From zero to Bombuzal – step 5

This 5th step is kinldy produced by Frederik J, who decided to upgrade the game with some new features

Recently I was looking in some old posts on your site, and saw the bombuzal step 4.

It hasn’t been finished, and because I think it wasn’t a hard task i took it!

Here it is, finished – now you can drop and pickup bombs, and you can also explode them if space is down for more than two seconds.

This comes before my main upgrade that will allow to play a complete level, and it has comments in the code for your understanding

And here it is:

Download the source and say thanks to Frederik

  • Shaun

    Nice work

    Is he supposed to move randomly when you don’t press any keys for awhile.

  • Frederik J

    Yes he is! :-) Read the previous entrys

  • JDog

    Good job ! I was thinking about this today. Obviously I couldn’t have done that…but still great job ! I also thought that at this stage Bombuzal was animated ?

    Is there a better way to do a scrolling arena ?

  • Grifo

    Oh man you gotta get my Bombuzal character to walk. =)

    Also, get it so his feet “stand” in the middle of the tile, that way it’ll look a little cooler.

    Last not least, I’ve designed him to be bigger, actually. He seems less “bound” to the background if he partially exceeds the tile limits.

    Sorry to bother you. May you need more graphs, just let me know it.