Create a Flash game like Bloons tutorial

One of the moust famous Flash games ever is Bloons.


Please, don’t make me explain what I am talking about. Just play it. I really do not know why nobody tried to make a clone of such a simple game. Then I realized… that’s because I never published a prototype of this game.

Now, it’s time for me to give you the tools to flood the net with a million Bloons clones!

The prototype is heavily based on Create a flash artillery game – step 1, and I strongly recommend you to read it.

Then, here it is the source code, that will be commented once I will release a complete level

And here it is the result:

Enjoy!!!! And download the source!!

  • Robby

    omg :o this is amazing!!!
    between this and the boxhead engine you’re on a roll!!! keep it up Emanuele.

  • will you keep making some actionscript3 tutorials?

  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

  • Hi Emanuele,

    I just want to let you know i’ve worked on the basic stuff about creating a game like bloons in my blog:

    If you want, fell free to use the pics i made while doing the character and that stuff.

    Great work!!

  • Emanuele Feronato

    quetin: sure!

    alejandro: thank you very much, really a good work, I will use it

  • Maru

    This was pretty good! I’m glad your back to finish up some of the older tutorial you began. I was wonder when you going to return to the Flash Element Tower Defense game? Bloon did a version of that with their style.

    This was the only place that had a good tutorial for that style of game.

    Thanks! I learn to like coding now.

  • and in your next actionscript3 tutorial
    could you make a tutorial to have lots of ennemys that react to the same code?

    like taking back your ball game tutorial and having some ennemys all around that get away from the ball when you get next to them?


  • nice tutorial,but i knew the tutorial on alejandro’s tutorial already and that tutorial was also good

  • ooops… i meant the tutorial on alejandro’s website

  • I am going to use alejandro’s tutorial and continue it. I love these tutorials…


  • Wheres the music on the homepage coming from?? :'(

    Great tutorial!

  • Suely (Snakesue)

    Since “pocketPool” i have been visiting the alejandroquarto’s blog (great blog too). I learned and downloaded the “likebloon_arrow” (02/07/08). Before (12/18/07) i learned and downloaded the tutorial “When Elasticity meets Bloons”. I started the clone game and….. where is it? Sleeping in my PC.

  • Vaporware…Somthing we all suffer from.
    His blog is great! :D
    I also have blog:

  • Suely (Snakesue)

    Hi Emanuele,
    Perhaps a few guilt is your,rsrs.I expect you every day. Every tutorial is magnificent. Because you i want to learn more and more and then i have maybe 20 games unfinished.

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  • Suely!
    Your the one that visited my blog…thanks…

    Can’t wait for the next part of this tutorial, or mabye there isn’t one. Is there, Emanuele?

  • sam

    This is great – huge well done!

    Thanks so much!

    I’m now having an attempt at modifying it – so far Ive added a HUD type thing at the bottom, displaying score/bloons burst, bloons remaining and spikes remaining.

    However, I wondered why that sometimes you seem to hit the bloons, but they don’t go. Ive worked it out (simple really) – you just need to modify the bloons movie clip so that it has a hero_hit thing, like in the flash game (not forgetting to modify the code as well!)

    Im trying it out now =]

  • sam

    P.S. PLEASE keep doing this, the tutorials are so helpful and, well… awsome haha!


  • Matt

    I really want to create a game like this but, where do you type in the actionscript text from?

  • Wowsers, now that is some flattery! Who’d a thought?
    If anyone does decide to make a Bloons clone, please don’t use any of our trademarks. Other than that, I’m interested to see if anyone will make one…

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