Find a sponsor for your Flash game with Flash Game License

If you developed a Flash game, you had this problem. Once your game is complete, you want to find a sponsor and get some cash for your hard work.

Then, you start submitting the game to various Flash game portals… the first one only accepts form submissions, the second one only accepts mail submissions, the third one has a very very small link almost hidden in the footer… and you don’t know where to find the 4th one.

Believe it or not, the all hours you spend looking for a sponsor raise the amount of time you dedicated to the game. No matter if you develope or promote, you are spending time to make your game work.

Chris Hughes and Adam Schroeder come in our help with an idea to create a marketplace where developers and sponsors can meet and save time.

As a developer, you will save time because you don’t have to submit your game to a million sites, as a sponsor you will save time because you have a place where to test all new games without checking a million emais.

You can find this marketplace on

Flash Game License

Don’t be scared of the “made in a minute” feel of the site… you will find all you need to find a game/sponsor inside, and all in all this is a beta stage, even if I heard a lot of successful stories.

Chris told me he hired a programmer to overhaul the system, to fix all basic features and add some really cool features as soon as possible.

Let’s see how does it work:

Developers side

Once you sign up as a developer, you can submit your first game. The game submission form is very user friendly, let me show it:

Flash Game License

The game detail section isn’t different than any game submission form… just imagine you are on NewGrounds and fill the form

Flash Game License

In the development detail section the most important fields to fill are the one where you will enter your game state (alpha, beta, gold… ) with a percentage, amd the one where you already published your game or not. Obviously never published, almost completed games have more appeal than an alpha game.

Flash Game License

Then, in the acceptable licenses section you will choose what kind of sponsorship you are looking for: the more licensing types you open, the most appealing is your game

Flash Game License

Finally, you have to say how interested you are in game advertising and revenue sharing

Now, you can submit your game.

The system recommends you to sitelock your game and encrypt it for security reasons, but it’s up to you locking/encrypting it or not.

Flash Game License

Once you submitted your game, you can watch it in the game view area, where you can see the latest offer for your game and the number of views. You also have a private messages area where sponsors can give you feedback.

I submitted a 25% completed game (updated today at 35% as you can see in the picture) and I already had a feedback from a sponsor saying:

Awesome concept! I cant wait to see it with better graphics :)

Very good!

The service is free but you are invited to share 10% of your sponsorship with site owners. Should I find a sponsor this way, I’ll positively give their commission

Sponsors side

You can’t sign up as a sponsor… al you can do is sending an email to the address you will see once in the sponsor section and wait for Chris to create you an account. This is necessary to give maximum protection to developers.

Once in the sponsor game area, you can see all games, divided by exclusive licensing and non-exclusive licensing. I can’t show you a picture of exclusive games area for a security reason, but is basically the same as the non-exclusive, except that the sponsor has an “offer” button to make an offer for an exclusive sponsorship. For your information, offers vary from less than $50 to more than $6000

Flash Game License

The non exclusive area show 3 games per row along with description, exposure until now and developer requests to include sponsor’s APIs, branding, and so on.

In my opinion this is an extremely useful service, anyway I am testing it with a game, so stay tuned for the next part of the experiment.

Stay tuned!