do i set the alpha to zero?\
    & when i customize the graphics of the symbol it slows my car down!

  • Ado73

    Cuando le doy al boton “Play Again” no hace nada, es como si el boton no tubiera acciones. ¿que hago?

  • My time was 00:08:27 :P

  • chris

    Great tutorial, im needed some help im a propper noob at this, i’ve followed the tutorial tested the game and got it working but what i need to know is how to save the game to be play on a website and how to put the game on my website?

  • chris

    forgot to mention i haved saved the game as .swf but when i open the game i doesnt work??

  • Fenix

    Guys, how can i get more real physics? For example, drifts, normal acceleraton, braking, etc.

    • Pat

      idk….thats exactly what i need too

  • Pat

    and how can i make other cars racing me and adding the position?

  • fakeoff

    lol my best lap : 0.00 :O , :)) 8:50 ^^

  • fakeoff

    now 8:33 :D

  • Fenix


  • Fenix


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  • juib

    I would recommend a wall at the edge of the map because otherwise (although it is a little difficult) the car can leave the map completely…

  • Adi

    This game tutorial is the best, thnx for deatailed lesson.

  • lulu

    2 questions..

    1) how to change the code into 1 player.. without “check to see if the car in question is controlled by the player or by the computer”

    2) how to change the lap from 10 laps to only 1 lap??

    helppp pls… pls pls pls~~ :(

  • Mum


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  • SB

    Nice tutorial.

  • virender jaiswal

    good man this is amazing

  • lizi

    great tutorial!!! thank you :-)

  • Nice work:) found your tutorial through google. I’m interested in creating a physic based bike riding game. Wondering if there is a tutorial about such type of game.

  • yukg9

    i got 5.09

  • My time was, 00:06:27 I need to practice…

    Great blog.


  • matotej

    Great tutorial!

    My best lap is 6:83. You just have to drive full gas and with no mistakes.

  • Shadow

    my time is 09:41 – beat that!

  • Kamote

    mine is 5:96 ^^

  • Where is the f***ing second part???!!!

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  • JK

    I too am having problems with the “Play Again” button. How do you get it to work?

    Otherwise it is an amazing tutorial. Thanks a lot, I am using it to teach Flash in my class. Thanks.

  • i am a complete noob and i cant understand a poo of what any of this is. although i did enjoy the game :). i got stuck ate the start. what program do you use to open the .fla file?

  • I loved this game. Is there a way to add more cars to the game to complete against mine?


  • Coolio

    7:11:90 <- 'best score'

  • Please take a look at my new flash game:

    FLA source included

  • somethin

    wdf is this type of flash game it is so retarded

  • You’re smartest man

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  • ebrahim

    hi guys can anyone help me please , how i can full screen the game

  • 13 SECS!!

  • Ygr3ku

    i did 8:37 and working on it. anyway, nice tutorial, nice game. now i develop some game ideas, if you have any, please reply.

  • Tobi


    i like it, but my flashmx says “Unexpected file format”



  • Héctor

    7:39 :D. Nice tutorial
    Very useful to start a game.

    Thnx :)

  • Jimbo

    “if (Key.isDown(Key.SPACE) && this[“speed”+who]<_root.maxSpeed) {
    this["speed"+who] += _root.maxSpeed;"

    To actions

    FOR A BOOT!!!

  • Emil

    Thanks for the tutorial, I’m a noob at flash, but I’ve learned a lot from trying and failing at modifying this racing tutorial. However I’m quite stuck at 2 things:

    1. I want to have acceleration also on the reverse, how can I add this?

    2. I want to make the collisions more instant. I don’t want the car to slowly run into the wall like it’s jelly. When the car hits a wall straight on, I want it to instantly stop. And when the wheels just slightly strikes the wall I’d like it to slow down, not be able to sink more into it.
    How do I go about doing this?

  • May i use the fla with my own logo on it?

  • 07.60 is my best lap :)

  • vimal

    i know only arrow keys to move……..can u teach the turn keys

  • Illusionist

    07.47 !!!!!

