Create a Lightbox effect only with CSS – no javascript needed

You may call it Lightbox, or Greybox, or Thickbox, but it’s always the same effect.

When you are on a page, and click on a photo or trig some event, a Lightbox is an effect that fades the pagein the background to show you new content in the foreground.

I mean this effect


In the upper example, when clicking on a photo the site fades to black and shows the photo, in the lower one when clicking on “login” the site fades to white and shows the login form.

There are tons of Lightbox scripts in the web, each one with its unique features and limitations, but all require massive use of Javascript or the installation of javascript frameworks.

In some cases, there are “lightweight” versions with “only” 40KB of Javascript.

This example does not want to compete with those scripts, but if you are looking for a simple, 100% CSS, 0% javascript lightbox, this may help you.

Features of this Lightbox:

100% CSS as said
You can insert any content in it (some scripts out there only allow images) and easily upload your codes to your web hosting provider.

That’s all. Did you need something more? Think wisely…

Let’s start with the CSS

The black_overlay class is the layer that will make the web page seem to fade. It’s a black 80% opaque background as long and wide as the browser that will overlay the web page (look at the z-index) and at the moment is not shown (look at the display).

The white content class is the layer with the photo/login screen/whatever you want to appear in the Lightbox overlay. It’s a white layer to be placed over the black_overlay layer (look at the z-index, greater than the black_overlay one). The overflow allows you to have a scrollable content.

In the html file, put this line just before the tag

Now, trig the action you want to open the Lightbox and insert this code:

For example, in a link would be:

Remember to include in the lightbox the code to close it, for example

A complete example page could be

That you can find up and running in this page.

In this example everything is static and preloaded, but you can easily add some php/ajax code to make it more dynamic while keeping the effect 100% CSS based.

Hope you will find it useful, should you use it in one of your works send me a comment and I’ll feature your site as example.

  • Ben

    Erm… no javascript? That title is very misleading. It’s a nice concept, and a good lightweight alternative to the libraries that are out there, but there is definitely javascript involved, and it’s non degradable.

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  • Izzy

    Yes, the title is misleading… maybe somthing more like “Lightweight lightbox with CSS”, seeing as there are atleast two lines of javascript… and maybe 75% CSS, 25% Javascript would be a more appropriate range.

    A fantastic bit of code though, almost as good as some scripts I have seen, however, it doesn’t have a smooth fade, which could be added by having two darkening divs each on say 40% opacity, one opens on the click and the other on the loading/displaying of the lightbox perhaps… not sure how to do that myself, but I’m sure it can’t be too javascript intensive.


  • Don’t you get it? By ‘no Javascript needed” he means “not that many Javascript needed”! Sheesh. By the way, the lightbox was great…

  • Ok well it does use JavaScript, but give him a break it’s still pretty good and maybe the title should have been “Create a Lightbox Effect with CSS and a tiny bit of JavaScript” but that probably wouldn’t have sounded as good.

  • The title says “no javascript needed” yet there was javascript. This is misleading, maybe you should change the title. Still it is good, very little javascript instead of most of it javascript.

  • um

    Most of the JavaScript effects also include many other options, such as automatic sizing, etc. ALL of them use CSS. How this got on Digg I have no idea.

  • He did make a mistake with the title, but I think what he meant was that there is no Javascript framework necessary. Think Prototype, script.aculo.lus, etc. Some of these weigh in at almost 300k.

    Using two lines of standard javascript isn’t quite the same thing.

  • The main lifting of the Javascript is to manipulate class names. You just did what all of the other lightbox scripts do but yours is less bang for more buck. Good try though.

    I’ve been working on a custom lightbox script at work although it is more of a modal pop up since we don’t want the in-your-face fade down. Just a quick “display:block” that turns on and off a div holding the folder positioned absolute.

  • Eryx

    Great script! Simple and effective. what is the -moz- in your css? I know it is for Firefox but is it a way to comment?

  • Foo

    in mozilla, you could add a :hover class, and it would work without js. might be a little hard to use, though.

  • I tried using this sample for a form based webpage.
    If I use a server side button, and a click-event handler for it will close it irrespective of any other action.
    This implementation of the lightbox is good for a static (display only) webpage.
    Good job though.

    -Sashidhar Kokku

  • Yeah it’s definitely not CSS only. It IS possible to make a dynamic lightbox in 100% CSS, but it will be lacking fundamental functionality. I made the following example:

    Click the thumb for the lightbox effect. Click outside to close it (this does not work on Safari because it doesn’t seem to pick up on :focus or :active pseudo-classes.) This can be expanded upon to not reuse the image in the document (you’ll notice it disappears while the lightbox is open,) but I made the solution completely degradable (otherwise there could be a second image that’s hidden in the CSS and then shown when needed.) The extra span element is undesirable as well and makes the source code look ugly. I don’t recommend this anyways. A CSS-enabled browser with JavaScript disabled (very rare) will simply have to live without lightboxes.

    • Kevin

      I get a “malware warning” from Comcast when I visit your link: “”.

      I’m going to assume that “Andreas Blixt” is not distributing malware. Perhaps it is a false positive, or perhaps Andreas is no longer in control of this webpage.

      Use caution when visiting this link.

  • Clint

    This won’t work if the page has to scroll, man. You need to display this stuff ‘fixed.’ And it’s not very practical with your 25% sizing; images would not be vertically centered.

    Thing is, I think you know that, which is why your example is so simple. And if you want someone like me to donate, make a more robust example that works and I’ll consider it.

  • Yeah, you should change your title for this post. But your getting a lot of traffic from it so I cant blame you.

  • Andrew

    You’re just revisiting the days when people didn’t bother to make javascript unobtrusive like they should. This is a step backward, and it encourages other people to take a step backward (or more likely, to not take a step forward). This is the opposite of a contribution.

  • willie

    Ach, quit yer whinin’, ya bunch o’ babies. It’dunna use JavaScript.

  • Not good.
    1.) It requires javascript to be enabled (this means non-degradeable), it means that the image will not be seen if JS is disabled.
    2.) Why would you want to do this for every object you want to include in a lightbox.


    When you could just include any of a number of well tested libraries and just do this.


    If it’s size your concerned about I recommend looking into slimbox it uses the mootools framework and is under 7k.

  • Rawstock

    How about “Lightbox with css and inline javascript only”?

  • Not totally free but reduced. Nice work here. How about “Lightbox effect with virtually no javascript”

  • c

    How cross browser is this technique though?

  • Hi, Emanuele.

    I improved your technique. I removed all inline JavaScript and wrote unobtrusive JavaScript code. It works very well in Firefox and IE7.

    To make this technique more flexible, I included a function called getElementsByClassName, created by Jonathan Snook.

    See the example

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  • Geez… what a dup. I came here thinking it was 100% CSS but only to find it still involved JavaScript.

    Admittedly though it is a nice light weight idea and an alternative to the more fanciful version (lightbox, thickbox, greybox, etc.) out there, but there is a significant difference between this version and the fanciful versions, this CSS version has no graceful degradation should for some reason the client doesn’t have JS turned on or (heaven forbid) a JS incapable browser.

    Still I commend you on a good try, but the next time you come up with something, try not to mislead with your titles.

  • anon

    I’m going to go against the flow and say the title was accurate. No javascript was needed for the lightbox effect. You do need javascript to trigger the effect.

    Good work, I’m going to use this.

  • faben

    no javascript? Your a dumbass, your example is exactly how most greyboxes occur.

  • Max

    I will have to try it out, but that is definitely my biggest frustration, I cannot stand cross browser incompatibility. Has anyone tried to see if this works well in IE, firefox, safari, and opera?

    Max … Out! – free online operating system

  • Close but no doughnut.

    Here is a real “no javascript” lightbox example

  • I’m searching for this script on net for long time. It’s very simple and superb. You are genius(in case if you have written this). Thanks a lot buddy :)


  • Mat

    Andreas Blixt > Your CSS lightbox effect doesn’t work with Opera 9.2 browsers.

    Misleading title but good work.
    Thank you

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  • I don’t know how other alternatives work, but I was working with a lightbox very similar to yours lately. With one difference, I had a few select fields (<select>) on my page, which seemed to overlay everything in ie (ie6 for sure, but I think ie7 as well). They would display over the .black_overlay and .white_content. The only solution I could find was to put an iframe under white_content, which is quite ugly and still wouldn’t fix selects displaying over black_content.

    Has anyone else had a similar problem and found how to avoid it?

  • Ingus

    If we don’t look at the misleading title there are some serious problems with the code:

    1) if you add more content to the sample page and need to scroll down content and see the box in the scrolled area, you can’t because the absolutely positioned box is above the visible area. And despite the fact that you open it, the visitor does not even notice it.

    2) if you open the box and there’s enough content, you can scroll away the box.

    I prefer jQuery with a modified jqModal plugin.

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  • works great, thanks!

  • Moby

    The “onclick” event is a DOM event. It may call JavaScript, or some other sort of scripting language that may be available to the browser. It may also access DOM attributes and modifiy them, as in this case. But is not necessarily JavaScript.

  • well had tried similiar things in the past, but not a foolproof option though. Lightbox and other scripts handle modal window professionally and a far better way, have no issues with almost any browsers and scroll thing.

    I think geeks cud use this script for showcasing but for hard-core wannabes its a sure shot NO !


  • href=”javascript:……

    is a wicked sin.

    It should be

    href=”image.jpeg” onclick=”……; return false”

    So if no javascript, folk still get the image.

  • VERY nice, so nice in fact I’ve started to incorperate it into a site I’m building:
    (I would give you a link to a real demo, but its only currently on my localhost/devbox ;)

    When somebody clicks the “Login” link, up pops the box, click out of the box, it goes again, sweet! ;) and I’ve make it into an element using the framework I’m building, so where ever I need a login link, its ready for me in ~10 characters! =)

    10/10, simple, easy, and quick! Cheers!

  • Ozh

    Not only your technique DOES use javascript (hell, the *first* thing you gotta see on your example is a link pointing to javascript:void() !!) but it is not even usable with javascript turned off, which is what alternatives are exactly good at.

    Honestly I don’t see the point of this.

  • 1) This lightbox method uses CSS
    2) This is not new
    3) i just wanted to list 3 things

  • Yeah, Very misleading, it blatantly uses javascript to show the box, so it is pointless.

    You might be able to get the same effect working by using different overloaders for a:hover and a:visited to get the same effect, but I think the point about the javascript ones were that they do not necessarily load the content until requested, so save bandwidth that way – doing a full CSS option would negate that.

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  • Sean O

    Another vote for _Misleading title designed for linkbaiting_.
    “No javascript” means… no javascript. Especially not inline, obtrusive javascript.

    @Tom Howard:
    No donut for you either as your linked example is worthless if it doesn’t work in IE, like it or not.

