Earn $50 including The Game Homepage API in your Flash game

Today I received some interesting news from Gaz, the brain behind The Game Homepage.

The Game Homepage

He developed an API for his brand new Compete section and hw is looking for good games to use it.

He is offering $50 for every game that will include the API, and he does not mind you leaving any sponsorship branding/Mochiads in

Including the API is very easy: you just have to add

tgh_startgame(_root.score, 0, 0);

to be called whenever a new game is started (ie. after play has been clicked) and


when they get game over.

Also, you should remove your Mochiads leaderboard, if any.

Gaz is only looking for good games, and if you think your game is what Gaz wants, contact him at http://forums.thegamehomepage.com/sendmessage.php.

I am sending the API enabled version of BallBalance at once.

  • Pretty cool, thanks for letting us know.
    *runs off to make game*

  • ^haha!

    I’d like to have a good game. :(
    Oh well…I’ll work on it.

  • Jones

    I don’t think 50 bucks is much for including an ad in a game, maybe for some very poor game I would, but not for games that I might have used weeks to make.

  • phore_eyes

    it’s like a non-exclusive sponsorship for just implimenting API… you don’t put there ads in it (at least thats how i understood it)
    also is there anywere we can find more information on this on the site (for example how would i put in different modes?)

  • No AS3 support? :(
    Ah, well, good to know anyways.