Laser and Bubbles: a sponsored game starting from my tutorial

It’s always good to have what it’s called “case history” to proof what you’re doing is good.

In my case, there is not better proof than a succesful game made starting from my tutorials.

Last wednesday I got a “beer” from Kevin Leung with this message:

I have been reading your blog for quite a long time and learnt a lot.
I just build a game inspired from your Circle Chain and got a $xxx sponsor (not much but still quite good as my first sponsor)
So I am buying you a beer =)
Here is my game:

This is Laser and Bubbles

Laser and Bubbles

It’s a 2.91 game (at the time of writing this post) that deserves some time to play with it.

Like Circle Chain, the concept is very simple: you have two lasers controlled with the mouse and you must destroy a specific amount of bubbles in order to beat each level.

The game is too easy… you just have to blow bubbles… but… wait… you have a limited power so you can’t fire more than three times (in some cases even less than three!)… there are different bubble types and there is a time limit! It’s not THAT easy…

There are exploding bubbles, untouchable bubbles, repelling bubbles, and BIG exploding bubbles.

Even if the game structure is clearly inspired to Circle Chain, the gameplay is very different and I enjoyed playing it until the end.

Being able to find a sponsor from a tutorial found on this blog is very interesting and helps me to have new information for the experiment.

If you monetized some games starting from this blog, I’ll be glad to host your story. A beer is not required, but I’d appreciate it :)

  • good, good.

    My snake style game was 3.00/ 5.00 at one time but now it is 2.98/5.00

  • I would like to make a suggestion on grafix

  • Interesting. Has that feel of light, fun game play.

  • Dan

    Really nice idea for a game, I should have thought of it :)

  • 2.92 now!

  • Jai

    I wish there was more levels, its so fun

  • alex

    volevo chiederti se puoi mettermi i link come hai fatto con i siti e

  • Emanuele Feronato

    mail me at