Old experiment: pan through an image with actionscript

This is an experiment made in 2004 translated into a newer version of actionscript.

It’s very simple and needs a lot of improvements and I think you could transform this file into something usable.

The actionscript, all in the first frame, is very simple: the two objects are the_arrow representing the mouse pointer and map representing the image.

Being an old experiment, I won’t comment it, but someday I am going to release a newer, released version.

Here it is the source code for you to enjoy.

  • V34

    Thanks a lot.
    Looking forward for the newer version.

    I think it’s very impressive you’re doing almost all your project open source.

    – V34

  • Hi this is a sample image used in this example enjoy

  • Nat Panviroj

    Thanks a lot.

  • André Scofano

    Very nice of you putting this experiment on your site. Very simple, easy to understand and i can imagine practical applications.

    Just a question, in line 28, wouldn’t be “.y” insted of “.x”?

    Thanks a lot.

  • mar

    excelent!! como puedo lograr ke avance mas rapido?

  • Es buenisimo, lo que estaba buscando; me super sirve!…


  • carol

    Gracias! El tutorial es perfecto….
    Para hacerlo ir mas rapido, tienes que cambiar el numero despues de el (/) en el as.
    Si el numero es menor, va as rapido.
    Yo use 15:
    this._rotation = angle;
    deltax = -(this._x-250)/15;
    deltay = -(this._y-175)/15;