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  • Aaron

    You are using JavaScript, fool!

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  • Raspu

    I haved made exactly the same by my own a few days after visiting this website… =P

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  • Jeremy

    Doesn’t work right in IE with XHTML transitional doctype

  • Leo

    *yawn* This is what happens when the person first discovers the idea and starts playing with it. Later you will discover why your implementation is too limited and won’t work in the real world for big web sites. It doesn’t handle IE select bug. I am 70% sure it will break on pages with scroll bars, or will only work OK on some browsers but not the others when the scroll bar is up and the user scrolls the page.

    To get this just right is not that easy. Even a big popular site like has a very crappy lightbox. You can scroll down once it appears and click on the page below.

    I actually implemented a lightbox that is more or less bulletproof, but obviously it’s not as lightweight as yours. The idea is that not all javascript is evil. Some of it comes from the fact that you know about web development and are covering more use cases. Just because there is some javascript doesn’t mean the person is just adding bloat. I’m amazed this actually got upvoted so much on digg, since it’s an amateur attempt.

  • dancecommander

    0% javascript. um no. those code samples you have labeled ‘HTML’ contain pleeeenty of javascript. cool trick through for sure. it does not degrade naturally… yikes.

  • Jimmy

    How do you do this w/ 2 links and want it to display 2 different items

    Ex. link 1 will display 1 item, and link 2 will display 2nd item.


    • bre

      i have the same question

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  • Hi there, very nice post, but im having a problem implimenting it on my website in currently building, it only displays the fade effect on half the website, I cannot get it to cover the full site… is there a solution at all to that or is that the lack of CSS??

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  • I’m a user not a creator and I rarely comment on other people’s work in a negative way but:
    I have seen very similar years ago when I played around with animated emails.
    I was impressed with such things then but now I’m not, the average user doesn’t care how effects are created or I suspect even notice them.

  • @Sean O:
    I agree it’s useless for real life use, but it’s meant to be a proof of concept to demonstrate what can be done with JS alone. I could have compromised and simulated :target in IE using JS, but that would have defeated the whole purpose of the demo.

  • Ryan

    Bullshit you liar. Hehehehe!

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  • I really liked Andreas Blixt’s ligthbox… 0 javascript… yours is cool too, but the I thought NO JAVASCRIPT NEEDED meant NO JAVASCRIPT NEEDED. Good job anyway, you got your cookie!

  • charles

    I don’t know if anyone else mentioned this, but when I cross browser tested the code, there is a white strip on the right hand side of the browser in IE6 for PC. It is an easy fix though, just change the body tag to:

    …then it works fine in IE7, IE6, Firefox and Safari!

    I also noticed some issues with centering/scrolling in some browsers, a minor problem, however It may be worth checking out!

    Thanks for contributing your efforts, Ignore all the negativity, keep hacking away at the problems (and please change the slightly-misleading title)

    Good work….


  • charles


    I just noticed no one can see thee code I included, I forgot about the “html injection prevention” most sites have, anyway just add a margin of 0 to the left, right, top and bottom for the body tag…


  • Thanks, it works!!! i’m going to use in many sites!!!!

  • very nice, still needs javascript but nice and light and does the job. Good post

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  • Tippi

    This is nice, i tried to write something like this without the scale and fade-in effect but got the the problem to cover the whole screen with the 80% layer. However you seem to have it worked out and very lightweight to, this for sure will come in handy since im sick of the fade in stuff that takes 2-3 seconds per image to scale and fade and AHHHH!

    Thanks :D

  • Hi,

    Awesome work, for those of you who wants to see it working in a real functioning website. See mine! It has made my site that much more pretty on the eyes!


    If you make the boarders and padding smaller, the box looks more centered. I have mine at 5px.

    Tony Cai

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  • c grigore

    check here

    it seems that the selectbox is hidden.

  • Great! That’s what I was looking for!

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  • Dan

    Give the guy a break! So maybe it isn’t 100% perfect for every single browser and its not 100% js free, but it is only 2 LINES!! Compared to many other solutions, this is f**k to achieve a nice effect that has many applications. If you need more functionality or cross compatibility then use another solution.

    People should appreciate the fact that guys like Emanuele are prepared to actually share their experiences with people.

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  • Hi guys,

    Based on your work I created a lightbox to load a flash file. I call is SWFbox – you can find it here:

    If you can make further improvements on it please be my guest.

  • Looks like all the Javascript does is turn the display: none into display:block for both divs. You could easily do this with PHP instead of javascript. What I did was just keep display: block in both classes and when I want the lightbox, just dynamically include the divs on the page with PHP.

    Or if you really want just a 100% CSS solution.. you could just link to static pages with the lightbox divs coded in. Doubt people would even notice.

  • Thanks a lot bro! Congrats, its really clean and better than lightbox.

  • Revathy

    Superb….Very Useful too…

  • I agree, a bit miss leading on the title considering I see a bit of Javascript. :p

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  • Aaron

    I’m mexican, and I would like to thank you for the guide to make the efect, I’ve been searching an other like this but in your site is that I need for my page. Excellent!!!
    If you have a pdf tutorial or something like that, where I can learn the css language could you send me by mail please??

    Thank’s a lot, very nice!!!
    Sorry for my English it’s not very well

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  • I just implemented this and loaded some content via a prototype ajax request, and it functioned perfectly!!!

    Thanks, I have never found such a simple lightbox, and this is it!

  • Implemented and lovin’ it. The title “no javascript required is spot on”. It didnt require me to code any javascript at all…..copy and paste. Alot easier than those other libraries which need to be configured.

  • foysal

    Thank you very much.

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  • WORST, LEAST degradeable JAVASCRIPT lightbox I have seen in quite a while. If you are going to go that ugly inline approach, at least keep the href pointing to the image and add an a return false to the end of the onclick. And you are adding the same kilobytes, just manually to your html, where it can’t be cached just once in a js file.

    And the title is false, a blatant lie and misleading. It’s fine for those of us who know better, but for the noviates it’s aimed at…. Basically this is bad google baiting/trolling. I assume the author knows this too, based on the good google results for “css no javascript” posts get and the out going links to a commercial site.

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  • thx a lot!! It’s really useful

  • Hi to everybody!
    I just want to say that I did an adaptation to call lightbox v2 from flash movies, if you want to check it go to:flash lightbox v2
    Good work!

  • Hi, every body :-)

    Thanks a lot for that nice solution : very simple and efficient :))

    So long…

  • This is just what I was looking for THANK YOU for making it available to the public!!


  • Palani Samy

    Thank you very much for this script. I have been searching for this script about 5 hours. Finally i got a right script over here.

  • parsi

    I tried your lightbox, but it sits under my flash header… that means the flesh header is covering up the box. I think this have something to do with z-index in css but as I can see it is set up on 1001, so I guess there is no point of putting higher number. :) Does anybody have similar problem or solution for this?

  • gagle


    Add to FLASH param:

  • Hello,

    very cute little thingy, will try to replace those javascript intensive lightboxes.

    Nice work!

  • You guys are so outa ir – This guy makes up sum thing which u can use FREE. Dont dis him and dont compain. he is not chargin u to view it. And plus the concept can be easily improved.

    Think a bit

  • justin

    wow you guys bitch alot… why even bother posting anything if you guys are so damn quick to jump down the dude’s throat.

  • silencio

    @Brian, well, except he’s trying to improve on what were improvements on this original idea he apparently considers too bloated and on top of that feels the need to exaggerate a claim that is not true. e.g. Slimbox plus dependencies (mootools) weigh in at a lovely 26kb, is feature filled, not as glitchy, definitely gives off the polished look, and degrades nicely. Uses mootools, but will it kill you to use a javascript framework that (for slimbox) weighs in at 19kb? Also, what’s with the big concern over size..after all, one of the more popular uses of this particular technique is for displaying..oh, images. I highly doubt those images would weigh in at under 26kb, so if it makes so much of a deal to your end users who are all on dialup or something (i mean, look, you might even save some bandwidth in the long run as they get cached)…

    I think most of the grumbling is coming from the crowd expecting 0% javascript and seeing inline javascript only after beginning to read this post, and not even a good example of what the author was trying to illustrate. It was a waste of time, that’s why everyone’s complaining. :)

    Also I might point out that pretty much all of the Lightboxes out there are also “free”, and that the author comes out pretty strongly against pretty much all of them on the basis of being bloated/unnecessary/using know, also known as complaining. Soooooo…

  • Tom-cat

    The script is cool and pretty simple. I was just wondering how or if I could implement that same code in the following example:

    I want the page 5list.htm to be the white content
    on page load. I dont want someone to have to click on it.

    Like if I go to as soon as the
    page comes up, I want the white content to load with the black overlay.

    Can you tell me what code I would use instead of onclick. The exact code, if you will. Because I am using onload, but it is just not working right.

    Any help and assistance would be great.


  • solitario

    I think this is great. I’ve been looking for a barebones lightbox script that i can customize. thanks.

  • Digg Sucks

    Anyone else think that Digg traffic is inherently useless?

  • uttam

    It working fine in mozila but in IE i am facing problem.

    There is another divs in my page. it dosen’t get overlap.

  • Great!!!!

    simple and efective

  • great it works

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  • Just curious, how would to go about making the blacked out layer 100% of the webpage, instead of just the size of the screen? i used this on a page that was longer and if you scroll down the black div just ends..

  • rep

    You answer to parsi was cut off. What was you solution to the Flash problem parsi hand?

    Thanks in advance.

    >>> I tried your lightbox, but it sits under my flash header… that
    >>>means the flesh header is covering up the box. I think this have
    >>>something to do with z-index in css but as I can see it is set up
    >>>on 1001, so I guess there is no point of putting higher number. :)
    >>> Does anybody have similar problem or solution for this?
    >>>gagle | Jan 21, 2008 | Reply
    >>>Add to FLASH param:

  • Very nice tips. And theres no mootools or something heavy. I like this much. Thanks

  • lol

    cuz i digg it

  • Izzy

    it would be much better if the position of both the black_overlay and the white_content was set to “fixed” instead of “absolute”. This means that you don’t get Josh’s problem where the black overlay runs out if you scroll down.

    If you leave the white_content’s position attribute as absolute, you can make the shade stay there, but the white_content stay where it is and scroll off the screen.

    Hope this helps someone!


    • Anas

      Thanks for that… it helps!! :)

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  • Scott Elliott

    The problem here is that if you use the javascript the end users can get a warning that turns them away from the site. No means No not oooooh a little bit’s OK.

    Nice effect bad title

  • lupu.slobodu

    superior work, elegant, the best out there man

  • Hey, I tried the lightbox on a new site design, but I can’t get it to work where there is more than one image being clicked, with a different image per thumbnail–they all share the same pic. How can I make it so I have multiple images (like 14 or more) on a page, with different respective counterpart images in the lightbox?

