Got a page in the Million Dollar Wiki

When you have a blog, you want people to read it. If you want people to read it, you want people to find it. If you want people to find it, you have to promote your blog.

I am sure the quality of my posts make my readers return. Now it’s time to spread the word and get some new readers.

That’s why I bought the Tutorials keyword on the Million Dollar Wiki.

Million Dollar Wiki

You may wonder what is the Million Dollar Wiki.

It’s a very creative project attempting to create a pay per page version of Wikipedia. You choose a keyword, buy the page and you can edit it as you want. You can place your links, sell your products, include your pay per click sponsor or whatsoever.

A page costs $100. Why did I spend $100 for a page? There are more than two reasons:

1) I bought a page for $100 and I own a page on a site that maybe will be famous. If the site fails its aim or closes, I lost only $100

2) I bought a relevant keyword so I can represent my blog there or, should I get bored, sell my account to some important tutorials sites for… let’s say… $1,000

3) Being (almost) the first in purchasing a product will allow me to say “I told you that…” if the product will be a success

4) I hope the author gets his million dollars, so newspapers will talk about him, people will visit his site and found my page. With a bit of luck, some of them will click my link and come to this blog. Just for $100. Lifetime.

5) I always wanted to be in a Wiki!!!

Soon I will update that page with the list of my last tutorials and a couple of adsense ads just to see what happens.

Meanwhile, I am thinking about my “milliondollarsomething”… do you have an idea?

  • Wow, that seems like a great idea for a site.

    Purchasing the keyword Tutorials was definitely a wise decision. I can only imagine how much you can sell it off for down the road if you chose to, lol.

  • abhilash

    like michael said… this is a great idea for a site

  • Good on yoou for buying a page. I own the Ireland page on there, and I have links to my Ireland-related websites on the page. I think it is a great idea, and as of this morning, the guy has sold 308 pages. Thats $30,800. Why didn’t I think of it?

  • Nice word you grabbed there, I’m sure you’ll have people all over you asking for it when the time comes.

    We just bought 5 pages there this morning, it’s a fantastic idea (although like Peter above, I too am kicking myself for not thinking of it first).

  • Good Luck :)

  • sam

    well instead of selling it, eman, you can also charge people 20 dollars a month to have their websites up on that wiki keyword… you’ll make more that way. just givin you ideas since you have given me some….

  • Frederik J

    Nice idea. That will indeed get this site more guests ;)

    Frederik J.

  • Rob

    I bought a Million Dollar Wiki page. I actually own the Marketing Page and so far, I’ve already made my $100 back. It’s pretty neat, there is full support for every issue you could possibly have and, well I’m not the only one who has made my $100 back. In fact, I now have a coupon code so people can get $5 off of their page purchases. The code is: k5webworks, If you want to buy a page, just punch this code in on the checkout page and you just saved 5 bucks. Anyway, I belive MDW has now reached over 380 pages sold. Graham is a pretty smart guy in my book.

  • The Money page on the Million Dollar wiki is showing people and how much they have earned from their page. I like the few people on there that have earned nothing or the one guy who earn 10 cents

  • Rob

    Also, If you want to check out the Marketing page:

  • He he, the Jesus page has earned zilch ($0.00).

    Oh and excellent keywords (thats to all the commenters that have picked up on a good word!)

  • I bought a page as well. I bought “dating site” and I write about it in my post today on my blog.

  • Maybe it become a sucess just like the “Million dollar page” =)

  • Thanks for your post about the Million Dollar Wiki.

    I purchased a page on the Million Dollar Wiki and created the Jesus page. The purpose of the page is to share more about the historical and spiritual significance of Jesus Christ. The purpose was NOT to make money.

    The Jesus Page on the Million Dollar Wiki

    The page is now ranked #6 on on the Million Dollar Wiki with over 21,232 page views.

    The Million Dollar Wiki is also sending our web site a significant amount of traffic. You can see the traffic stats on the counter on the site.