Creation of a Flash highscores API – Step 2

Now that you know how to communicate between two Flash movies thanks to the Creation of a Flash highscores API tutorial, it’s time to introduce the next step that will make you save your highest score on your computer.

It’s not an hard prototype once you read Create an Eskiv Flash game tutorial (in order to have a real game) and Managing savegames with Flash shared objects (to store data on your computer)

This is the game:

The game game developer only needs to add line 1 and line 23 to his game

and this is the highscore table

Now play the game here, move the purple circle with the mouse, pick up the red circle, avoid the blue ones.

and see your best performance here.

Even if you reload, or close the page and open it again.

I noticed sometimes I need to reload the page in order to make it works. Does it happen to you too?

Having a complete online leaderboard is a long journey, but we’ll have it soon

Meanwhile, download the source codes and experiment

  • JDog

    Thats great ! Is there a way to have a full ingame leaderboard which saves ? Thats a feature that i’d be tempted to add, should I gain the knowledge of how to do it !

  • Worked when I reloaded. 52 collected.

    Thanks a lot for the tutorial

  • Awesome!
    Thanks a lot!

  • Grifo

    Good work.

    I didn’t have load problems.

    Also, gameplay is much better than the original one.


  • Xodus

    It works fine for me. I like this one better than the other eskiv game, much better.

    I got 41 as my highscore!! XD

  • it works, but the score and highscore give the same number always.

  • gartman222

    got 51

  • 59!!!!

  • 60 :D!! Its a fun game haha

  • its very helpful for me,
    display the making very low end games.
    and some technical scripts to go throuth some script books,plz.thanks

  • shawn

    It’s having trouble running in flash mx. Unexpected file format, and when i type it in manually, the hignscore list shows this.
    **Error** Scene=Scene 1, layer=Layer 1, frame=1:Line 4: There is no property with the name ‘compare_scores’.
    get_score.compare_scores = function(points) {
    Is this only ment to work on newer flash programs?

  • really amazing and unique game :)

  • Red

    cool game. I have one quastion, how can I do to store score on a server so 2 people from 2 deferent computers can see eatchothers score ?

  • mjb

    Hi Emanuelle, Thanks for the idea for a game. I would like to add a timer for maybe 30 seconds and add lives to make the game even more addictive. What would I need to do? Your website is a fantasic aid to learning flash gaming techniques.

  • Thank You Emanuele for the great tutorial.
    I was able to add a preloader, start page, credits page and added scoring to the game itself, when at 0 it goes to a game over page where you can click a Play the game again button or click a Submit your max_score button, which will submit the score to my arcade. I also changed the blue dots to blue spiders who’s legs move, made a hero and made the red dot into a red spider, looks creepy with all those little blue spiders moving around, lol. May I use the finished game for my visitors to play for free on my website? I put Credits to you and links to your Tutorial and Home page on the Credits page in the game. New at Flash just started two weeks ago and learn a lot from these tutorials that folks like you do for all of us beginners. Thank You again, I learned a lot and had a lot of fun doing it.

  • Emanuele,
    Do you think you could re-write this tutorial for AS3?
    Thanks :)