Full Renju game with source code

Do you know what is Renju?

From Wikipedia: Renju or Lianzhu is the professional variant of Gomoku, a board game originated from Japan in Heian Period. It was named Renju by Japanese journalist Ruikou Kuroiwa in December 6, 1899 in a Japanese newspaper Yorozu chouhou.
Lianzhu is a Chinese translation of Renju. It is played with black and white stones on a 15×15 intersection Go board. Renju eliminates the “Perfect Win”-situation in Gomoku by adding special conditions for the first player (Black).

I suggest you to take a look at the rules and then you’re ready to play ActionScript Notes‘ version.

Very goodlooking graphics and challenging AI is what you’ll get playing this version of Renju

Renju is built around PureMVC framework a lightweight framework for creating applications based upon the classic Model-View-Controller design meta-pattern.

You may think this game – with fancy graphics, advanced AI and framework programming – should be protected, encrypted and whatever, but… ActionScript Notes owner released the source code… a priceless gift for us programmers.

Download this AS3 pearl and give the author some feedback, and don’t forget to visit ActionScript Notes where you will find, among other interesting things, a Flash Mac Style Flash Menu with full source code.

Great job!

  • Orava

    very nice…but AS3 :(
    (some of us doesnt have spare few hundred to buy CS3 *cry*)

  • You don’t have to spare a dime. http://www.flashdevelop.org

  • AS3 is too…new…I don’t have it, and many other people don’t. You should continue some of the tutorials you have now.

  • Thanks Emanuele for posting this,
    I really appreciate it.

  • Xodus

    Wow, i think that the AI is very good,i always thought that programmers used a special software to make strategy games like chess, but i see that you can do it with AS.

  • Ciao

    I like your site. A lot of good and interesting topics. I actually found you looking for a translation solution for WordPress. I am working on http://www.gardenvulcano.com and need to put in more languages, Italian among others. You red an old post (2006) about two language wordpress with a database solution of yours. How did this project develope for you? Did you abandon that technique? I see no Italian flag around and /ita is not working.
    Fatti vedere nel mio blog se non altro.

  • Here is little tutorial, how to solve a renju (actually at hard level) which I discovered by sheer chance. Link: http://pi7er.ovh.org/renju/index.php

    Try to solve problem with another difficulity level.

  • Sensei

    This site is very well done. We are now using Renju in our karate class as a sort of intelectual sparring and cognitive development exercise. Your site provides good practice for the in-person matches. The backround music you chose and the design of the board on your game is beautiful and very peaceful. The historical background was also a nice touch. Thank you!


  • Ats

    I started to program a Renju in as3/axel a couple hours ago.
    So I searched if it already exists and stumbled on your page. The game that you have here is interesting, but it’s a Gomoku, not a Renju. They are not taking into account the disallowed moves for the black player that they even listed in their own “rules” and “history” (no double 3, double 4 or overline).
    Anyway, thanks for that game. I’ll let you know if mine is doing well ;)