From zero to Bombuzal – step 4

One of the biggest problems of step 3 was Bombuzal waled sooo slowly.

So I added a variable called walk_speed where I assign the walking speed in pixels per frame.

Then, in the original game you have to think fast. You can’t stay on the same tile for more than about 5 secods, or the tile where you are over will turn in a spinning tile that will spin Bombuzal in a random direction everytime it walks on it.

But it’s not over: if Bombuzal stays on a tile with a bomb for more than 5 seconds, the tile won’t become a spinning tile but the bomb will explode, killing Bombuzal.

If Bombuzal stays on a disappearing tile for more than 5 seconds, the disappearing tile will… disappear, making Bombuzal fall down.

A lot of exceptions for an old C64 game!

At the moment, I won’t make any tile change, but I will move Bombuzal in a random direction if it stays more than 5 seconds on the same tile.

I am creating a counter called does_not_move that will count all frames passed since the last time Bombuzal moved. If the counter reaches 150, then I’ll randomly move Bombuzal

Now I want “broken” tiles to disappear after Bombuzal passed over them. To do it, when Bombuzal stops after walking for an entire tile, I check if the tile it just left is a broken tile.

In this case, I remove the tile movieclip and update the tiles array…

Last but not least, I would like to thank Grifo, the winner of this step for his Bombuzal character

Next thing I need… when Bombuzal is on a tile with a bomb on it, if SPACEBAR is pressed then Bombuzal takes/drops the bomb.

If SPACEBAR is hold for more than 2 seconds, then the bomb detonates.

Win a tutorial step to have your name/site in final game credits… and maybe something more… here they are the source files

  • hey, that’s a pretty good bombuzal character.
    Way to go Grifo. If you are reading this Grifo, nice job!

  • Go Grifo!

    Also I <3 how you didn’t use intervals, my mortal enemy…

  • Jack Hopkisn

    Awesome! the game is taking form…;)

  • WOW!
    WAY TO GO GRIFO!!! My guy was a blob wwith to sticks…lol…Wow, I wish I could draw like that.

  • Just came up with an Idea!

    Since Grifo made the sprite, we can name the “bombuzal” character, then we can name the character “grifo”! What do you think?

  • Grifo

    lol you guys. Thanks a lot, but it was nothing.

    You may name it Grifo if you wish, even tho it doesn’t look like Grifo to me. But that’s a matter of opinion I guess ;)

    Thanks a lot for the considerations. I’m always at the blog so anything else, just let me know.