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Photoshop action to create an outer space scene

Emanuele Feronato Photoshop

The net is full of tutorials about creating an outer space image, but every one of them, in order to achieve good results, require the user (you) to manually draw stars or adjust some parameters.

The real challenge is to code an action that creates an outer space without any drawing by the user.

The result I got, is a quite realistic outer space, and every time I play the action I get a different image.

Look at the examples:

Emanuele Feronato's outer space

Emanuele Feronato's outer space

Emanuele Feronato's outer space

Emanuele Feronato's outer space

Emanuele Feronato's outer space

As you can see, results are quite good, especially for game design.

Download the action and run into Photoshop.

I developed it with CS2 and I cannot test with any other platform so if you have a different version and the action runs, please let me know.

The action stops itself when you can change the image size and when you can change the background color of the nebulas you will created.

Enjoy it and let’s start coding space games…

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  2. Peter

    When running in Photoshop CS3 I get to pick the two background colours, and then it fails with the error message:

    “Could not complete the command because the selected area is empty.”

    It appears to have reached the stage
    Difference Clouds
    Set current layer
    Make layer

  3. Peter

    And another follow-up: that was using a canvas of 850x75px; when I used an 850x500px canvas it completed without an error.

  4. Alix

    Took me a while to figure out how to use Action and where to find it but I found out eventually.

    If anyone is clueless where it is :

    [Window > Actions / f9]

    Anyways, awesome Action. I’ll be using it in game siggy’s

  5. madi

    I believe that you just added color to these photos. i do not believe that you are a liar. but, good job making it look good! ;) –NOT!!! you didn’t even make it believable! haha! sucker!!

  6. stolen

    madi, you’re a loser.

    great job btw on the space thingy. now i can use the techniques on my illustration exam. and its theme is ‘outer space’.

    -peace out-

  7. Richard

    Hey there, Emanuele. I’ve used this action to create the backgrounds for my space game, GravPull. You wanted someone to create some space game with it, so there you go. :)

    I’ve used some other filters on the end result of your action but you should be able to recognize it if you take a look at my game.

    Anyways, I’ve been reading your blog for a few months and I enjoy in very much. I don’t know where you get the time to blog so frequently. Keep it up!


  8. José

    It´s a great action, thanks a lot. You wanted to know if it works on another version, well i Just tried it in cs3 and it worked perfect.

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  16. jodipheonix

    I just tested this in photoshop CS6 and it works a dream!
    Great work with this , cuts out A LOT of time for spacescapes thank you!

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  37. Janet

    January 17, 2016. I just loaded this action into Photoshop Elements 14 and it worked just fine. From That I would guess it will work for PSE11 and up, maybe even lower.

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