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  • ronnie

    Give the man a break. Who cares if their is some JS. Its a great alternative.

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  • mmmm title is misleading, however it was just what I am after. Tip of the cap kind shrew.

  • Thanx for this very best ModalBox on Planet!!! Work perfect on Windows XP/2000 with

    IE 5.01(!), IE 5.5, IE 6, IE 7, Opera 7,8,9, Safari, Firefox, Netscape Navigator

    Only old browser can not realize the opacy filter function, but the box have correct porsition and size with a black background! Perfect!


  • Activate opacy on Linux systems with Konquerer

    Add on CSS:


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  • Ab

    What a bullshit article. I guess the author does not understand what “percent” means.

    This is not 0% javascript.

  • elf boy

    So I put a video in the box, and that works fine, except for when I close it. After I close it, the sound continues to play. Any help?

  • yeah I think we have now clarified that it does use a ‘tiny’ bit of javascript but whatever…

    …can someone help me out on how to make this work if the page scrolls??? clint mentioned something about using ‘fixed’ display…any comments welcomed!! At the moment it would appear to only fill the screen dimensions anything else does not get covered by the black box???

  • Nice little script you got there. Sure it needs some javascript, but hey, this is still an alternative form of lightbox.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • jai

    maybe it doesn’t even matter if there is javascript or not! just a line or two it still works doesn’t it? all you who don’t appreciate how amazing this is for me! i think i’ll put this on my website its so amazing!

  • jai

    Does this work for multiple Lightboxes? (not at the same time, just different links on a page to open a lightbox with different content)

  • alastor

    @Tom Howard:
    BIG donut for you!!!

    if your PoC could degrade in IE to thumbs that point to larger versions opening another window it would be perfect, and is what we should do from now on, design for sane browsers and degrade to IE (in a ugly way! consistent with an ugly browser).

  • AnonaMe

    Sorry if this has been addressed already…i didn’t feel like reading the thousand comments that complain about the F’ing title.

    Forms with select options underneath the lightbox show through in IE. Firefox works great for what i’m trying to accomplish…any idea’s on addressing the select in IE tho?

  • AnonaMe

    yes it does…just give them different id’s ex.
    This is the lightbox content. Close

    This is the lightbox content. Close

  • weilin

    Wow cool!

  • Marcelo

    Exactly I was searching for my login page! People sometimes forget to keep things just simple.

  • Gus

    greta, the css is not valid :/ ….

  • Kirsten

    Man, people are such whiners!

    As someone who was asked to implement a simple lightbox for her organization’s site, and isn’t very comfortable with JavaScript, I’m very grateful that you created this and shared it with the world. The amount of JavaScript that there is or isn’t in what you published is perfectly fine with me. The JavaScript required for a “real” lightbox is over my head, but I think I’d be able to implement this. Thanks!

  • I got this code working pretty easily with an iframe instead of a div. BUT the last issue I seem to be having is, the “lightbox” is always the size of the browser window, but its always at the top of the page, even if the page is scrolled somewhat when the initial link is clicked. Is there someway to change this behavior? So that the lightbox (and blackout) are always centered on the browser, at least the browser as it is when you click. ?

  • Peter

    Suggest if you use position: fixed in both classes the lighbox and overlay will remain stationary when scrolling the page.
    Unfortunately this only works in IE7 when using Strict DTD

  • Nice Tutorial i am very happy. Thanks

  • Kiran

    I have some select boxed and frames in my pages and the light box doesnt work as it should.

  • Kiran

    I forgot to add. Try in IE with a select box in the main content.

  • Tamesh

    Its very cool but it doesn’t support DDT doctype,
    how is it possible.

  • Tamesh

    i have an issue, when the browser content is bigger then the black background has not covered the whole screen of the browser.

    anyone plz solve this issue.

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  • Stasan

    It’s great. Sorry for me grammar. I’am from belarus. May I translate this lesson to Russian. And publish it in web. It’s often need, but no so good tutorials on Russian language. Of course I will write that real author Emanuele Ferontano and I only translator, and publish link for this page.

  • Emanuele Feronato

    Sure, stasan!

  • Stasan

    Thank You!!!

  • Matthew

    Excellent, excellent work! I love the lightbox concept, but each version I’ve looked at so far (GreyBox, LightBox, etc) has been based on some idiotic javascript framework with 1000s of lines of code. This version is just beautiful, you get the same exact effect (even better, since it doesn’t have the annoying animations) with code you could write on a napkin. Thanks guys!

  • when more than one images are on the same page, when clicked on, they all load the same image in the ‘lightbox’. Is there a way around this? Great code by the way, will be even more useful if it works for multiple images on same page (about 10 images per page i need for portfolio example)


  • will

    ah solved it now – novice error just had to id each image differently. Looks fantastic thanks once again.

  • Wow ! I really love this alternative.

    (No matter the title……. it helps me to find your article on search engine !) ;)

    Thanks. Lea.

  • The title “No Java script needed” is misleading. but the work he did is greate coz java involved here slightly. Otherwise we also must be know that without java, only css cannot do this!!!

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  • Despite being slightly misleading, there is no need to set-up js frameworks, and so this is a brill solution for implementing lightbox-type effects in iframes (for iWeb and the likes).

    Granted, it’s a basic solution, but as far as I can work out, its the only way to implement such effects without calling up external scripts.

    Been trying to implement it into a site I’m working on in iWeb…

    Go easy – I’m only a hobbyist, and the site is still in development!

  • nice script! i will try it in my next project

  • Linuxjetty


    Thank you for nice work and not adding libraries or junks that’s why I preferred your code out of all lightbox 2, 1, jquery lightbox, prototype.js etc etc.

    issue # 1)
    height in percentage doesn’t work when page height is longer.
    Solution: Define exact height of page in pixel solved that problem.

    issue # 2)
    with flash it doesn’t work normal especially vertical and horizontal alignment.
    solution: add table with one cel across popup div only and define exact height and width, well running out of time honestly i already have tried 7 light box from web sites all were junk your one found best will paste whole code someday later.
    issue # 3)
    I could not solve yet is: if ucrrent browser window is half or full or increasing or decreasing height wise this div should float vertically center/middle.

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  • Really Useful

    FYI changing the position property from absolute to fixed solved the scrolling problems as far as im aware!

    nice will use this a lot!

  • usedit

    js or not js, it works where I needed it. Thanks.
    Please add: height:4000px; in a conditional IE <=6 statement for the background div, the 100% won’t work on IE6.

  • usedit

    js or not js, it doesn’t works where I needed it. Thanks.
    Please add: height:4000px; in a conditional IE <=6 statement for the background div, the 100% won’t work on IE6.

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  • Pingback: Crear el efecto de lightbox solo con CSS - Servidores / Webmasters()

  • […l efecto de Ligthbox, pueden usar esta técnica utilizando únicamente CSS…]

  • Very helpful one

  • ropo

    position: fixed does not work for me because my HTML is not strict and I cannot change it. I will try setting body {overflow: hidden;} now …

  • ropo

    ok. setting overflow hidden on the body worked for me. also I needed to scroll to the top with scroll(0,0). now it looks good

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  • riri

    thanks to share this, very helpful!

  • Very nice Lightbox Content tutorial..

  • alex

    there is no javascript needed.. the point of the title was to say that to have the lightbox positioned properly on the screen there is no javascript needed to detect browsers, or position divs or whatever, such as the jquery thickbox library.

    of course you need javascript to control the opening and closing of the lightbox, anyone who opened this article thinking as much should give up web development LOL

  • Manny

    how to disable page shadowing effect, just show only popup image? (css popup)

  • Sumit

    Thanks a lot. Now, I have learn how to create a Lightbox.

  • Not pure css, but good work. I use
    Visual LightBox, to setup
    Lightbox script and thumbnails. Will your implementation work with VisualLightBox?

  • TylerDurden

    I wonder how many idiots are out there with no money and no brain to do their own effects.

  • Hi Emanuel. Thanks for your Technique. It’s very good. It was really helpfull.

    I want to enphasise the positive aspect, that is all. Of course, it uses a little inline Javascript to manipulate the DOM. Othewise, nothing would happen.
    Well, best for you! And wait you feature a new one in the future with some more javascript ammount there…

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  • certwert

    Absolute lifesaver. Thank you so much.

  • Claus

    It seems that if you have a long page and you’ve scrolled down and then launces the layer – it’s only visible at the top of the page? Then you have to scroll back up?

    How to get around that?

  • kidd

    coool.. no need of an external js

  • loves it. Super lightweight, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. no scriptalicious or mootools or jquery or prototype required; seriously, 300k + for a nice looking modal is overkill. this is perfect, thanks! I can easily modify the concept to fit my needs exactly.

  • ramesh

    hi, its great. but all the problem is with IE 6.0. The lightbox effect does not working fine if there are SELECT boxes. Try that.

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  • Andy

    Hey, this is a nice example, but if I have a Flash (.swf file) in my web page the light box just goes below the Flash file, I tried to overcome this by using Z-index , but its not working , let me know if anybody has a reslove/fix for this ..
    Cheers .. .

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  • Stas

    Andy, try add to swf function this param


  • senthil

    Nice ariticle

    I tested cross browser the code, there is a white strip on the right hand side of the browser in IE6
    remains are IE7, IE6, Firefox and Safari works fine how to solve this one.

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  • Those of you that are having problems with flash need to add a “wmode” to your flash embed code. Adding something like this property should work and then allow you to z-index the position.


    Without it your flash will always be on top of everything else. That’s the default.

  • CodeMonkey

    I can’t believe peeps here are giving the author grief about whether or not this contains javascript. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t. A couple DOM calls versus all those bloated 100k+ .js files out there you’d have to add is NO comparison. Oooooh, and if the browser can’t handle javascript, it won’t work.

    Can’t write a check yourself? Jeez.

    Well done sir. This is exactly what I’m looking for!

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  • claim you have no JavaScript do whatever, however then you go on to say your using AJAX…which is “Asynchronous it is…JAVASCRIPT and XML” learn your terminology retard.

    you destroyed your own argument of no javascript..good job.

  • CarLam

    I’m a student designing my first websites and I really wanted to integrate a lightbox into my pages. Your script is simple and easy to manipulate. Thank you for sharing your gift!

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  • Great little tut

    I’m always wondering if I should use javascrpt or not.

    This might be the solution to achieving the same effect.

  • sarah

    i’m trying to make this work for my website but can’t really quite get there. i already have my links set up and just want the lightbox to work iwth them. instead of against them. its just not working out.
    my current link tag is this

    _______ where i’d want each “box” class be a link to a lightbox. how exactly do i intergrate this. HELP! plzzzz i would really appreciate it.

  • sarah

    ooook… i duno why it didnt’ show up.

    its a div inside a few divs. i just dont’ know where to put this new div to make it work.