  • help

    i dont know what is step function please help me

  • as3feeder

    what is step function , thank you

  • billy bob

    my best time is 7:23 suckers:P

  • pranay

    Hi! nice game but where is the second part of it with opponents

  • ‘ ‘


  • zel fernandez

    where can i find the step 4? it’s not highlighted, there is no link. thanks for the response.

  • my best lap was 8:57 :D

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  • Carlos

    hi i want to ask u how did u create the stepper and by the way good tutorial

  • by the way 6,74sek.

  • Awesome!!! Thanks a lot. :D

  • regh

    hello! thank you very much for the tutorial! ^_^
    it’s helped me quite a lot for my project :3

  • OmegaZX

    Best lap 9.60 ;)

  • henk

    08.07 best time of all i think i restarted 4 times.

  • Trenton

    i like the wesite and the game. the only problem im havings is the play again button and i can’t find your racing_part1_step4.fla download. so can you send it to me please

  • diego

    Nice Tutorial, i’m new in flash, i was wondering how i could change that car with a new one, i tried all ways but i can’t make it works like the blue one, it doesn’t move. Can someone help me?

  • john

    7:63 :p

  • Antony

    I want to know how to create a level after this and link them together. I want them to go to the next level if they finish the laps in nuder 100 secs. Please reply

  • superb tutorial! and just in time!
    i was looking to make a game for my website. Thanks a lot!!

  • roger

    pues aqui bengo yo de ultimo esta muy bueno el juego pero es muy dificil para los aficionados

  • please play my game

  • from three years i wanted to make my own game
    but i did not know how to do it
    now from this side i had made my own

  • Matt

    Thanks for the tutorial man!

    BTW, my best time is 6.77 =D

  • buddy

    hello is there any way you can control the car by other controls like
    WASD or like any of the other letters on the key board

  • buddy

    hello nice tut
    is there anyway you can change the controls of the car

    to like WASD
    plz reply quickly thanx

  • goggi

    how to change the code so that it did not check who is playing a player or a computer?

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  • vishal

    can i use this for my website

  • farrukh

    ya @VISHAL you can , on his own responsibility if then u find problem , then call
    me , then i’ll explain u in detail ,every line of the code, ok , now try it , ASAP

  • vishal

    Hi @farrukh, i try to make level in this game and i make new track for new level but when racing start, my car went on non accessible areas …

    i copy and paste the whole script as it is. i change the variable name but noting happened .

  • Jeffrey

    Best Lap Time: 7.34
    Best 10 Lap Time: 1.21.57

  • i want to create a gamw

  • cris


  • Billy

    Hi nice tutorial. My score 8.02 :) :) :) ;)

  • Abhiman

    Thanx… superb tutorial!

  • angielski wroc?aw

    8.35 yeah!

  • i want to create a drive

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  • Shane

    I just got 7.67 ;)

  • Kimbiz

    why do you check for (_root[“car”+who].code == “player”) ? I dont understand. Please help me out.

  • Hi, buddy, im a java developer .. im going to develop games, i will follow this tutotial

  • samfish

    Is there a way to make the stage zoomed in or scroll?

  • Connall

    i thought i’d won untill i saw the 7.52, my time was 7:59… great tut

  • Adithya

    Its really awesome . . . . . fabulous tut . . . .
    I learnt a lot of things . . . . Thanks . . . . .

  • RussaX

    my best lap is 7.30 :D

  • Dan

    Any ideas why it is not working for me? It works fine in Adobe flash, I can play the game, but on this page I cannot. (Also I cannot play the game created from the tutorial in a web browser).

    Must be some setting on my broswer, but what?

  • Great tutorial tnx dude

  • CheeseToasty

    4.79 win

  • jahrad

    3 minutes :)

  • blackleon

    how to make nextlevel ??

  • Sean

    The ‘play again’ button isn’t working why?

    It might have something to do with the fact download part 4 can’t be downloaded now but what do I do to make play again work.

  • Increible! muy buen tutorial

  • thank you for the Great tutorial

  • Hutch

    thanks for the tut by the way 9.03 win

  • Anonymous

    how to put music in the game?


