Closing the blog

I am very unhappy to inform you I must close the blog.

As you may know, casual gaming is a growing and growing industry, maybe bigger than triple-A gaming industry.

I received a letter from a lawyer representing one of the biggest software house in the world saying that Tileball and its clones generated from this tutorial have the same concept of a next-to-be-released triple-A title.

The same lawyer said I am guilty of stealing ideas from their project… and just because one of the employees of the software house is an active user of this blog.

I replied Tileball was a flop, and almost nobody knows it, but they said I am responsible of the many clones being played around the web now.

The only chance I have, if I don’t want to pay a seven figure fee, is to close the blog.

I want you to know that writing tutorials for you all was one of the best experiences in my life, and maybe we’ll see again in some other way.

It’s very sad that billionaire companies act this way, but that’s how world goes.

See you


  • RipeX

    Holy shit! :O

  • limpeh

    That’s a sad new…I hope you will still write tutorials in the future because your tutorials are the best around in the internet (focused on flash games with fresh and new ideas, which is what I wanted).

    However… it’s April Fool, so my question is, is this a ‘joke’? If it’s not…then a bad day to announce something.

  • holy shit are you serious???

    can they prove they were first, it is very hard to prove these kinds of things. since everyone has ideas, and you do not talk to your users personally. meaning you could never have stolen the idea from that employee. also look at the timeline, who was first?

    you won’t have to close the whole blog either, just the tileball part of it :o

    daammmnnn >.<

    i was just about to learn AS3 using your posts :(

  • oh crap if this is some kind of april fools joke, i’ll come and close your blog personally :P:P

  • limpeh

    After thinking for a while….I think this is a ‘joke’ anyways…

  • Frederik J

    Im pretty sure, that this is a April fools joke :-) But sad!

  • Haha, good april fool.

  • O

    Wow – you had me there for a while :)

  • Damn this is sad.. i love your tutorials, the most awesome on the web, no contest i would say.

  • Lee

    OMG, this is terrible! And on the same day TIGSource sold out to EA:

    $$$$ sauks!

  • Orava

    April fool is just pure stupidity, i hate this day, everyone being so ‘fun’ and stuff.
    !![IF]!! this was real, Thank you for everything you’ve done, hope you’ll make new tutorials to some new blog (just b sure you tell us the addres :o)

  • Pretty sad if it is true and you think they would thank you for showing them what a flop of a game it would be.

  • O-M-G…

    I’m going to be EMO!

  • Oh… 1st April…

    I Almost died…

  • Tetsuo

    you mean!

  • MOusey

    April fool :p

    I thought it was real at first then boom i realised :p

    Nice try :

  • Nathan

    I can tell it’s fake because you didn’t tell us the name of the company

  • Andrew

    You jerk-face :)
    I thought you were serious, until I saw the date.

  • Eb

    Dear Emanuele, this is a very sad day for the blogs today since you are not the only one to close his blog, in fact according to the blogs i read, you are the 53th. Reasons vary : not enough time, lauwyer attack, real life… You’ll be remembered for serving your time as a flash evangelist and each actionscripter will pray your name every time they invoke the holy CS3 singing the little irritating music your homepage play. Thank you and thanks for all the fish

  • Sunil Patel

    Now you can see how many people truly love your blog!

  • Chuckles.

    Of COURSE it’s an April Fools joke!

    If the post was correct, and the triple A title was yet to be released, they’d have no case. If anything they’d be stealing from Tileball.

  • I bet the company got jealous of your game and wanted to steal it. :)

  • sam

    April fools?

    please =]

  • Damnit you had me for a while… Man, don´t do this kind of joke!!! I really hope this is an april the 1st one…

    Ok but the really sad part is – something like this isn´t too unlikely to happen. Maybe not today, but soon, when web gaming gets really really big…

    love your tutorials.

  • JDog

    Thats a shame, serious or not, as a nerd I can’t tell the difference between whats real and whats not.

    On closer examination it may be an April fools joke, but I doubt it. I sure hope it is, but what if it isn’t.

    It has to be an april fools joke, the Guys from Bloons were about to be after you, not to mention Ball revamped, the guys behind Glomb, heck the Boxhead team ! It must be a joke, you replicate games all the time !

  • Okay, unsubscribing you from my RSS feed now.

    Just kidding, I’ll never understand how anyone falls for these kinds of pranks on 1st April.

    Maybe some of you would like to sign up for this:


  • Grifo

    I was sure it was april thingy by the first line, but you did it well…

    Y’know, I don’t see much fun in the april fool day, it always ends in sad news in one way or another. I wonder how long it will last.

