Prototype of a Flash game like GearTaker

Do you know Tony Pa‘s GearTaker game?


You have a buddy jumping around rotating gears. As most Tony Pa’s games, it’s easier to play than to explain, and it’s hard to link… from this page select “GearTaker” and play.

I made a Flash prototype using two objects, the cog and the hero

The prototype has the following features:

1) Commented code
2) (virtually) unlimited fully customizable gears
3) Player starting gear and offset

Do you want more?

The only feature I am not showing you at the moment is how to determine the angle offset when the hero jumps from a cog to another. In my prototype, the hero always places himself at the top of the gear.

Also, if the hero files out of the stage, you’ll have to reload the page.

Can you improve the prototype?

Mouse button to play. Happy jumping. Yes, this is a one-button game, and I have a next-to-be-published incredible game based upon this prototype.

Prototypes are the most interesting ways to make a game, remember what I was able to make from this to this

And this is the source code, just in case you need it…

  • JDog

    Its good, can’t wait to see what you are going to do with this !

  • Jack Hopkisn

    I forsee an awesome game coming out of this :D

  • I’ve seen an awesome game like this. Miniclip’s Wheels of Salvation.

  • Andre

    In between lines 62-63 add…

    angle = Math.atan2(dist_y, dist_x);
    angle_offset = angle – _root[“cog_”+x]._rotation;

    This will make the hero stick to the place where it hit the cog.

  • Emanuele Feronato


    you’re mixing degrees with radians…

  • JDog

    Don’t you just correct it using radians ? the code could stil have some use….I imagine ?

  • ya, I played wheels of salvatin too.
    What’s different though is that the guy doesn’t automatically go to a predefined point.
    it just continues from the point where it hit the wheel/gear.

  • Emanuele Feronato

    No, it would attach at the opposite side of the wheel

    the correct angle_offset is determined by

    angle_offset = angle-_root[“cog_”+x]._rotation*degrees_to_radians+Math.PI;

  • Fernando

    explain the actions please i want know more about the codes and u dont explain

  • DutchBoy

    lol ! Fernando is that your name or “his” name? xO

    This is soooo old and other scripts too, but I use them :)