    Best time 7.17, check it

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  • MathKing123

    8:42!!! XD XD XD Haha, LOLs!

  • MathKing123

    haha, new best time 7:00 flat!

  • pocodude


  • markiiz

    7,80 best time :), nice tut

  • cooldude

    how do make more levels

  • thanks for the tutorial.. finally i got finnish my project work :).. it was helping!!!

  • it is very useful for beginners….it nice thanks….

  • thanks for this tutorial, this inspire to create my racing game :)

  • Alae

    Hello , what Driver need i to create like this one ?

  • Sundeep

    first of all, nyc tutorial.
    can anyone tell me what is the use of “stepper” layer in “step1.fla”. And my another doubt is how does the actionscript knows the boundaries of the track?
    Plz help me in this..

  • css

    Awesome tutorial. And quite a funky little car game. Thanks for the help.

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  • lololol

    my best was 0.7 :D

  • abinash

    nice tutorial for begineer’s.good job:)

  • Matt

    Best lap time: 7.20
    Best course time: 1:22.07

    Nice tutorial though. To do this, must I buy the software for $600+ though? I’d like to get to know flash, but I don’t think I could afford that.

  • 5:34 nerds beat that

  • where the nipples is step 4

  • my best lap is 9 seconds

  • I need the car to shoot par?

  • Vladislav

    Hi everyone, please share the second part of this wonderful lesson. Or send a lesson on creating the enemy in this game. I am your very please, do it

  • GamingGod

    Sweet. 8:39

  • Robin

    Great! Thanks!!!

  • Lemon

    How can I add more checkpoints ?
    Cause how this is programmed I can easly not follow the right way and still win the race

  • Lemon

    How can I fix the “Play Again” button ?

  • Excellent Tutorial. Thanks

  • Resul

    Thanks! This is great! All credits and special thanks to Remus C! =]

    MY BEST LAP IS 8.40 :D

  • As a newbie programmer this corner really motivated me to pursue my dream and not think of obstacles and other struggles just to make incredible programs.

  • asdfjklk

    1.55.82sec total time
    7.98 fastest

  • bleh

    … It doesnt say what program to use 3:

  • bleh

    where can i download ActionScript 2 ?

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  • vanraha

    its a nice tutorial,,
    but can u send me link for part1_step4

    thank u very much :)

  • ThaInfamous

    Lol, great tutorial. Lol and mines was 8.67 >:D

  • ThaInfamous

    lol scratch tht 7:77 xD

  • quyenclna_vietnam

    hello ! hi pic
    i don’t understand the layer stepper
    this working for ?
    why when i detele layer stepper the car don’t running ?

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  • S.D.

    how can i open the source file .fla ?
    with the Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 ?
    i’m a java programmer and i dont know.

  • m.d

    how can i make 2 players

  • Nice tutorial and very interesting


    i got 4.3 seconds beat that


  • Mehelp

    what is the code for play again??

    and where I will Put it??

  • My record is 9:03

  • ren


  • Nathan

    7.26 is my best lap :D Great tutorial

  • can you make a code for two cars??

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  • good tutorial i think i can like this flash games

  • Hamachi D.

    i got 9:00

  • Andree

    I want the collision more instant. I don’t want the car to slowly run into the wall like it’s jelly. When the car hits a wall straight on, I want it to instantly stop. Could you help me?

  • Lauren

    How do you decrease the number of laps? 10 is a little long for me. Someone please help?

  • Violeta

    Hi! Thanks for this tutorial, I want to transform from ActionScript 2.0 to ActionScript 3.0, can somebody help me, please!!!

  • craus

    it’s dificult to transform this game in ActionScript 3.0?

  • Hazz

    hello, umm this this a really nice tut. but how can i make it a 2 PLAYER GAME or add a computer.


  • Kit

    Very awesome!

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  • BigDickNick

    just got a 1.06 ;)

    ….you guys are so gay. like really, the biggest thing you have to worry about is what lap time you got on a mediocre flash game? pitiful.

  • Rachwomaninoff

    How do I get the ‘Play Again’ to work? Do I need to create an event listener and function or what? I’d appreciate your feedback.

