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Glomb – The first Flash game to use MochiAds Leaderboards

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Update: MochiAds Leaderboards released – let’s see how does it work – read this post too!

I am very happy to introduce you Glomb, the first Flash game to use MochiAds leaderboards to track highscores.


The game was built upon the idea of a Prototype of a Flash game like Biggification, but I changed some concepts and rules in order to try and make a rather original game.

But even if I will release the code and the tutorial about the game, this is not the topic of this post.

Today I will talk about the upcoming MochiAds Leaderboards.

I would like to thank Ada Chen and Ryan Nichols to let me test and try and mess around with their API and give me the permission to publish something about it.

MochiAds system lets you setup a new leaderboard in minutes, with these main features:

– Create as many leaderboards as you need
– Store any kind of score (sort by highest, lowest, and store integers or time)
– Only one line of code to show an in-game leaderboard
– Track player Countries
– Customize the leaderboard look to match your game graphics

As you can see in this screenshot (that may vary a bit once the leaderboard will be released since Mochi team is still working on it) you can crate a leaderboard just entering a couple of information.


Then, you can customize it by choosing colors, columns, and there will be a preview window to test your leaderboard


Once you finished setting up the leaderboard, this is the control panel where you can ban users or clear scores.


Leaderboards can be daily, weekly or monthly… at the moment I don’t know if there will be an “all time” leaderboard, but I am strongly asking for it!

With all these features, there is no reason to look for other highscoring system.

Now all you have to do is wait a couple of weeks until the API will be released for the public, meanwhile Mochi guys are asking for feedback, so it’s your time to request anything you would like to find in a leaderboard.

Update: MochiAds Leaderboards released – let’s see how does it work – read this post too!

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  1. Post
  2. Michael

    Not too bad a game. I’d agree that it is rather slow. And I did find it rather annoying when the color you need just WON’T spawn until you have to end up committing ‘ballicide’, then waiting for your ball to respawn, then having to deal with more balls that are flashing, as the color you need STILL doesn’t spawn…
    Also there seems to be an odd glitch, where it sometimes it doesn’t register that I hit the correct color; say I have red, and I CLEARLY hit a red, it registers as the wrong color and renders my ball useless. I only saw it happen about 4 times, but I think it occurred when I hadn’t hit another ball for a long time (such as when my color just refused to spawn for me, then it finally does and I go about frantically cleaning up the other colors that I can finally combo up on). I know it can’t be another ball underneath it, since with the z-indexing the ball that would potentially be underneath it would be bigger…

    Anyways, I have found something rather annoying with the Mochi Leaderboard. I notice that it saves my name in the field for each time I finish the game, but it won’t let me press the Submit button until I do something in the field, such as enter a space and backspace it. I think instead of allowing you to submit after changing the field, it should simply check that the field has data in it.

    I managed to get to about 64k score (ranked 31 I think).

  3. Pen

    This is a user question: I don’t understand the bit about combos….? What are they, and how do you create them?



  4. Pavel

    There is a bug with the leaderboard – the 1st time I play the game, the game is stuck at the “leaderboard” screen without loading anything (it doesn’t get to name entry dialog). When I do “rewind” of flash and start again, then after game over the leaderboard works fine.

    Also, it’s annoying that it’s not possible to turn off the music during the game, and making “space” turn off the music in main menu doesn’t seem good. I often start the game with my own music playing in background, and then can’t turn off the music in the game until I get back to main menu.

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