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When Elasticity meets Bloons

Emanuele Feronato Flash, Game design

Ok, so we have two games: Elasticity and Bloons.

The first, is a game I talked about in Controlling a ball like in Flash Elasticity game tutorial, and I suggest you to read it, while the second is a game we all use to play here on planet Earth.

Despite the psychedelic feeling I gave to the graphics in this prototype, merging two game genres like Bloons and Elasticity can lead to some interesting gameplay concepts.

So the prototype brings the “engine” of Elasticity and some targets to destroy like in Bloons.

No tutorial yet but only a commented actionscript

And this is the result, swing the ball with the mouse and press mouse button to throw it against the “bloons”.

How many shoots do you need to bloon… pardon blow all balls away?

Download source code

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Comments 13

  1. Tom

    Hello Emanuele Feronato

    ive been following up on these tutorials for a while and i wanted to email you what i have produced but i have forgotten your email.

    And i love this game so far such a simple engine yet so much fun.

  2. Post
  3. Ed

    Emanuele your homepage is still crashing my computer. I came to see if you’d replied to my comment, and the same message came up. Then I read your comment, went back to the homepage, and it crashed again. I had to close firefox and restart the session, then it crashed again, but I just managed to make it here to report this. I think it may be one of your adverts…

  4. limpeh

    @Ed : I think that the problem is caused by too many flash on the main page (sometimes I get a pop-up that asks me to ‘stop’ the scripts running on that page, which should be caused by the flash ‘examples’ showing on the main page). Other than that, it may be caused by too many things to load on a page too.

  5. Brent

    Just so Ed doesn’t look like he’s making this up, I have had Firefox crash when visiting here a few times recently as well.

    Great site though, I check daily :).

  6. shouldn't there be a...

    … distance test between the mouse and circle then move the inner circle???
    the game says the ball only moves when touching the square.

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