Flash racing car engine

I found an interesting Flash racing car engine aged 2004 (!) coded in AS 1 (!!) on Mark Fennell’s site.

I asked the permission to write his tutorial (well, not quite a tutorial, but an “how did I manage to code it”) on my blog, but I never got a reply.

Looking at his homepage, the site was last updated almost a year ago. I am afraid its contents are about to be lost.

The only reason why I am bloggin about it is in one of the last paragraphs in his site:

“I hope that should you use this engine that somewhere you will include a link back to this site”.

Ok… I linked to the site, then it’s time to show you the engine, rewritten in AS2 (although I have to optimize it a lot more) and with the “skids” removed because I think it’s not an efficient way to manage skids. I am going to have it completely rewritten in a few days.

Meanwhile, this is the working (skids excluded) source in AS2… look at the game you can create.

Interesting, isn’t it?

  • Nonitt

    Thanks!!!! feronato !!!

    you want a beer ? :D

  • abhilash

    do the source codes work in flash 7 mx ?

  • David

    are you going to show us the actionscript and how to create this?

  • Emanuele Feronato

    Sure david, I am preparing two versions, one with AS2 and one with AS3

    I don’t know if it works in Flash7 because I don’t have it.

  • galaxy

    the skids where the best part! i think that’s how i found that game.

  • Rhys

    hmm can you please write down the code or tell me how to make the camera follow the car. And the lapping system to please!

  • Hello, when are you going to publish the car game tutorial?
    Thanks in advance… :-)

  • I never got your email, but I would have said yes! Nice work :D

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  • James

    Hey Emanuele, can you link me to the AS2/AS3 version with the skids? Would love to see how you’ve rewritten it!

  • thank u …