  • John Doe

    Why is everyone complaining about this script using “javascript:void(0)”

    If you do not want this javascript statement in the page, you can replace it with “#” and it will still work PERFECTLY fine without

    And as someone previously stated, onclick=”” is a DOM event.

    I personally use this script and I have no problems with Firefox and IE7 or IE8 using “#” as the link target destination.

  • works fine, thanks !

  • Jay

    Many thanks for this brilliant lightweight Lightbox – works great so far as i’m just displaying text…will try images and flash at some point.

    FOR those of you having PROBLEMS with:

    (1) Black overlay not covering the entire screen when on scroll/large pages


    (2) White box not being centered on scroll/large pages

    set css black_overlay & white_content position: fixed; rather than position: absolute;

  • Jay

    @SARAH, number 158

    Sarah the lightbox shows in the ‘white content’ everything within div id=’light’ and the relating javascript code, document.getElementById(‘light’).

    Therefore if you want different things to show up in the lightbox then you will have to give them a different ID, e.g. div id=’light2 & document.getElementById(‘light2’), div id=’light3 & document.getElementById(‘light3’) and so on.

    I’m sure someone here can do something with functions to simplify this? – here i have two examples, calling FADE as it is constant for the opacity effect:


    function showLightbox()

    function closeLightbox()
    function showFade()
    function clearFade()

    Link 1


    hope that helps.

  • Jay

    sry html code doesn’t fully show…

    a href=”javascript:void(0)” onclick = “showLightbox()”>Link 1

    input type=”button” name=”NoDontAgree” value=”No, I Disagree” width=”20″ onclick=”closeLightbox()”

    ///lightbox end

  • Honey

    Thank you very much…

    Few people wrote that the Title is a mistake becuase its not only CSS..

    but..I came here becuase I read it!..
    and It’s working perfect!..

    Be grateful..all the time!..This person is shareing with us. (oh too confortable find all the info easy!without mistakes..Its not ok!…Try to do the best too!)

    Im very graeatful!..

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  • Rob

    100% that’s javascript.

  • stk

    Fails if javascript is off. Not only does it fail, but it doesn’t even degrade.

    “No JavaScript Needed” – Bullshit.

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  • Samia

    Hey,this is a great code and quite simple for beginners like me, but it’s not working with apdivs’.Can you do something about it?It’s getting on my nerves.

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  • SMB

    BEAUTIFUL! It works beautifully! Just made the suggested change from “absolute” position to “fixed” to keep the content in place on large scrolling windows. Awesome! Works on Safari and Firefox for mac.

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  • toni

    hi guys


    i’m trying to link a new image to every new thumbnail in the lightbox, every time i click on a thumbnail, the same picture appears. how can i get a new image to load up each time i click on the thumbnail.

    does someone have the code for this and could you please tell me EXACTLY where i should put that code. because i new at even using a little bit of javascript, it’s all a bit confusing for me, i need to know EXACTLY where things go, maybe some one would be nice enough to give me the whole code regarding the images, maybe this is where i am going wrong, HELP, HELP, HELP.

    by he way, this code looks really good, i just need to get the above working.

    cheers guys
    toni hearn

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  • kiran

    This doesn’t work if scroll is there,what i mean to say is that white fading background is only for full screen with no scroll,if scroll comes white fading background is not completely covered

  • seafroggie

    Hello, what code I have to put to open another html page in the box? Thank u

  • kiran

    I tried changing position from absolute to fixed in both the css class ,still its not working

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  • Kay85


    Thanks for the script! However, I can only get one image to work. What parts of the script do I have to alter if I wanted more than one link on the page. I have created little icons and want different images to come up when they are clicked on, but the same image keeps coming up when I click on them. Please help!


  • Ennarrpee

    its not working in ie 6

  • on Stu Nicholls’ CSS site ONLY uses CSS (but doesn’t work in SAFARI & CHROME due to the way they handle mouse clicks).

    But does work in those browsers (using HOVER to activate, instead of mouse clicks).

    No – I have connection with CSSPLAY – just luv what Stu does with only CSS.


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  • Murali

    Hi Emanuel,

    Thanks for the lightbox. It works perfectly in
    IE 7 and above, safari and mozilla but not working properly in IE 6. Needed help regarding the same.

  • Magmatrix

    Even though this is not 100% JS free, it is a very simple way to do a nice and simple lighbox when you have a very limited number of images to show.

    I changed this:
    – “position: fixed”
    – “-khtml-opacity: 0.8”
    – “text-align: center”
    and then i put a “height: 99%” on my images to make them center vertically and show at maximum size without any scrollbars.

  • J.D.O.

    This is not pure CSS at all as you have Javascript changing the class. This solution is also not semantic as you have an empty div element. Perhaps you could consider using a little more Javascript and dropping the empty div into the DOM or getting even deeper, appending a div to the DOM and appening the “white” content inside, then style the content from the center so you’ve now no empty elements.

  • Murali

    Hi All,

    I found out the issue actually in my web page I was using dropdown list boxes which were been rendered from the database when I was triggering the light box on click of a link the black_overlay class and the white_content was not covering the entire web page it was not able to cover the dropdown list boxes with the defined color in IE 6 Browser.

    Due to which it was not able to display the light box properly in this browser even though it was working in all other browser’s including version >IE 6. I tried using image as background which din’t work.


    — make the dropdown list box visibility false before the lightbox is triggered and again retain the previous state for the drop down box as visible.

    This can be made using a simple

    for retaining again make the same as

    for the drop down boxes whereever used.

    This solved my issue.

    Hope this would be of some help. So posted it.

    But No Problem with the CSS LIGHTBOX given above its working perfectly in all the browsers.

    Good Work Emanuele thank you…. :-)

  • Murali

    In addition to the above reply use the

    div’s display:none; and display:block for hiding the dropdown list box

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  • phil

    No javascript needed?
    I think not as it doesn’t work with firefox and safari (javascript disabled)

  • Mateus


    really simple and effective alternative.

  • Whofeih

    Thanks! It was a nice tutorial! Finally learned!

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  • Tameshwar

    Nice tutorial, but i have question, when the large amount of contents comes from the behind the popwindow then the lightbox will not cover the whole area. can this is possible with CSS. please reply me.

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  • Thanks! awesome tutorial !

  • In case javascript is unsupported, I think the best way to implement the link is:

    Click me

    instead of:
    Click me

    I removed the javascript from the href, and placed a return false at the end of the onclick handler to halt the triggering of the link.

  • Oh well, the HTML code is displayed, sorry for the the previous post.

    so replace the :
    href = “javascript:void(0)”
    onclick = “document.getElementById(‘light’).style.display=’block’;document.getElementById(‘fade’).style.display=’block'”

    href = “#”
    onclick = “document.getElementById(‘light’).style.display=’block’;document.getElementById(‘fade’).style.display=’block’;return false;”

    Also, if the page is longer than the window size, the position absolute will give you a problem.

    It might be interesting to try to replace:

    Ok, I’m gone now :)

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  • David Balažic

    If I use this in a frame, the black_overlay covers only the frame it is in, not the entire window. Is there a way to make it cover the entire window?


  • sandeep

    am using a lightbox application, which is coming in half window size, i need the light box of full window size.

    Please help me.

  • Really useful!! Thanks!

    Is it possible that one day we see this example with some php/ajax code to make it more dynamic?

    Thanks again! :-)

  • hi it was wonderful work

    thank you at all i just suggest to se how you can include some of jquery code in this code to make it more animation
    waiting for your response and i will follow this great blog

  • i think this code will make it work with more animation

    $(document).ready(function() { $(“#light”).show(“slow”); light(); });

  • Tomas

    Fussy lot aren’t you!! Its straightforward to make it degradate so quit moaning and just sort it out yourselves. He has left it like that to make it easy for everyone to get the delightfully simple technique…

  • Thiago Monteiro

    I was researching this effect on countless blogs and in my humble opinion your code was the most direct and appropriate. You really put the house in order to follow a pattern and let that part of the vision over the control with CSS and JavaScript.

    Congratulations for your great job!

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  • Arden

    Nice job with the light box! It’s pretty cool!! One thing i found was, if i added a large image, i had to scroll to see it. If you get this problem, what i found you can do is change the “white_content” part of the head code to say this:

    .white_content {
    display: none;
    position: absolute;
    top: 1%;
    left: 25%;
    width: #%;
    height: #%;
    padding: 16px;
    border: 16px solid #EDF5FA;
    background-color: white;
    overflow: auto;

    This will make the white box as big or small as it needs to be for what ever is inside it. One problem with it however, is that the black opacity behind it cuts off down the bottom, so you may need to change the line “height: 100%” (under .black_overlay), to about 120%, or until it works..

    Great script though! :D

  • Arden

    Ok, i’m getting this problem. I’m trying to make this a custom BBCode on my forums. It’s working, except some of the buttons appear over the top of the black overlay. I’ve changed the z-index to crazy numbers like 999999999, but it still did nothing. Can anyone help me please?

  • thanks alot for your wonderful code. It works perfectly for me.

  • I am looking for using this lightbox method on one of my websites, i want to show the privacy, about us etc content on the light box, what would be the best way to implement that

  • The only problem (I think) is that if you click outside the highlighted box that means in the greyed area, the window doesn’t go rather you need to click the close icon. This doesn’t happen in other lightbox.

  • Thanks, cool post! I found this by googling “how does a lightbox work”, and your simple solution does a great job of explaining the essential trick – the black div with z-index and alpha properties. Thanks for posting!

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  • Hi all,

    Glad to find a solution here without changing too much in Joomla! for example.

    But as lots of you asked, I wonder how to handle a page with lots of pictures here.

    Thanks for sharing and in advance for your help.

  • The script works good ! But the only thing is I want to add more then one link to the lightscript box on the same page and I tried to do it but only the first link displayed with the first content? How can I use more then one link on the same page with different content in the light box for each link?

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  • Abeam

    2 questions:

    How would the code look like if i want to click on the opened picture and close?

    How would it look like if i want to position the bigger lightbox image above and relative to the thumbnail like right corner of thumb is right corner of big picture?


  • Title is very missileading last time I knew

    javascript:void(0)” onclick = “document.getElementById(‘light’).style.display=’block’;document.getElementById(‘fade’).style.display=’block’

    was javascript!! :(

  • plz help me how to show multiple page using this way.i make this and show only one page bur i need to show 3 page in this way

  • using this example can show one page but plz how to show 2 or 3 page in the same way.plz plz
    i use the code………


    display: none;
    position: absolute;
    top: 0%;
    left: 0%;
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;
    background-color: black;
    -moz-opacity: 0.8;
    filter: alpha(opacity=80);
    .white_content {
    display: none;
    position: absolute;
    top: 25%;
    left: 25%;
    width: 50%;
    height: 50%;
    padding: 16px;
    border: 16px solid orange;
    background-color: white;
    overflow: auto;

    function clickform()
    function closeform()

    click here here


    i need to show gallery page and another page that will include in the div but who to select one which is opening

  • Nitish

    Gr8 work, i think you guys are fool, who are fighting for the the topic “Js included” , can any one tell me who can open the popup without using JS.

