Google AdSense + YouTube = AdSense Video Units

While people seem to become every day blinder about AdSense ads, Google is about to launch a new ad together with YouTube.

Unlike the currently running AdSense “video ads”, that we can call “Well animated ads”, now I am talking about a YouTube video unit with Google ads embedded into them. At the moment, only some choosen videos will display ads, meaning you will not be able to earn money showing your own videos in the player.

At the moment in my AdSense admin area I don’t have any video option, because currently this feature is open only to publishers located in the United States with English-language websites, as said on the official blog

This video explains how to create and configure this new feature, that I imagine Google will launch worldwide very very soon.

It’s an interesting new feature, because I think normal ads are boring people, but the size (starting from 400 to 700 pixels wide) of video ads is rather big and I think they won’t fit in any site.

I hope designers and bloggers won’t fill their pages with ads if they don’t have enough space to make them fit, otherwise we will see even more sites ruined by what I call “ads frenziness”.

Will you embed video ads?