Box2DFlashAS3 – a library to watch

Behind the not-so-mnemonic Box2DFlashAS3 name, there is an open source port of Erin Catto’s powerful c++ physics library Box2D.

What is Box2D?

From the official website comes the explaination:

“Box2D is a 2D rigid body simulator for games. You can use it in your game to make objects move in believable ways and make the world seem more interactive. From the game’s point of view a physics engine is just a system for procedural animation. Rather than paying (or begging) an animator to move your actors around, you can let Sir Isaac Newton do the directing.”

You can watch the demo at this address and it’s really interesting.

Too bad it does not have documentation yet, but I am waiting for some more complex tutorial

Another project based on Box2D is motor to be released open source before the end of this year.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep on studying APE, but I have to admit that Box2D-based phyiscs engines look awesome

  • Kevin

    I just tried the demos and they are really awesome! I believe some wonderful games can be developed from this engine.

    By the way, Emanuele, would you like to make some tutorials about AS3? Since it is new and would become (I think) the future mainstream of flash programming. I think many readers will be happy to see some tuts about AS3.

  • oliver_l1

    That’s right! AS3 rocks and i also wish to see more as3 tutorials on this great Blog.

    Box2DFlashAS3 looks really awesome.A beginner’s tutorial would not be amiss! There’s an introduction but in C++.

    MFG from Germany

  • shiv1411

    hi emanuele,
    its really gr8 but in as3.
    Please inform more about the as3, as it is new.

    I made this game and i would like u to review it.
    the link is:


  • Kevin

    Hey shiv,

    I went to your link and clicked the play button in NG, a game loader pops up but with nothing in it for more than a minute. After watching a clean and white flash movie for some time, the game finally loads. But the mochiads never appears.

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  • vahidb

    Dear Editor,

    I am new in Box2d, I need Joints in Box2d. I hope you write about them in future!! but now, i start from first post of you about Box2d.

    Thank you