    Yes also there is a problem is that it ovarlaps the black box over only the window screen opened yet, but if we scroll it , it doesnt work for the rest screen.

    I got the Solution is that


    Use this in black_overlay , and it will work perfectly for IE too, thanks

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  • Lucas

    Give the guy a break !!! With the “No Javascript” he means, with no tons of it, nor JS library …

    Is really a good job dude thanks !!

    Though is very usefull, I must say that by itself it isn’t so much. But it leaves you explore the posibilities. I added a few jQuery fancy effects on open and close; and loaded content via an AJAX request using jQuery too, and is a beauty :-D

    Thanks again dude !!!

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  • oman

    who cares whether it is js or not..

    as long as its working, it’s fine for me…

    very good script.. thanksss… :)

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  • Thanks, a good little script. Even if the title isn’t entirely true!

  • this is a very good example. faster, smallcode,

    great job………………….thanks:)

  • SivaPrakashRavi

    Nice Job..

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  • Chris

    A great many people have come on to show exactly how brilliant they are by declaring that the original poster was wrong in his title by stating that the lightbox has no JavaScript. They are either not as brilliant as they think they are or they read an entirely different script that does have JS in the lightbox.

    If you are so brilliant, what are you doing hitting Google wich a search anyway?

    Quite sensibly, he showed an example of a JavaScript trigger of the documented lightbox, but the lightbox itself has ZERO JS. The lightbox itself is made up of CSS & DIVs.

    I say “sensibly” because there are other methods in which you could trigger the lightbox. In fact, they are methods which would work in absolutely any possible browser condition that you could think of… But that doesnt mean you would want to use them.

    I love using JS to add some life to my pages – And I love using as LITTLE JS as possible. Therefore I was pleased to find this NO JAVASCRIPT lightbox, but would still use that little JS to trigger it.

    I would actually like to thank the poster for going out of his way to share with others, and I feel sorry for him that his payment for doing so was a lot of people crapping on his doorstep and making themselves look like complete idiots.

  • Emanuele –

    This was very easy to implement and also to modify to match my own site’s style. Thank you so much for sharing it, you saved me a ton of time.


  • Saravana


    I need to show 1 form in light box which has continue/next button , tat leads to next form in the light box.. like wise need to show 4 forms /div in light box

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  • Jason

    This is only useful if you have a website that doesnt have a scroll bar. if so it is pointless.

  • Ashish

    I like very much.its also work but how to implement for number of image.plz reply me.

  • I have tried this with IE6 and IE7 and it doesn’t work.

  • is this really made without javascript? wow! great tutorial.

  • s4sheila

    Easy to follow, and works perfectly with Firefox! Yes, there are like 2 lines of Javascript in the code, BUT they are very easy to use (just copy paste!). This is coming from someone who has never ever used Javascript at all until now for this effect.

    I then simply used CSS to style the lightbox the way I wanted.

    Thank you for your time and effort, Emmanuele! Am definitely using it for my exam presentation!

  • Yakup

    I tested also for flash games and it works great!!!

    See a demo:

  • thanks. Awesome especially when you think that a lot of guys deactivate js in their browsers.

  • Very nice tut man i just used it

  • Fulano

    Does anyone knows how to avoid the select options to show over the divs?

  • RE

    Great work! Thanks!

  • jonathan

    i want to know if i can have a picture load instead of just text

  • @jonathan
    Come on boy, just read a little bit, everything is explained well…

    Interesting post Emanuele, grazie molto,

  • This is awesome i want to use it but where does the pictures go? can you tell me

  • Reiner

    I’d like to use this cute little thing. If js or not, I don’t care.

    But how to make this baby work with an iframe? I have a link inside an iframe, which should show additional info on some point there.

    The iframe contains an input form for a payment gateway, shown inside a shops paymentsite. The lightbox should appear if clicked on an info button on the form. There is then a combination of text and pictures shown.

    It seems to work only inside the iframe, the outside isn’t covered with the black overlay.

    Also it seems, that there are problems with IEx.The layer seems to be behind all the form objects. Any help appreciated.

  • Thanks for the tutorial
    I’m definetely gonna try it

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  • how to insert the flash file into to css fully.

  • Awsome man really simple sleak and fit right into what i needed for my project you da man!

  • Coward

    Hahaha. No JS. Classic.

  • Janjoun


    Use the following (I added “parent.” to the beginning of each of the lines) to enable this on an iFrame:



  • Timbo

    AWWWSOME!!! I’m so glad I found this! Thank you!

  • fef

    Hi, i used it an it works fine on firefox, but i’m having probles with it on IE. I have a flash banner and it is positioning on top of the “lightbox”… how can i solve this??

  • Hi, When I put 2 different (Or more) lightboxes on the same page, all the links open up the same exact lightbox even though I created other lightboxes with the code. How would I change the classes if this is how you do it? Would I have to copy the same CSS on the page and paste as much times as I need lightboxes with different classes?

    Nathan Johnson

  • great info, so now I can have lightbox effect without using javascript.


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  • Thank you! This works great! You can see how I am using it on my website at Just click the “Subscribe to our newsletter! Click here!” Link and the lightbox will pop up. I just want it to show a loading image though! Do you know how to add a loading image when the lightbox is loading into:

    display: none;
    position: fixed;
    top: 0%;
    left: 0%;
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;
    background-color: black;
    -moz-opacity: 0.8;
    filter: alpha(opacity=80);

    .white_content {
    display: none;
    position: fixed;
    top: 25%;
    left: 25%;
    width: 50%;
    height: 455px;
    padding: 15px;
    border:5px solid black ;
    background-color: white;
    overflow: no;


    Subscribe to our Newsletter!
    Click Here!

    Content of lightbox goes here

    To close, click Close at top


    If you’d like the “Close X” button at the top you will have to have the picture on your server.

    But I want to put a loading image when the lighgtbox loads and I want it to fade in and out. Does anyone know how to do this?

  • Sorry, that last comment was wrong, here is the right code:

    display: none;
    position: fixed;
    top: 0%;
    left: 0%;
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;
    background-color: black;
    -moz-opacity: 0.8;
    filter: alpha(opacity=80);

    .white_content {
    display: none;
    position: fixed;
    top: 25%;
    left: 25%;
    width: 50%;
    height: 455px;
    padding: 15px;
    border:5px solid black ;
    background-color: white;
    overflow: no;


    Subscribe to our Newsletter!
    Click Here!

    Your content goes here

    To close, click Close at top


    But I want to put a loading image when the lighgtbox loads and I want it to fade in and out. Does anyone know how to do this?

  • Those last 2 comments, please ignore them. The code is rendering instead of showing it.

  • How can I make the lightbox show a loading picture when its loading?

  • jelle vanhijfte

    i got the css in the head, other code in the body. want to display more than one picture but it keeps on showing the first one, although all links are correct.

    like this:
    Display picture1:

    Afbeelding sluiten

    Display picture2:

    Afbeelding sluiten

    so, instead of picture 2 AGAIN picture1 displayed.
    why is this?
    ps still the SMALL picture 2 IS displayed, its only the large picture 2 thats not displayed, but as said, picture 1 again

  • if you try to do more than one image the first shows up on the second image?

  • Thanks for the post!
    It is a very easy CSS to handle and very well explained. Explained for Graphic designers, not for programmers. Easy to understand. I just used it and worked great!
    Thankssss :)

  • polat

    There is a misunderstanding here.
    You are saying no javascript but in fact you are using
    javascript:void(0) and more importantly document.getElementById() which is I think the core of javascript.


  • Felippe

    Fantastic work. Congratulations!

  • Rob

    How hysterical can some “designers§ be.

    A lot of you sound like little, frustrated queers!

    Got no other problems? Yes he wrote “with no javascript needed” and yes there is javascript. But it’s not World War II my little hysterical girls.

    Just think “He has no idea about scripting” and forget about it.

    If you would loose your little dick, you would have a reason to scream like a hysterical woman.

    Act like men, please!


    Ah yes! For all the cripples using Internet Exploder: This site is PURE CSS3 (you know what I mean: The future)! So if you want to see it, get yourself a REAL browser an not that crappy piece of shit from Microsoft.

    Safari, Chrome and Firefox if you know what that is.

    But most of the schreaming bitsches with little dicks have got no clue.

    have a good one.

    • Maurice

      Oh man, give the man a break.
      Your website is not a work of art either.

  • Anas

    Most people actually uses lightbox for poping up some divs / forms or some information. This hack just does the right thing in the most straight forward manner… Bravo!

  • Thank for posting.It is very useful for my project.

  • there is one intresting exemple of lightbox

  • hodgey87

    Is there a way you can modify the code so that the litebox opens up above the link that was clicked ie half way down the page. Rather than have it aways open at the top.


  • Many thanks for contributing this!

    Don’t seem to have any problems since my client doesn’t care about IE anyway. Works prfectly with FF.

    Again, many thanks! Much appreciated!

  • it’s cool. Thanks ;)

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  • You people are crazy! Liked the idea, although for some reason black square doesn’t cover the whole width on my 1600 x 1024 monitor, used jQuerry, but definately keep that trick in a pocket for quick popups. Good post eh!

  • i have error on black overlay height that is not full

  • Brown Pooper

    For all the idiots who complain about opening the same picture every time, even when more than one are defined, how about giving it a different ID, dickheads?

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  • Hi, Feronato this is very nice post.thanks.I just wanted to create a simple lightbox!

  • saas

    superb concept…i was trying to use thickbox,fancybox etc
    but it was not helping because all they need click or link..and with div concept that too with CSS helped me to
    complete my task…thanks a lot for your wonderful work…

  • Emanuele, grazie for this simple, lean and clean solution.
    I use it to embed a YouTube video on my site: http//

  • david


    ottimo lavoro, mi chiedevo de era possibile un effetto onmouseover sul link che apre il light box

    comunque un ottimo tutorial

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  • Oliver


    I am having the same problem as a few others. I want to use the lightbox for a set of images but the lightbox only shows image 1.

    Which part do I give a different id to?


  • Saul Rosenberg

    Wait a second.. I used JavaScript… I want my money back!!! Regardless of the title, this is a great piece of work, to do this effect in a manner that has a light footprint. I was able to encapsulate in a single java script function which worked really well (if you don’t mind the java script).

    The rest of you haters should spend less time bitching and more time coding and cut the author some slack.

