Time to write an e-book?

Last minute update: the e-book would be free. Read the comments to understand why

Today I received an email from Frederick J. asking a very interesting question.

Here it is the email:

Hi emanuele.

I really like all your work and all your tutorials.
But i don’t have time to make them all, right away, and there is so much i wanna try!
Therefore i thought; “Why do not he use PDF-files?”

Why i think you should do even if it will require a lot more work is because:

-They will be shared a lot more, and your blog will be more famous (more than it is already :-DD)
-People can download them, so if your site is down they can just read the PDF-file.
-If you’re closing the site, people will still have them, – and remember you!.. ;-)

I hope you take me serious.
Best regards,

Frederik J

I took him very very seriously and the idea of making something like an e-book excites me a lot.

So I am asking to the readers what do they think about it.

An e-book with all source codes included would be a great idea or just another junk e-something in the net?

While I am waiting for your feedback, I start thinking what should I include in the book

  • m

    That would be a most excellent idea! I for one would definetely buy it!

    (but if I may ask for it, more on the security clone :)
    Thx a bunch for all your work

  • David

    I really like your tutorials, honestly not enough to pay money for them though.

    Also in .pdf would the flash files be able to be embedded in a .pdf document? If not then you wouldn’t really be able to demonstrate the results of the tutorial & code.

  • Emanuele Feronato

    I said I am thinking about WRITING an e-book, not SELLING it.

    The e-book would be free. I don’t want to charge for a book you can find on eMule in about 5 minutes.

    I want the e-book to spread and generate traffic to my blog.

    The flash file issue is still… an issue.

  • David

    Ahhh I see. Well then I think it would be cool, but I also like what you do now (just regular posts that I have an RSS feed for). So either way, I’m indifferent.

  • V34

    Well it would be very nice, if you wrote one e-Book, not like one every time you make a post (which you do very and I’m quite a fan of your blog).

    I would miss your simple and nice blog entries.

    But yes, I would be willing to pay for it or at least donate some money (:

  • Ben

    Personally I would rather you spend more time writing new tutorials rather than creating pdf’s for people.

    For me the website is the best way to do this as I can get new information a lot quicker than I would if you were writing an ebook – and I can keep up to date nicely with my feed reader.

    I think the nature of flash files means that it would be better to keep things online. If you really want to make the files downloadable for offline browsing then some sort of web archive with html files would be much better, and would enable you to embed games in the page.

  • Hi there,

    I have thought about the e-book thing many times. Would be great if you could create separate PDF’s for the individual tutorials, so that you don’t need to update the master-PDF each time you change something.

    But it would be GREAT if you took the labour!

  • vorton

    Nah, it´s not worth it. You would have a lot more work to do and wouldn’t pay off, especially because it´s free.

    It’s much better focusing on writting more articles. Plus, if it got semi-popular, someone would steal it and brand it as their own and sell it for profit.

    When I like something, I simply bookmark it, or copy/paste into Word and save.

  • vorton

    By the way, what you can do is doing a blog re-design, just so it’s easier to read. You got tons of useless garbage, such has the montly archives, stats, ways to subscribe (you already have a feed on top), latest comments and so on.

  • Duke

    Well, I’m not really for it. Documents that take longer to load, have issues with flash files and features that are either not worth it or could be done in an easier way.

    This feature would be nice if this site was unstable, but I believe you have a lot of these tutorials on many sites around the net. Just a page with the addresses to these sites would be enough if the site was down.

    Yeah, work on the projects. If you are lacking inspiration or just have a lot of time sure, work on them. I just don’t think they are a very high priority.

  • abhilash

    writing e-book is a cool idea.Recently I was searching for them on google but all were charged but you are giving them for free!this is the best idea!!

  • Jehebi

    I say make an e-book! I’d digg it on http://www.digg.com to get some traffic to your blog!

  • Peter

    It Would be great !!!!! :D

  • Hey samuele.
    I would just thank you. :)
    You’ll get a message from me soon!

  • Please do. I just found your blog yesterday while looking for resources and tutorials for a flash game that I’m making for an assignment, and I totally agree with Frederik, it would be good for you and really good for all of us.

  • seathe

    i think that is a great idea, go for it!! :)( i will download it :) )

  • miguel(lito)

    i think that is a great idea, go for it!! :)( i will download it :) )