Create an Eskiv Flash game tutorial

Do you know a Flash game called Eskiv? No?

Never mind, it’s not the best game around there, but there is a thread called Eskiv Clone? in the forum asking help in making a game like that one.

First, play it a minute

Then, take this prototype, starting from an old tutorial called Flash game creation tutorial – part 1.

And this is the result

Move the purple ball with arrow keys and take the red one. Avoid blue ones and score as much as you can.

This version has better collision detection than the original one

Download and play with it

  • Mike

    Very nice, but you sould starting doing tutorials on AS 3.0, since they are so few out there.

    It’s a helluva hard to learn, but if we don’t start now we never will…until AS 4.0 comes out and then AS 2.0 becomes obsolete and most of the content on this blog.

  • Mike

    Oh and by the way, is the possible for you to add categories for AS 2.0 and AS 3.0?

    You probably wrote some As 3.0 games, but I don’t know where to find them.

    Take care.

  • JDog

    I bet that guy will be super happy to read this !

  • weird, the .swf doesn’t show up on my browser

  • The clones are already popping up on NG… Man, if I could only get some graphics together, before people get bored of it. Nice tutorial.

  • limpeh

    Nice tutorial. However, I’ve found that I can just ‘avoid’ those ‘bouncy things’ by moving myself out of the ‘gaming area’ :p

  • Emanuele Feronato

    Yeah, it’s just a prototype and allows you to cheat easily, but it’s also easy to fix that issue…

  • Hey,

    I remember having this game on my graphic calculator. I don’t think Eskiv was the first version of this game but nevertheless it was a fun addicting time waster.

    I think the best thing you did to improve it was take only 1 off when you get hit instead of having to reset at 0. Also maybe you could make the vertical and horizontal dots a different colour? When I’m moving I always move in a vert or hoz direction and I only look for one direction at a time so maybe that could be useful.

  • Colonel

    Thanks for this. I’ve managed to do the same thing but Ive made it much more complicated for myself! good work!

  • Very addicting…Clones, clones…

    I might make a game out of this.

  • ddar

    how to make gaeover for this one?

  • JDog

    Lives ?

  • The Dog

    Infact, how would you get the enemy to spawn on the targets location ? I don’t know why you would want to do that, but just in case =D.

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  • Ashley rudge

    Hey i edited this game to make the blue balls ghost from pacman and the players character pacman i have a slight problem that i want animation to happen so when i press left it makes his mouth face that way with his mouth opening and shutting plz help

  • Amy

    I love this tutorial. Im making a game as we speak but I was wondering could you explain some coding so I can understand it better?

  • ameer

    hi it’s really very nice games. good! thank you

  • Hey, very nice, I myself did the same thing, except in video format, and step by step explaining of code for the base engine on my Eskiv remake ‘Dodge It’

    You can find the game at:

    Very very similar to eskiv if you notice :D I love eskiv.

  • Nacho_man

    How do i change the point value

  • Olof

    Very nice guide. But i wonder if you are gonna do an as3 tutorial to.

  • Lisa

    This is great. I am using the original Eskiv game to create my own game for an assignment. But what I need to know is how to change the speed of the balls so I can have multiple levels in my game. Please help. Thanks.

  • Pe_Ku

    THNX! and pls pls help How I can write
    if (score == 18) {gotoAndStop(3); }
    for my point&click game??