  • nartes

    It’s a really good tutorial for beginners. It’s a really good example for beginners. On other hand check of leaving from the map is not very well implemented . If you start going backwards at an angle slightly less that 90 degrees to the boundary of the track, and press constantly left or right while hodling back down, the machine will leave well beyond the field

  • TimX91

    LOL your time sucks!

    My best time is 07:97

  • TimX91

    and now 6:66 lol

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  • jordan

    hi, im doing this for a school project but i have to add something to it…..
    aand i suck with computers so if you can it would be nice if you tell me how to make a pause button or something….

  • Stupid directions

  • Hey how slow! Mine lap time is just 5.69.

  • MrAlfaPlam1

    How to change the color of the check points while still having them???

  • MrAlfaPlam1

    How to get rid of the red lines ???

  • Ayman

    Big Deal! I got 9.00 seconds dead!

  • My Best Lap time is 8.13 Sec :D

  • Bugatti Veyron

    How can you have an AI race?

  • Ina

    hi i was wondering, how will i ad a leader-board to the game

  • Great Tutorial..

  • Sam12Be

    i got 1:49 sec… thnx 4 the tutorial it help…

  • Mondli


  • How can i change terrain? When i set new graphic on slows down and dont react on obsticles.What is the problem? :S

  • Daniel

    7.16 :)

  • hil

    7.67! xD

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  • Orlando

    7.77! :D

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  • Moggs

    8.00 on the dot – on my first full lap. Just luck :o)

  • omg

    i hate this tut… sorry :P

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  • uh, one problem, I runned backwards so the lap counts anyway :P

  • aji



  • dude

    what does who mean?

  • Benz

    My best lap is 08:87 suckers and only played for 2 minutes

  • lol

    I got 1,70 seconds. I did not cheat by modifying the game whatsoever…

  • tor

    Which software do you use to create the game

  • tayyabah

    can anyone tell me kindly how to make a game in which we have to collect different alphabetic characters in flash games..
    kindly tell me

  • tayyabah

    hi can any one kindly tell me how to make flash game in which you have to collect different alphabetical characters…
    kindly tell me plz

  • Masson 2K

    7.10 ;))))))

  • Paul

    8.53 best lap

  • Jonny

    Hey, nice tutorial. I’m using this to compile a game where there’s several levels(It’s for my beginner’s animation class so we can understand simple flash coding and what-not)

    I need some help: When I put the different levels in(On frames 5, 15, 25, 35, so on) I made buttons that take you to each perspective frame. Now, the level works normally, but one of two things happens at the end:

    1. The level won’t let you finish. It’ll stop on lap 5 when you should be done and you’ll be driving around with no objective.
    2. Once you finish a level, it switches over to another level on a different frame, then as it says “Ready, Set, Go!” it cycles through three more levels before ending on the first one one and making you play it. Then problem #1 occurs.

    Some help would be nice. Thanks :)

  • salman

    nice tutorial

  • nice tutorial :)

  • karan

    which is the first frame

  • Bakhus


    and by the way My best lap 00.08.43 :D

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  • Tuk

    i need video tutorial man can you help me ?

  • maty

    WHy is it a large file

    and on fb weill it let you uploa dit i maked it much better

  • Annonymous


  • danuil

    Mejor tiempo 7.26 jejej

  • Akshat

    nice tutorial bro,
    but how can i play it ????

  • Kavindu

    Thank You Very much. This Tutorial Very Helpfull & Nice.

  • Thank you very much……this tutorial is great…nice and fun..thanks a lot…

  • maggie

    play again doesn’t work…help?!????!

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  • Nice tutorial, thank you

  • Dian

    Excuse me sir, step_4 (finishing the game) can’t to download, so how i get it ???
    Thank u :)

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  • Alice


    Were is the link to part 2 of the tutorial oponents?

  • Hello, i cannot seem to get the timer to work? Any ideas or links to peoples final products that work? thanks

  • omar

    hahaha 8.17 :P :P

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  • Beast

    haha i got 5.12

  • my best lap time 7.64 .
    this is a complete tutorial , even i’m lost with the variable naming

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