Flash prototype of a game like Balloon Invasion

One of the latest successful games released last week was Balloon Invasion.

Balloon Invasion

It’s a mix between an artillery and a defense game, with a World War II theme.

I made a little prototype of the game, that will be explained another day. It’s nothing so interesting, just a mix between Create a flash artillery game and Managing multiple collision detection with Flash tutorials.

That’s the good point when you write a lot of code: the more you write, the more you can recycle.

The main difference however is the firing system: enemies don’t get hurt by bullets but mby explosions bullets make when they come to the spot you fired on… just like “real” artillery

And here’s the result:

Download the source code and start cloning the game :)

  • WOW! I like this….Real nice…I am so going to do it when I get back home! :D

  • Jack Hopkisn

    I like it!
    It reminds me of ‘Mutually assured destruction’

  • vincent

    wow thanks man this is verry usefull for me :)

  • Andy

    How do you actually feel about Kongregate?

  • Awesome =D!

  • hey, i was trying to think of a way to do the feature of the ball exploding where the mouse is pressed. I couldn’t do it because i am not as good as Emanuele. Thanks for being phsycic emanuele! =)

  • i wanted to make a space defence game where the turret was in the middle of the screen. Hey! I just had a great idea. NUCLEAR WAR! the ICBM’s will go to where the mouse clicks! thanks emanuele!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Pyper

    I think I love you! lol!
    Thank you soo much, great tutorials.

  • Woot, I will cetairlny put this to good use!