Playing with Box2DFlashAS3

Some time ago I told you to watch Box2DFlashAS3 physics engine.

I dont’ know if you did it, but I did. While the original Box2D project come to 2.0.0 version, the AS3 porting is “still” at 1.4.3, but soon it will be upgraded.

So I think it’s absolutely time to play with this library.

While I won’t be able to provide a full tutorial before some days, I made an interesting prototype in only 58 lines, brackets included.

And the result is really interesting, and virtually impossible to achieve without the library… just click on the floor and see what happens…

I think it’s time to start learning AS3 with this interesting library… meanwhile you can download the source code with the last version of Box2DFlashAS3 library.

  • Wow… Very cool… =D

  • Kesh

    Hey emanuele, you just earned 20 bucks from me because i just got 100 dollars… i think u were my referrer. i hope…

  • Nice…Would you know how to change it to AS2?

  • Emanuele Feronato

    It’s not possible AFAIK

  • I guess we all do the same thing as the first test of the engine :)

  • Orava

    how do I open that .fla? it says “unexpected file format.” :O

  • Grifo

    You gotta use flash CS3, Orava. That message means you’re using older version.

  • Sodaplayer

    Nice. This will help me prevent collisions in my game.

  • Box2D is awesome! I just finished making my first Flash game with it, which you can find if you click my name. While theoretically you could port the engine to AS2, it would be pointless because it would run like 10% as fast. Just embrace AS3 and enjoy the speed!

  • I think it was ported to AS2, but alongside every other AS2 physics engine, it has little to no documentation with a steep ass learning curve for newcomers to using libraries.

    Ie, me.

  • I believe you are incorrect about it being ported to AS2, if you can show me a link I will happily admit that I’m wrong :) No documentation? You’re kidding right?

    Most people are just too lazy to read it. It IS slightly more complicated than APE for instance, but it has many more features and is faster!

  • Mr. Greedy

    What a great idea! Putting advertisements in your source code! I wish more people would nest ads in their “open source” source. After all, it’s about the money…isn’t it?

  • Emanuele Feronato

    lol it’s not my fault, it’s just that kontera put a link in the source.

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  • Graham

    How do I put Box2D into my classpath? I don’t know where to put it.

  • Shaun

    AS3 is awesome. this is so amazing

  • one word to explain this”AWESOME”
    would love to learn hw to use this engine

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  • Damn, it’s totally cool i love it

  • You wouldn’t be able to work out how to use flade would you?


    I love physics but I don’t have flash CS3.

  • holcomb227

    I need a beginners tutorial for action script 3. I have no idea how to work box 2D with flash CS3. And I don’t know action script at all so basically i need to know how classes are inputted into a flash file.

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  • SoCally

    There’s a flash-based editor for Box2D, that generates the code. Might be useful if you use Box2d AS3.

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  • jake

    how the hell do i get AS3 onto my CS3 flash program!?!?!

  • jake

    I really need some help!!!!

  • Rad

    b2BoxDef – what this? I can’t find it in box2d sources.