    • me

      How about you shut the fuck up?
      If I want to complain about some jerk mislabeling their articles so they get more clicks, then I will!
      I expect people to use accurate headlines for their work, not to trick people into looking at it by giving it a title that implies the content is more useful than it is. Then, I have some douche in the comments telling me to not comment on the article’s misleading (lying) title because the article is useful to them. Eat my dick, you selfish a hole.

  • Well this is the most amazing widget which one should use, i myself really like this one.
    thanks for sharing.

  • using a lightbox application, which is coming in half window size, i need the light box of full window size.

  • Its very cool but it doesn’t support DDT doctype,
    how is it possible.

  • Thank for posting
    It is very useful for my project

  • I have a question, can this effect be created on a flash games site, like i have based on your theme and mochi ads plugin. the sites are

    I want to do something like we click on a link and it pop out the game in the light box.

  • Mr K

    Thanks a lot and hats off to you..
    No javascript lol…

  • net

    Hey Thanks for this first of all.

    Im having this code
    echo “

    But doesn’t works..It opens just for 4 seconds and then Boom!! disappeared!

    How can i fix it ?


  • net

    Here is the code… in pastebin

    Thanks again!

  • Arash

    Title is just fine. the lightbox has no JS code involved to render it. sure you need js to show and hide the lightbox created by this approach…

    • me

      That’s if you want to hide behind technicality. I hate when people try to be so weasely with language like you are attempting to do.
      Anyone not trying to become a lawyer would agree that most people consider a “lightbox effect with only css” to mean it uses NO JAVASCRIPT AT ALL. Not a hard concept to understand, dude.

  • kisamesama

    why u say no javascript? i see a lot of javascript in here…. even if it’s inline.. it’s still javascript.

  • i guess he means that it is not exactly necessary to use javascript as it is inline code.

  • bre

    can someone please explain how to get the code to work with more than one thumbnail?

    Reply please

  • Is it possible to assign this to a submit button, and when i click it the buton submits the information and activates the javascript to make the box appear? email me please! thanks

  • Manan

    Excellent and very much easy

  • nice, thanks, its soo easy :)

  • Ernest

    add body { height: 100% } if you want to make it work in IE6 with doctypes that enable the standard mode like the html5 one:

    • Bass


      Adding “body { height: 100% }” still not working. Kindly post the full css paragraph. that might be helpful.


  • Doug

    Thanks for posting this example.

    Very helpful and preferable (for my project) than implementing a more heavy weight Ajax framework.

    And, yeah, it requires a few lines of javascript but it doesn’t require an entire library.

  • Bing

    I’m very web challenged so bear with me please. I’m trying to load this in a existing page. I’d like to use this to present another web page in the lightbox. I’ve loaded the styles with the other styles in the head but the black overlay does not show up. At least part of the styles are working because the box shows up orange. also:
    Where do I place the url of the web page that I want to show up in the lightbox? I assumed in place of “javascript:void(0)”after lightbox content but it will not show up until I click the close button, then it replaces the original page. Help?

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  • Great piece of coding. Thanks

  • Very useful, thanks……..most scripts these days are far too bloated.

  • AWESOME!!!
    You just saved my life!! :D

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  • obma

    that is not working in IE 6 plz some 1 help me

  • Steven Smith

    It’s possible to work iframe HTML in the lightbox content..

    if yes, how do it working just put sample.html something like that??

  • nice sharing.. thank you..

  • Nathan Johnson

    Guess what! I foudn out how to make a loading appear when the lightbox is loading and you can use jQuery to fade in/out the box and the black_overlay!!! It is awesome and works great! I am so glad I know jQuery and I made it where it says “Loading content” with an Ajax loading image and then the content fades in. I just use the JavaScript setTimeout() to make the loading image disappear and make the content of the lightbox appear. It’s sweet! If you want to see it, please email and it will open a ticket on my website. I will help you there.

  • Nathan Johnson

    @obma: Dude, it wont ever work in IE 6!!! Hahahahahahaha Do you honestly use IE 6? If you do you need to UPDATE!!!! Wow, IE 6 it so outdated I even make my website not work with it! IE 6 wont work with my site at all! Wow, really, update to IE 8 or 9!


  • shyam

    thank for this lightbox code

  • This is a wonderfully short and sweet script. It didnt take much for me to understand and then manipulate it into a nice dashboard photo display.
    I was lost before your insight, so I just wanted to say thank you and nicely done!

  • this is a great piece of coding, hardly anything to it its just the kind of lightweight solution i have been looking for it just needs a bit if work to create a nice transform effect if i can do that and still only use a bit of js then its probably the best out there thanks

  • d_nitemarez

    this is a great little code.. I’m a web designing noob and looking for a simple lightbox for various contents (html & image) and this has exactly that.

    It’s short, precise and delivered exactly what it promised. I’m going to add my bit of code to it to tailor it as per my requirement. Kudos!

  • Anonymous

    The actual effect is 100% CSS, while the call is in JavaScript.

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  • Hi, guys! I made some changes to this code.
    For example, you don’t need to click on Close button, but anywhere out of the lightBox, also if you scroll down the page while the white_box is display: block, you won’t see the fade div end at some point. That one was just changing position to fixed. And I also made the code work for two buttons. Cheers

  • thank you very much

  • and bird

    thanks .. this was exactly what I was after..

  • Dingus

    Simply fantastic. Thank you.

  • tsolmon

    GREAT,thanks, it’s very very simply , and great, GOOD LUCK for you

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  • thank you

    this sure is useful. Thank you so much!

  • I have to agree very good work very impressiv

  • I suggest you use “position: fixed” instead of “position: absolute”. Thanks to this effect is still visible while scrolling.

  • I love this . Thanks

  • ok it worked with position fixed thanks for the info :)

  • thanks for the post is helpfull :-)

  • I tried too many lightboxes scripts but none of them worked for me ….. may because of conflicting javascripts…and this is just awesome, it worked smoothly.

  • Already using lite box in my sites and ,But this is quite good .slide smoothly thanks for the information .

  • Tuomas Lecklin

    Ridiculously good stuff, working absolutely FANTASTIC! Managed to place Google Maps in a lightbox thanks to this, and it was so easy, plus the system is so damn light!

  • Great effect, thanks.

  • Josh J

    FYI, your web site has an ad video that plays automatically with sound unmuted. Pretty annoying.

  • @elf boy (2008)

    Elf boy asked about how to stop the video player after he embedded a youtube video in the lightbox. I have worked out a simple solution that can be found by clicking on one of my a tags at

    All I did to accomplish this was to add a new paramater to the onclick event for the word close (it’s a close icon in my case). The paramater to add is “window.location.reload( true );” All this does is refresh the iframe so that the video closes.

  • Good tutorial :D !

  • Flutterbug

    Just wanted to say thanks. Absolutely fit my purposes, still flexible enough for modifications.
    Very mistrustful of javascript as I’m working on sites with other authors and we’ve had problems with script conflicts. This was a completely safe alternative.

  • JC

    Alternatively you can place the lightbox div inside the overlay and then just hide/show the overlay.

    Haven’t tried this in IE 6 (which I doubt will work), but then again, who cares?


  • Jenna

    how do you add more than one image to the lightbox? like a gallery? i tried the code 3 times on one page but the popup was the same picture, even though i changed the image url.


  • Joseph

    I’m having the same issue as Jenna. I’m trying to use this code for more than one image but the same one appears. How do you fix that?

  • I have also the same problem
    I hope one post .. how we can fix this.

  • Mila

    Same question as Jenna, Joseph and Scuf! How do you load more than one image or video?

  • Thanks Emanuel, this one saves the day! its very ez!

  • There is teh solution to the problem for adding more than one lightbox:

  • Effectivement Jenna a raison,

    cela fait trois heures que j’essaie d’adapter le code…. sans succès …

    le display block ne retient que la première image !!!

  • Joseph

    Thanks German Arciniegas. Very helpful!

  • Rodrigo

    Thank You Very Much!
    It´s really help me!

  • Javascript is the code…but the volume of it is very less! Great, light and flexible css code. Thanks to the author!

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  • Hi, I am using this code but if i try to use it withing the same page it would bring up the content from the first block.?????? Any Thoughts?

  • Perfect

  • Really Excellent, That I have need. And this site provides me :)


  • Its not working on my site:( i think i have made some mistakes.

  • Captain Obvious

    0% javascript, except for the javascript. Butter is 0% fat, except for the fat. This article title is 100% truthful, except for the lies.

  • Nice work & big thx!!!

  • Excellent code, I’ll use it on my website.

  • this sure is useful. Thank you so much!

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  • This is good code but Its does not call the external source file in this light box.

    Like Image or any other html file in this lightbox..

    If you have a code to display external source file (like image and html file) in your light box then

    send me in my mail.

    Thank you


  • Thank you!

    This is nice script, simple but useful.

    Have a nice day!

  • Anna

    What a great script!

    But im having some problems making the whole background fade. Where do i put the code so it fades the whole site, not just the div it lays in? When I try to move the div:s the whole site fades incluing the “light” div.

    Can you help me?
    Thank you!


  • jonnes

    Thanks Emanuele, it´s work perfectly for me.

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  • it a very helpful tutorial.thanks a lot

  • Amazing, this is just what I’m looking for.. thanks for sharing this one..

  • Khalid Ahmed Haryah

    thank you .
    this code is easy to understand b/c css is used mostly.. bt a little bit of javascript is also included in this.. even a beginer can efficiently understand this code && implement into his/her applications…..

  • Fantástico, eu usei este código pra colocar um player de vídeo em um site que estou criando! Ficou muito bom.

    Obrigado era oque eu estava querendo.
    “translated by google translator.”
    Fantastic, I used this code to put a video player on a site I’m creating! It’s pretty good.

    Thank you was what i was needing.

  • hi, can you help?

    if you put the code in a HTML table, it will not work in IE8.

    can anyone help, please?


    please repost _and_ email to:

  • kuldeep sharma

    Thanks for ur help. very nice code.

  • Thanks very much I used this code on my website check it out http://787Beats.CoM I would like to know how can I make it stay in the center even while scrolling?

  • I got code to make it centered but does not display correctly in IE

    .white_content {
    display: none;
    position: fixed;
    top: 25%;
    left: 25%;
    width: 50%;
    height: 277px;
    padding: 15px;
    border: 4px solid #2b2b2b;
    background-color: #141414;
    overflow: no;
    border-top-left-radius: 10px 5px;
    border-bottom-right-radius: 10% 5%;
    border-top-right-radius: 10px;

  • Maybe he meant “No JavaScript knowledge required”???

  • thank for giving this code.. it working fine…

  • Rok Jakli?

    Nice code, thank you.

  • Ralf

    Problem with IE 8: switching grey background on leads to total grey page and I can not enter any daty into the form fields …

    Do these css classes fit for IE 8 ?

