Prototype of a Flash game like Poux

November 17th update: part 2 released
November 22nd update: part 3 released
November 28th update: Finished project released

Ok, I know, you are asking for full tutorials and not prototypes, but you have to know that a prototype is the first step to a tutorial and some of you realized nice games starting from prototypes or “incomplete” tutorials.

Anyway, I promise I’ll continue all “open” tutorials.

Today I am introducing you the prototype of a Flash game like Poux


Poux is a fast and challenging board game you have to click on contiguous same colored tiles to remove them.

Time is running fast and adds a new line of tiles at the bottom. Bombs can eliminate a whole line of tiles. Use them wisely.

You can play a nice version of Poux at LightForce.

In this prototype I have only an object linked as “tile” that contains all tiles, one per frame.

In the first and only frame of the main stage, the code is:

… and in only 50 lines (comments and brackets included) we have the field populating with a new row of tiles every 50 frames.

I will complete the game very soon. Or maybe one of you will have a clue and complete the game for me. I will be happy to host his tutorial.

This is the source code… then move to part 2.

  • Interesting to watch, but it doesn’t do anything yet. Can’t wait for the follow up though!

  • CGR

    What I can say? Colored:P

  • I think that that may be useful for preloaders, ya know, to give them something to look at?

    Like a screensaver!

  • stevie

    How do you make a reset button?

  • shiv1411

    hi emanuele,
    whats up?
    Great tutorial and I even played poux.
    Your prototype idea is great like you, and I appreciate it.
    Anyways, I completed my first ever complete game in flash actionscript and its a funny 7 level game. I want to submit this game to you before submitting it to mochiads.

    Can you spare little time for my first attempt?

  • shiv1411

    hOw Do I eMaIl EmAnUeLe FeRoNato?

  • Emanuele Feronato

    Send me your game at

  • shiv1411

    thanks emanuele!
    anyways when i tried to submit my game to mochiads, following all their instructions, they said that they did not got a “ping” from my game and i did not see any development after that.

    Whats the fuss?

  • Emanuele Feronato

    Probably Mochi server does not “see” your game.

    Do you see Mochi ads when you run your game?

  • s0d4player

    LOL!! I love your new header.

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  • shiv1411

    I see a Mochi loading bar but not their logos.
    That bar does not even fill even half and the game begins.
    WhAt ShOuLd Be DoNe?

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  • noobflashie

    Whenever I try to open your source codes, I get an “Unexpected File Format” message. This is probably because I’m using MX 2004, but I need to know something, how large are your tiles(does it matter?) and how many different ones are there(I counted seven, but does this matter)?

  • noobflashie

    never mind, i got both questions figured on my own

  • eshbeast


    I know this sounds like a stupid question, but here goes: In this prototype I have only an object linked as “tile” that contains all tiles, one per frame.

    That is what you wrote? How can I make all the tiles on one from come togehter? Please email me or reply in detail, I’m lost at that first part.