Prototype of a Flash game like Poux – Part 3

November 28th update: Finished project released

3rd update of the prototype. Remember to read part 1 and 2

It’s beginning to become something like a complete one-day game… let me introduce what I did.

First, I added cute graphics… on zeus box you will find some cute free icons with a completely free license, no matter what are you doing with such icons. I downloaded a Christmas pack so now the game looks like a Christmas game. I called the game “Christmas Couples”.

Then I added a score system, a time bar, some animations when you click on the icons, increasing difficulty, an highscore system, a game over status and a green “X2” bonus bar acting like a 2X bonus if you remove an icon touching the bar.

Obviously, just in a few rows.

About the highscores, I used an ArmorBot account. Installing it is very easy and you can change almost everything in the highscore page. You can even add your own ad.

The page I made sucks a bit but it’s still under development… or maybe not… give it a look. At the moment you can only submit scores under the “triqui” name… but I am going to add a text field in the final version.

Anyway, let’s see the actionscript

and this is the game

At the moment, if you die you have to reload the page. That’s life… play and don’t forget to look at the highscores to see if your score was awesome or you’re just a rookie….

Read the post about the finished project!!

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  • Pingback: Prototype of a Flash game like Poux : Emanuele Feronato - italian geek and PROgrammer()

  • Hawdon

    lol im the 10th on the score board xD
    Nice tut!
    Vey good!
    Thx :D
    even Tho right now im working on a line rider

  • shiv1411


  • Frederik J

    Good job emanuele. And nice theme! ;)
    Of course it could be better. But anyway, you’re teaching us in a great way :D

  • Ed

    Did you just make it you couldn’t reset because you couldn’t be bothered to make a reset button and get rid of all the complicated annoying variables and duplicated MCs? :P

    Nice tut, and I came 37th (though make it we can submit our scores) :)

  • David


    Emanuele, can you help me by having a tutorial on how to create a handbrake motion for a car?

  • CGR

    I got 10219 points, cool passtime.

  • Tony

    I miss some sounds or music. Good tut
    I can’t wait for the next platform tutorial!

    I was 3rd with 545.

  • Tony

    681! Now I’m second

    Watch out, CGR!

  • ijjid

    your tutorial is impressive for someone beginner like me!you rock!

    do you have tutorials on creating multiplayer flash games?i mean just the basic things to know and how to do it as what you did on you game tutorial(step by step)…it was really a great lecture for a beginner like me..i think i could create my own game out of it.thx!

  • ijjid

    by-the-way, im talking about the one you post in here:

  • shiv1411

    hi emnauele,

    whats up?

    I was creating this game with multiple levels and when I published it, I saw one great bug. A player can simply roam through my levels just by right-clicking and then clicking play, he automatically advances to the next frame, or next level.

    Please tell me how can I solve this problem.

  • Ed

    shiv, have a look at this tutorial:

    Take a look at the customizable right click menu.

  • CGR

    Ur almost there tony ^^

  • Eblup

    hey can you plz make a AI tutoreal for a platform game? like you run around,attack, and other enemyes attack.

    if you can make code this complicated then cant you make AI enemys thet you can fight.
    oh and look at dead frontire!

  • shiv1411

    thanks Ed,
    now I can give a good reply to those cheaters!

  • dan

    could you post the source file here? i tried to code this but the background, scoreboard and multiplier bar dont show up.


  • Robert messing with again..i made a game from it..and it did ok…trying to get back into dicided to mess with somethign i understood well once….got a question though… would i go about making the block progress to the next slide within itself….like i have an immage that i use..but when it begins to fade (this._alpha–) how would i make it go to the next slide in that blocks timeline….please and thank you