    .black_overlay {
    display: none;
    position: absolute;
    top: 0%;
    left: 0%;
    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;
    background-color: #dddddd;
    z-index: 1001;
    -moz-opacity: 0.6;
    filter: alpha(opacity=60);

    .white_content {
    display: none;
    position: absolute;
    top: 95px;
    border: 1px solid black;
    background-color: white;
    overflow: auto;

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  • Rajiv

    There are some who complain about how this has javascript. It is obvious that the author is aware of the tiny bit of js in there. What he obviously means that this does not use any kind of javascript library. So unless, you can provide a cross-browser pure css solution, stop making stupid remarks.

    Some say that this is not commercial grade. Most of us are not really developing or – For most sites this is OK.

    For those of us who do not know javascript, jQuery solutions are a blackbox, and changing the behaviours of the jQuery modals becomes a struggle. With with this, if you know a bit of a css, you have some idea as to what is happening. And very little code is involved.

    I use this technique at a few of my websites. They work fine. Did have problems with IE (who does not). I am not sure what I did to fix. It works on IE8. I did not check with other lower versions. I am willing to ignore people who are on IE6. You do need to have the doc type right for this to work on IE. I use the following:

    I very much appreciate this author’s efforts.

  • Rajiv

    The doctype I use is


  • bredon

    hi, im a beginner at this, any chance you could explain how to use this on multiple images per page? at the moment even if i change the source image the one displayed remains the same?

  • thilakar

    very nice! weightless light box.

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  • AJAY

    simple to understood by everyone….

  • Tauqeer

    Very simple and easy to use. Thanks

  • John_Doe

    @bredon change the id’s

  • I like the part where he says “no javascript needed”…
    And then I like the part where he says “now type this javascript”… (paraphrasing of course)


  • bredon

    Thanks john_Doe

  • Great post! It saved me a lot of time!

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  • How can we do this for more than one thing?

    Like, one link opens one lightbox; another link opens a different lightbox.


  • You can see my implementation by clicking on “Mona Lisa” on this site:

    I changed a few attributes. I definitely found that fixing the position of the lightbox worked better that keeping it absolute. I also had to make the darker area much larger. And I changed to border color.

    I haven’t given it much thought yet, but I can’t seem to figure out how use this code for more than one link on the same page.

  • John

    Thank you so much this was very helpful :)

  • thanks lot
    for salve my great problm

  • Thanks for the code! I am building my site from scratch. I know basic html, but hadn’t ventured into css or java or flash or anything else. I wanted a lightbox, but didn’t need or want it to be complicated. I used your code, put it in a blank dreamweaver file and then started tweaking it bit by bit to fit my needs. I also visited a couple of sites of others that commented to see how to add the extra codes I needed. Thanks again, it was a big help and fun working with. My page with my lightboxes is

  • Thank you so much my friend.This article save a lot of my time.

  • karna

    Nice concept very good thinking i like this work…

  • Many many thanks for this. I wanted to put a pop on click at services, where it should be describe. But all popup gives browser windows.

    Thanks you solved my problem…

  • I always knew that css created the world

  • shumaila

    Thanks buddy it helps a lot.i put this code in my website but one more thing i want to auto hide this popup form mean when i click on link it show but when i click on next link previous popup window disappear and new show with its on contents.please replay me soon.


  • Air

    You could also in the black overlay:

    and also the white space

    So when a user clicks the black overlay or any where in the whitespace other than the content of the actually whitespace it removes the overlay and white space.

  • Thanks dude…..its amazing with a bit of javascript and css magic.

  • Exelent works

  • Cors

    Awesome! Exactly what i need…!

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  • mctaco

    Great script for simple stuff! I actually used it since in a school project I am not allowed to use external libraries (if so I would use fancybox). Just change the position: absolute to position: fixed like some of the guys said so that it can work with pages with scrolling.

  • Many many thanks for this. I wanted to put a pop on click at services, where it should be describe. But all popup gives browser windows.

  • Ashok Rathod

    please give code about the Light box effect on the mousing clicking

  • I was looking either this can be used to validate the Form???

  • really nice source am using it for logins forms

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  • Yass

    This is awesome. I know nothing about web design and from all the tutorials I’ve found, and after failing so many times because of how complicated they are, this tutorial made it for me. Now I can display text in a lightbox effect.

    I do have a question though, and I hope you can help me with this. If I use the same code for a second or third link, even if the text to displayed on the lightbox is different, after I save the code and preview the page, every link opens the same lightbox with the same content. I don’t know if you understand what I’m trying to explain.

    Thank you in advance for your future response.

  • niko

    I need the x in the superior cortner please a way to do that

    sorry for my english

  • Hi. Yes, it usee JavaScript. It’s impossible to make a Ligtbox withous JS. I’ve made a pure CSS lightbox, but need a little tricky (no JS, or PHP, or any, just CSS).


    Contenido de prueba

    It works if you click the link and drag the mouse outside the link a pair of pixels. After that, you can release the mouse and you´ll have the DIV active. Just click it to hide.
    Hope it works for you.
    Bye from Argentina.

  • oscar

    excelente me gusta.

    buen aporte…

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  • Dermot

    Thanks for the lightbox css code. Works a treat!!!

  • Txai Mostardeiro Potier

    thank’s VERY VERY MUCH!
    was exactly what i was looking for!
    thank you!

  • Really Nice work. Continue

  • dw

    awesome! great job.

  • Konrad

    lol, just found it. Brilliant. Js is still present, but it is way lighter than lightbox and it does not mess other scripts.
    Great work!

  • nice tutorial
    thanks for sharing here

  • hi, I have see your post it is very good and i love your css effect and you remove the JavaScript.
    thank you
    reply me soon

  • rajendra

    vry nice…
    it’s help ful to me a lots..

  • Hi .. Great script! Simple and effective. what is the -moz- in your css? I know it is for Firefox and ie but is it a way to comment?

  • Liz

    This a wonderfully clear page, thank you.

    I put together a table with excerpts of images in it, all linked to full(ish)-size versions of the work. Would I be able to apply the CSS above to what I’ve already done? I can’t figure that part out.

    Thanks for any help –

  • simple = whats counts ;-) thanks

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

  • Wayne Gomez

    No java please!

  • Arun Saini

    Its amazing

  • This is really easy and helpful. Thank you.

  • vla

    Seriously, thanks. I spent the day trying to make lightbox works with prototype lib. And then abandonned the idea…I then found that… Just awesome. Thanks

  • srikanth

    Hello Everybody!!
    I’m a new to php or html..but I am trying to change some code from the existing page.can anybody help me out PLEASEEEEEE…..

    Basically my page pulls data like first name,Last name,photo etc.upon clicking I want the image to popup..I dont know where to add this code in this line..Please help

    select(“select rec_id,record,firstname,lastname,photo_self,status,reg_date,email from family_tree where reg_id=’$reg_id’ order by rec_id”);
    if($chk < 5){

    <? if($img)echo "”;else echo “”;?>


    Any help Highly appreciated

  • srikanth

    Sorry some code was deleted..Here’s the code

    <? if($img)echo "”;else echo “”;?>


    Any help Highly appreciated

  • sebr1ng


    I find this very useful. What I want is the gray area to apear over a page with the onload event. I did it like this:

    How could I achieve that is for example between 8:00 and 17:00 the overlay is red and between 17:00 and 18:00 the overlay is green. On other time there is no overlay.

    For detecting the time I used this (and example times entered):

    var rightNow = new Date();
    var hour = rightNow.getHours();
    var newDisplay = ‘none’; // unless we see otherwise

    if((hour>= 1) && (hour<= 5)) {
    newDisplay = 'block';

    But I can’t seem to find a way to combine those two to work. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • you indirectly using inline javascript inside element
    but anyway thanks very much for this tutorial :)

  • kilico

    Just great!!!!
    Described step by step and very easy to reproduce.
    This was just the hint that i was looking for! Not blaming about that little javascript code.
    Many thanks!

  • people don’t get excited of seeing the word “without javascript” just be excited to see a light box with such a small coding, that too with CSS dominance.
    i agree my friend Emanuele is right. this code is easily readable and editable comparing to other complex light box codings, so saying it as
    “without javascript” is correct.

  • This was just the hint that i was looking for! Not blaming about that little javascript code.

  • m waris shaikh

    thnx buddy i tried it and get lots of knowledge. Source code is perfect and easy to understand. Remember me in your prayers. God bless u keep smiling :)

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  • You are terrific! Works great. Thanks a lot.

  • Satz

    i cant get the black overlay too the full page,its works oly to half of my page.. can any1 help?

  • thanks for this, I loved the flexibility and light weightedness. I used your code and fixed some bugs as well as added hacks to this and have updated them here

    Bugs Fixed:
    1. the lightbox earlier did not show on the entire page, it has been resolved, it remains on top regardless of scrolling up/down
    2. the video kept on running after closing the box, a workaround has been added

    Thanks again!

  • magda

    Great:) Thanks!

  • sparxx829

    oi is it possible to run three or four of these at the same time with images instead of text? if so please email me some script to do so or tell me what changes need to be made.


  • Rod Wilson

    Emanuele … many thanks for this. Fantastic and simple bit of code … got me started in no time … and helped me out big time!

  • Ken

    “no javascript needed”… yet there is javascript… what a dumb ass.

  • samriti

    Thankx for a good code

  • MIchael

    Awesome code, Thanks! Probably an overly simple question but any thoughts on how I would change/control the font style and size in the lightbox?

    Thank you!

  • only change “position: absolute;” to “position: fixed;” then it work so better in scrolled positions…

    thanks so much for your nice and clean code.

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  • Nugs

    I’m using this script…but it is conflicting with my Slider Script..which is using Mootools(Compressed.js) pls help

  • MIchael

    Thanks again for the great code. Having trouble getting rid of the line breaks before and after the highlighted word. Tried replacing /div with /span (as some suggested) but that broke the code…any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • This worked great made my photo galleries way better – check them out under galleries at

  • Doaa

    Thanks alot! That was quite helpful.

  • Javascript alert light box possible?

  • Tina

    It was a great beginners light box.

    Thank you.

  • Great code, just one prob with the CSS.

    You should change “position: absolute” to “position: static”. Then your all set!

  • Ooops! Not “position:static”, I meant “position:fixed” (relative to browser viewport)

  • nonew

    This one looks great, but my lughtbox are fixed to a position no matter what I do, i CANNOT CENTER THEM. HOw do Ifix that?

  • Kunal

    Very nice and classy. Thanks, this helped me!

  • Eric J

    Title is very misleading. This uses javascipt!

  • Skyler

    There was no javascript needed. . . the link could have gone to another page with the lightbox enabled and the close could have taken you back. . . That is just a dumb way to design. The lightbox itself required no javascript.

  • Hey I want to use this and have a list of videos but when I try the lightbox always just displays the first video I have… How can I fix this?
    Please help

  • umeshan

    how to pop up images using this?

