Gravity released!

Good news! Gravity is finished and released.


Jon Dutko sent me an email writing:

It’s been a long time, man. But after months of procrastination, -Gravity- is done.

I’ve submitted it to Newgrounds. At time of writing, it isn’t getting the best scores in the portal, but that’s all right. It’s an innovative bit of ones and zeros, and, I tried. I’ve submitted it to AddictingGames, too, and, ego aside, it’ll hopefully get front page there.

I want to thank you, though. Without your help, none of this would have been possible. With your help, though, I’ve been able to submit some fairly decent material to Newgrounds. I’ve learned more Actionscript than most, and now, I can go off and make a game all my own.

It has been an honor, man. I’m including a copy of -Gravity- with this email, just in case.

At the time I am writing this post, the game scored a 7.83/10.00 on NG that is in my opinion a very good score for a “first game ever”.

The finished game now has 5 worlds with 10 levels each.

You will find many features such as buzz saws, disappearing walls, rotating walls, pistons, plasma rays, weird gravity and so on.

I really enjoyed the game and I have to say Jon pushed himself beyond the things seen in the tutorials.

I recommend you all to give Jon feedback, just in case he was planning a Gravity 2…

Keep up the good work!

  • steven

    I agree, emanuele, it is a good game and 7.83 is a good rating, though I think that the game deserves at least an 8.

  • Not a bad game. I found some elements to be quite interesting, such as the growing balls and the ‘slicer’.

    I managed to beat all the levels, yay, lol. :)

    I think level 9 in the 5th world game me the most grief, with the gravity pulling you left and having to navigate through the curved slopes that got closer together.

  • Monkios

    As it was said in one of Newgrounds comment, this game is great but it needs more sound effects.

    I like the way he interpreted the tutorials.

  • Aidin

    i pray to GOD for you, i’m currently on lesson 3 (i have a problem on water part), and i went online to ask u a question and i just saw ur Gravity game, and it made me laugh that i know how u did some parts of it.
    ur tutorials kept me awake all night! and i have to go to college now :(
    Games are a big part of my life and with ur help, now i know alot more and lots of things got shaped into my mind and lots of my questions answered (obviously basic ones).
    i LOVE you, i love you, i LOVE you!
    i’ll post ur site in every forum that i go and will advertise for your great work, appreciate it!
    May God help you.

  • abhilash

    man!this game is cool! I can say my game is nothing before this.