I HAD to do it…

This is the comment I received from amorphis some days ago about the creation of a flash ball game with visual from above.

«Could you just pleaseeeeeee upload some of the new types of tiles you have coded in order to see how do you place them among the normal ones and how do you make the ball interact with them because I am building a project for school and I am really short of time, and believe me very very very desperate :(((((((! So, if you could just give one example how to create the “weird” tile, how to place it among the other normal ones and how to make the ball interact with it I would be very very very grateful!!!!!!!

Thank you very much in front!

P.S. You are a live savior if you do me this favor! »

I receive comments and mails asking for tips such as “where am I supposed to write actionscript” or “do I need to have a monitor in order to see a Flash movie” and even if I try to reply to everyone, I must admit most of them get… deleted.

Anyway, this time I thought it may be a student in danger and a little upload could really save his life.

I decided to help him because I felt I HAD to do it.

This is the source code of the game in progress. No tutorial yet because it’s still in progress, but I hope this may help.

Good luck.

  • Evan

    You’re such a nice person.

  • mousey

    Yeah he is !

  • Kawkan

    Thank you so much for this.

  • Kawkan

    Well i got how to do other tiles but now i got a problem when the ball enters the goal on fram 1 it goes to frame 2 but when it does the ball is all weird and i get the whole texture square over it. I got the same actionscript in the first frame like on the second one…

  • lewis

    How can i make an end tile? the source code is the same as the other one for me and i dont know how to make and end tile . I can make other tiles though.

  • I was wondering how to make a finish button, ive been trying for ages i’ve done all that function stuff but I just can’t make it. could u put the source files for the finish levels on please because I am making a platform game at the moment and I dont know how to do finish levels on that so if I saw the actionscript on there then I would be able to do it thanks.

    Ciaren Coleman

  • lewis

    I can’t make an end tile please help!

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  • Kyle

    how do you use hitTest stuff with ur ball
    it always includes the texture
    how do u just make it test for the ball itself
    i tried testing for “ball_itself” and “light” but it didn’t work..

    plz help

  • miguel(lito)

    if you make source codes plz make for flash mx 2004 too plz

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