  • Gobin

    There is inline java !!!
    False title

  • so a little bit a java script code but still there is js

  • Great piece of work, I needed to be able to include light boxes on a rather limited content managed website and this worked great. I’ve setup a gallery with several images. I’d like to see this develop further, perhaps with Next and Previous buttons.

  • AJ


    For the life of me I cannot change the styling of the lightbox hyperlink. I am trying to get this to inherit my font and it seems there is no way???

  • yessie

    wow it’s the way i need!!!tq so much!!

  • Nice post!
    but how do I open automatically with the page?

  • jsk

    Is there a way to popup a completely different page in the popup box? not just an image or a couple lines of text?

  • yukti

    its awesome…..really a good job…………….

  • thai

    thanks men.
    I think you should change the position to fixed:
    it will be better.

  • pop

    Wow! U really did helped me,

  • Emb

    Very good!!! Thanksss..!!!

  • Morty

    Hi! Once I get to Javascript I’m toast. How do I get my “businesscard” image into the white area?

    Best regards:
    novice/intermediate css/html user…

  • Matheus

    Very good! Alone one more thing: if I want to use elements of smooth transition (in the css, put in the first ‘opacity’, ‘-webkit-transition’, ‘-moz-transition’, ‘-o-transition’, ‘transition’ and after – with ‘:hover’ or ‘:active’ or whathever that be – ‘opacity’), how to do that? Thanks

  • Lee

    Just what I needed. Thank you.

  • Sid

    I am not able to diplsay multiple images on the same page. ( Every lightbox opens up with the same picture)
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks. :)

  • karthick

    nice but you use in java script. so directly add style in js y u use in css here

  • I want to put together in same page. Is it possible!!!

  • Absolutely USELESS! See what happens when your page is longer than the browser window’s height. The lightbox always loads at the top of the page, and you can’t even see it if you’re somewhere at the bottom (assuming the page is long). To combat that, you’ll need position:fixed and not position:absolute. Note that this will not work well on mobile phones. You can get rid of JavaScript with CSS selectors like :target or :focus.

  • so creativ, thank for your tutorial, great job….


  • hi,
    Is it possible to have multiple lightbox links on one page. I set it up for each of the link options on the page, but when I click on any of them, it only activates the first instance.

    Can anyone give me some help how to make the individual links pull up the right info when I select the button?


  • ok, nevermind, I figured it out. I had to change the ID for each instance where it’s named “light” you can put “light1” etc

  • How do you make it popup automatically?

  • nice but you use in java script. so directly add style in js y u use in css here

  • Ramiro

    Forget the title, and the percentages!
    Very clean and easy to use.

    Thanks for sharing this. I implemented it, and adapted it for my applications.

  • AG

    Awesome… clean.. minimalistic.
    Bene :-)

  • A

    Thanks for CSS lightbox effect..


    Thanks for Guys giving me the solution for blackoverlay & whitecontent problem (100% wrt content but not for screen)… it works fine for me..

    Solution – replace position:absolute with position:fixed for getting 100% height wrt content

  • Ok, I know this is a really old post….hoping you are still monitoring…

    Is there anyway to change the position of the lightbox from a fixed location to based on where the user is on the page? I want it to display centered on the screen no matter where my visitor is on the page?

    Website page: and click on contact us near the bottom! Thank you!

  • really nice coding.i have searched many codings.but it was clear and sweet.lot of thanks

  • anonymous

    i replaced them w/ pictures. but how do you do multiple pictures w/ lightbox? when i click on the other picture it shows the same picture like the 1st one i clicked over and over again it doesn’t change even though they have different img src. the other pictures copies the first picture when clicked.

  • mouni

    i want the lightbox effect for another page sir….
    i dont want any jquerry and all…

    want the lightbox effect for another page when i click a button

  • solution

    Here is some light box code i offer it for you i am sure it will help you.
    Here is download link

  • MIchelle

    Thanks for this!! Great job!

  • Pemika

    Thank you so much !!!! :)

  • I think [document.getElementById(‘light’).style.display=’block] is part of JavaScript.Isn’t it?

  • this simple code is simply killing, even after 6 years.
    thank you so much!!! ( ‘3’)<3<3<3
    really helped me

  • Daniboyle

    if you complete the code with jquery, you could have a nice fade effect:

  • Katia

    It’s a great solution. Thanks.
    But I have a problem, it runs ok in Firefox and Chrome, but it doesn’t work properly in a IE. Is there any other solutions for IE?

  • Nute

    I am making a gallery on my page and this would be perfect but I can only get the first picture to open into the lightbox everything else when click on only opens up the first picture. I do not know what I am doing wrong as I have never messed with Java before. Can anyone point me in the right direction, oh and a site where I can learn java better so I am a little more clear on whats going on?

  • Ok basic thing is to use separately before or after the stuff you want to show as white area.

    Thanks, nice sharing.

  • Andrei

    Nice job, it helps me a lot. Great code here. I still have a problem:
    How can i add a effect to this, something like, elastif effect, or fade in, fade out, sometign, not just to pop out like this ?


  • BGenth

    This is very nice. I combined this with and was able to make a very slick pop up window. Thanks again.

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  • Sophie

    Thank you, just what I needed.

    Instead of using onclick=”” in the html, you can simply set a unique id=”samplebutton” on the links and in then put your javascript in a separate file using this code:

    /* the code to show or hide the lightbox goes in here */

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  • Allan Hallett


  • Alicia

    HI There,

    I am having issues with the black overlay showing up. Any ideas? I’ve inserted the code into my web page just as described.

    thank you

  • igor

    Hi There,
    How to do that would main window not scrolling?

  • jake

    nothing like some shitty obtrusive js

  • Thank you boss!

    It was too easy to implement. Cheers ;)

  • Manda


    Im trying to change the text-color of the close button underneath the lightbox? I’ve tried changing the color via numerous ways through both the white_content css style and basic html but its being stubborn and staying the color black. Could you tell me if theres a way to change it, I’m trying to get it white.


  • Not only your technique DOES use javascript (hell, the *first* thing you gotta see on your example is a link pointing to javascript:void() !!) but it is not even usable with javascript turned off, which is what alternatives are exactly good at.

    Honestly I don’t see the point of this.


    This is great !!! I’m using it in my website, very simple !!!

    There is a problem if the page has a scroll, the black layer won’t cover the full screen but this is easily fixed by changing the CSS for .black_overlay : “position: fixed” instead of “position: absolute”.

    It uses Javascript…. BUT WHO CARES !!!

  • After going through this tutorial, I’m think we should get rid of all lightbox plugins. Isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing a great tutorial.

  • Hi,
    I am using a theme that has a light box feature already but it’s broken. The screen turns black all right, but so does the image! I’m trying to find a fix for that but so far with no luck. can this css do the trick? If so, where and how should I insert it? in which php file and where in the file? And maybe I should insert only the “white” part since the black is already there?

    Would appreciate any kind of help.


  • kuldip

    how use this code in my plugin ??

    i want to put this code like when any image click at that time my plugin is open in lightbox

  • Hi, I tried this on my webpage but it doesn’t work for more images than one. The images are displayed but in the light box only first image is displayed always. Does this work for you there?

  • I found what was my mistake. I used one id for all images :) Have a nice day everyone :)

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  • John blue

    why does this not work for me?
    it just goes to the next image without any lightbox

  • … i reley dont wan to say this, but i have to now. this lightbox is so esey. i mean, all you do is write the css. thats it! how is this no javascript anyway? you cant contrail anything but what it says on the screen! what if i didnt want to write css? what apout javascript? all you can upgrade is stranth? this lightbox is crap! its not even a lightbox at all! i mean look at it! in what way is this supposed to be a LIGHTBOX if you can do quests and stuff? all you do is press one butten the entier time! explain to me! the athore coments al totol lies! is it supposed to be css only? i dont even know how this damn post got top google ranking, or a comments over 600! pepole think this review is worthles. go ahead! say it! i dont care! im just trying to make a point here! blam this piece of crap!!!! P.S the only reson im giving this a 1 is beacuase the css where pretty good. but thats it! ;)

  • Evandro

    It’s awsome, thank you for save my job =D

  • Hello, I am trying to make the lightbox in a block in Magento e-commerce platform, you have any idea?

  • Sam Gibson


    Next time you say “No JavaScript” perhaps try using NO JAVASCRIPT.


  • Lucy

    Awesome!!! good work!!! thanks for sharing

  • Janine

    Thank you very much.
    I really needed this.

  • Steph

    Thank you so much! This works great! Is there a way to make it close when I click outside of the lightbox?

  • It’s good for websites when you want to increase website speed.

  • VERY misleading title. Here’s an article on my site that actually accomplishes this without Javascript.

  • Cliff


  • Ashish K Arya

    Nice Code end of the day i have successfully implement
    Thanks a lot

  • Pretty nice lightbox code Emanuele, thanks.

  • I found this on e-how and had to come here to thank you! Thanks for posting it there as well. It’s the first time I found something there that was this useful! This is exactly what I was looking for. Easy to change the css to customize it!

  • OMG why are you guys to hung up on the literal rather than the functional? This CSS based Lightbox works great, nuff’ said.

  • hi
    wow i cant believe that css can do this.
    tankx a lot

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  • Good implementation.

    Although, it’s better to update .black_overlay position from ‘absolute’ to ‘fixed’. Otherwise when there’re extra content and scroll down the page, the black overlay won’t cover below parts of page.

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  • ghtbox is a JavaScript technique used to display images and other web content using modal dialogs where the image is shown up center filling most of the screen, and the rest of the window is dimmed out. Lightboxwas originally the name of a specific JavaScript plugin. However, common usage of the term has evolved to encompass Lightbox-style JavaScript plugins and effects in general.

    for full implementation of light box to refer here:

  • Damian

    It is enough a site with height over device’s height and your lightbox doesn’t do what it is meant to do.

  • imran

    How to pass variables through this ?
    We can pass variables using this symbol ‘?’ in url but how to retrieve these variables in lightbox div because the page is not reloaded so that we can not use $_GET function .
    Is there any way to pass and retrieves the variables in light box …. ??

  • Rake

    This is good but one thing, If page size is large , Background black color is only displayed screen, and when we scroll down,there is no Background color.

    Please tell me how to correct it?


  • Hashan

    Great Work buddy.. Thank You So Much!! It’s simple,clear and easy code.Appreciate !

  • Thanks for the simple solution :)

  • Easy Phil

    Nice work. My modal box is however appearing behind my slider banner rather than on top of it. Played around with the positioning but still have same issue. Will appreciate any tested solution.

  • B

    How can i do a multiple lightbox in a webpage ?

  • Arno Teigseth

    Nice! Works well. And I got to learn new ways of thinking :D

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    Nice! Thanks!

    I found also this around:

  • Digital Magnet

    I am very curious to know how this can help with my website kindly comment