The Googlement day aka why Google dropped PR

I just wanted to play with the title of one of my favourite movies (T2 Judgement Day) to say something about what happened to most blogs and websites today.

Google updated its PageRank and it’s something like the Judgement Day has come.

Most bloggers today have a PR dropped by one or even two points.

And it was very funny to read bloggers reactions: the most original title in my opinion is “Google Declares Jihad On Blog Link Farms” by TechCrunch.

I also enjoyed the reasons bloggers gave to their PR drop: “I was selling too much links”, “I removed Adsense ads”, “I don’t wear underpants”, and so on.

Last but not least, it’s hilarious how bloggers saying PR was everything when they had an high PR now say thar PR does not mean anything.

Today Google reminded us who rules (ruleZ in geekish): Google itself. You can whine as much as you want, but things won’t change.

Google dropped most PR because there was too much scam with high PR, and Google can’t let its PR to be understimated just because some thousands of bloggers discovered how to raise PR without having content that matters.

Look at the web today: there are tons of “How to make money with internet” that does not make any money with internet and just cut/paste contents from the only 2 or 3 sites that really makes money with internet. The same content, the same banners… Google punished them all.

Another curious thing is some of the bigs names got penalized too: I mean Washington Post, Forbes, Sun Times and more… bot for those sites I think PR means nothing (this time for real).

Probably big information sites got penalized by services like Digg (PR 8) and other social bookmarking sites that allow us to read the last news in only one site.

Now it’s time for us to write some fresh content: if you are a victim of the Googlement day don’t whine, don’t complain, don’t write a post, let’s say, with “5 reasons because PR means nothing” (the first should be “my PR is not high anymore”)… just sit down and think about some fresh and original content.

I don’t believe you walk in your real-life town screaming bullshits, so please promise you won’t do it in the net anymore.

And… one last note… my PR is still 7. But my Alexa rank sucks. That’s life…

  • yeuch…

    I guess ur right, google does have to put up with lots of junk, scam and spam.

    Glad to hear your still up there with the stars :)!

    Tom aka 125Maniac

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  • This must have been a long time ago…oh well.

  • I just noticed that there were some big pagerank changes around July 18, 2008. Our page dropped sharply, and your PR now seems to be 3/10. Any idea why Google struck again?

  • i placed info links on my website and it went down in a few days so i have taken it of not because of pr but infolinks code does not work on my site even after they sent new code
    lets see if my pr goes back up

  • i just have studied an article about the “google page ranking thing” on a special seo website and there, they are saying, that google lowered all page ranks IN GENERAL at least one point (average)… so nothing to worry – for most people…