Flash physics engines galore

Are you looking for a Flash physics engine?

Well, now you only have to choose the one you prefer.

Let’s see how many engines we have (listed in alphabetical order):

APE: www.cove.org/ape/index.htm


Free AS3 open source 2D physics engine for use in Flash and Flex, released under the MIT License.
Its last update (0.45 alpha) is dated June 2007. Anyway, it’s the one with the most active community at Google Groups.

You can also find two tutorials on my blog here and here

Box2DFlashAS3: box2dflash.sourceforge.net/


Open source port of Erin Catto’s powerful c++ physics library Box2D, it’s the most updated engine at the moment with its latest 2.0.0 version.

The Flash engine does not have a good documentation but you can start studying original Box2D manual

I wrote a tutorial on this engine here

Fisix Engine: www.fisixengine.com/


Currently at 0.5 (alpha) version, provides an interesting documentation and some of the most complete demos.

It’s not freeware, though.

FOAM: blog.generalrelativity.org/?p=17


According to the author, it’s in fact not a physics engine but an interface for simulating physics.

Its version is Alpha 0.1

In the zipped source you will find the API documentation and the source code is very well commented.

It seems interesting, too bad the demos are poor

glaze: yaa-blog.blogspot.com/search/label/Glaze


It’s interesting to know the author wrote this engine to make the remake of an old game called Exile

motor: lab.polygonal.de/2007/12/31/motor-physics-released/


Another porting of Erin Catto’s Box2D

The author is currently working on motor2, just after a couple of months he released the first version, so the projects seems well supported

PopShapes: lab.andre-michelle.com/physics-engine


More an experiment than an engine, from its source you can learn how to make your own physics engine

Which one will you use?