Prototype of a Flash game like Poux – Part 2

November 22nd update: part 3 released
November 28th update: Finished project released

Ok… this is the quickest prototype update ever. Yesterday I came with the Prototype of a Flash game like Poux, a bit incomplete because you could merely watch tiles grow.

It was a 50 lines prototype, and today I am publishing the second part, with another 50 lines (now we have 100 lines and an almost complete game!).

Now you can use your mouse to click on contiguous same colored tiles to remove them.

Light, camera, actionscript:

The scripts has some comments so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to understand how things work.

Now try to click on contiguous tiles…

A game in only 100 lines (comments included). Tomorrow I’ll add 100 more lines coding some powerups and other weird things and I’ll have my second one-day game to continue my experiment.

Take the source code… see you… and read part 3

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  • It works nicely, but the screen fills up way to fast. When I was trying it for myself, I slowed that down a ton.

    Also, can you please finish the platform tutorials? I’m working on a new platform game, and so far it only has one level with the stuff you showed us how to do (I just changed the map), so I really need a new tutorial!

  • s0d4player

    Awe, you didn’t give us enough time to figure how to do it ourselves.

  • shiv1411

    I agree with s0d4player.
    Anyways nice tutorial again!

  • usually I don’t like playing these type of games,but i’ll try this tutorial if this works in flash 7mx.

  • Frederik J

    Nice tutorial, emanuele. And a fast release of part 2 :)
    Now you just need the animation!
    /Frederik J

  • Tony

    That’s what I call a fast release!
    I think the best thing would be a space of three-four days between part1 and 2.
    How’s your one-week game going?

    Thank you for all these tutorials!!

  • sorry for asking again & again about blogs but i promise this is the last time, is there any age limit for creating a blog on

  • Emanuele Feronato

    In most services the minimum age limit is 13 as far as I know

  • Massimo M.

    hi emanuele very good and fast tutorial !!!

  • shiv1411

    hi emanuele,
    sorry for disturbing u again about submitting to Mochi. Please explain in detail what to do and how to do.

    Anyways check ur email that u gave me that day. U will find my 6 level game “bounceria” in there.

  • shiv1411

    Hi emanuele,
    you got to read this that I met a number of success today –

    1. I finally entered into Mochi.
    2. I entered my game into Newgrounds. The url is
    You can find it on the latest releases.
    3. My graph grew to 194 within the first 3 hours of submission at mochiads.

    Did u recieve my “bounceria” .

    Check it out.

  • Martin

    Please can someone explain to me how and why this bit works (lines 54&55):

    x_tile_clicked = Math.floor((_root._xmouse 10)/32);
    y_tile_clicked = -Math.floor((_root._ymouse-300)/32);

    I was thinking that to get the position of the tiles the code would just be something like:

    x_tile_clicked = _root._xmouse;
    y_tile_clicked = _root._ymouse;