Create a game like Perfectionism with Flash

I found this game by Jason Roher and I found it very interesting.


It’s a game about the trap of perfectionism Jason made for The Escapist magazine. Starting with 100 moves and zero points, you have to score as much as you can by shuffling rows and columns in order to match green squares with green rings. There are 21 levels, and it’s up to you to decide if trying to get more points out of a level, or moving on to the next one…

Jason made the game with Game Maker, so you have to download it on your computer in order to play it.

But what really impressed me was this Jason wish:

Now if only Game Maker was open-source, or at least platform independent, I’d be in heaven

Well, Game Maker isn’t platform independent, but Flash not only is platform independent… it can also be played online!

So I decided to create Perfectionism game in flash, improving graphics, adding sounds and a leaderboard.

Starting from tomorrow, I will guide you to a step-by-step guide that will cover everything about the creation of this game, and I will also release a pdf booklet with this experience.

Moreover, I wrote Jason an email asking him the permission to monetize the game and share with him the first month revenue.

Meanwhile, download the game and tell me how much did you score!

  • Yay! A new tutorial!

    I think I downloaded game-maker once, I found it impossible.

    Are you going to be doing this in AS3? In that case, are you going to be doing any more AS2 tutorials? Cheers, tom.

  • Most of us are using AS2.

    And the game is kinda fun, but not addicting.
    I liked it, but won’t play it again.


  • Emanuele Feronato

    The game will be AS2, but later an AS3 version will come

  • Jack Hopkisn

    kewl, innit

  • alex

    can u give me a program to use to make the gameS>?

  • Skofo

    Both this game and the remake are pretty nice, but not very intuitive. I’d add a simple tutorial.