    Anyways, happy April Fools Day! =)

  • stebo

    nice joke emanuele…..yeah the first of april is a nice day

  • RipeX

    Haha, I totally forgot today’s date, d’oh xP

  • Pepe

    April fool… I hope

  • phore_eyes

    wow… i’m 99.9% sure this is an april fools day joke but hell it was really well thoght out and you almost got me.

  • yalçın

    please say “its a joke”

  • Emanuel

    please please tell me this is a aprils fool joke plz if dont plz email me if u get a new blog the email is u were an inspiration to me i hope is a joke…


  • Emanuel

    plz tell us if is a joke beacuse i always wanted to donate and now i have no time fock!

  • Nate

    This had better be an april fools joke.

  • Nonitt

    :'( a 1st april joke ????

  • JDog

    So Emanuele, are you gonna tell us which it was, April fool or bye bye blog ? Because you are killing me ! So slowly.

  • Kevin

    triple a title made out of tileball? lol
    the game concept is so old

    you people are too gullible =p

  • This is a joke, but my heart still cries. It better be a joke. >:[

    Please be joking…

    – Josh

  • Graham

    I’m really hoping that this is an April fools joke.

    This blog is the best.

  • Slasher145

    They would have no case if this ‘tripple A’ title was unreleased. It’s an old concept plus you released it first so i doubt no 7 figure cases would be happening.
    Haha =p I love aprils fools.

  • Superdean

    Do they celebrate April Fools in Italy?

  • gas

    OMG, a flying donkey! :p

  • Blaze

    When I seen the post I was scared for a second, I started planning out a comment that will hopefully help change your mind. But when I remembered today is April 1st, so I am not as worried.

  • Mx7f

    I don’t even know why I come on the internet on April 1st.

  • Suely (Snakesue)

    Please, tell me if this is some kind of april fools joke.It isn’t fun. I am very unhappy Emanuele and i turn dizzy. After all, your blog is the best of the best around in the internet.
    If it is true, then we are lost and it is a dead loss.
    Hail Emanuele

  • I bet with all this legal stuff going on you didn’t even have time to think about planning an April Fools prank :D

    Well, anyways I really hope this is a joke…
    Keep up the good work! (?)

  • Orion

    hmmm…i wonder how this ~and like 5 other~ blogs got “closed” yesterday … something to do with the day…any special…lets think…hmmm.. -.-

  • Hawdon

    I always wanned to ask you why you have a ton of links to casino sites… AND NOW I CAN’T!!!

    ……………………………………. or then I can after you anounce that this was an April Fools Day joke… :S

  • huh?


    If that’s true, this blog should’ve be removed by now, I think… so don’t fool us, Em.. We’re afraid if that’s for real, we won’t able to flood the net with the clones… lol…

  • please say this is a april fools joke….please!!!
    how can you steal a concept that is so old, you are just making a clone to show us how to make a game :)
    i pray this is not a truth that you are closing the blog

  • Owen

    You almost had me, until I realised that no triple A game could ever be based around tileball! And you wouldn’t be putting links to Tileball if you had to close it down.

  • jeanpier

    Its a sad day if its true

    I hope that this is an April fools joke.

    This is the best flash related site on the net.

  • brart

    1 April joke I ques

  • These comments are funny. :D
    Plus you’ve got a popular post here. 0.o

  • JDog

    Please put me out of my misery Emanuele, You aren’t closing the blog are you ?

  • hhmm…Looks real.
    It might be true. But I hope it isn’t.
    He’s proboly gonna leave this for…

  • robert

    this best be false cuz i almost cried
    i love you and you dont deserve this

  • Moomoo

    If this is true then those lawers suck. If it is fake good april fools joke

  • Its an april fools…
    look at the date posted

  • chocorobokun

    nice one :)
    i almost fell for it:P

  • Jonny-bee

    Phew!.. and there was me about to sell the house and come and fight the big boys with you..

  • you MUST be kidding…

    This MUST BE an April fool

    The company that want to make that game cannot guilty you of stealling the idea, since you make just a simple tutorial, and you can even appeal to justice.

    Buuut! Since it’s April and April fools are circulatin’ on the web, I think this is just one of them.
    If not *sad* :(

  • Samuel

    Haha, nice one :D I fell for it!

  • Custard

    I do belive that, legally, if afterwards you set up another blog, you should be able to do pretty much anything,so long as it’s your ideas!

  • Shaun

    I hope it’s a joke

  • A. I.

    Wow, my heart stopped when I saw the post.

    Emanuele, you sonofabitch. Thanks for your awesome tutorials, joke or no joke.

  • Jai