Adding a new twist to the prototype of a Flash game like Poux

Do you remember the Poux tutorial series?

If not, then read parts 1, 2 and 3 and take a look at the finished project known as Christmas Couples.

I always say using prototypes to create games is a good idea, and the almost 7,000,000 plays Christmas Couples had since its release confirm my theory.

Anyway, the “twist” is you must remove adjacent tiles by drawing on them.

You must connect two or more adjacent tiles with the same color with the “pen”, and if you have the precision of a surgeon, you can also connect tiles diagonally!

Oh, well, take the commented actionscript

And play with it

Finally, download the source code.

  • Niall Lavigne

    Wow, nice job on that, a good little twist and a fun minigame!
    I’ll be playing around with this one.

  • RJ

    This already existed:


    Anyway, great tutorial

  • Emanuele Feronato

    Damn, they stole my concept BEFORE I published it…

  • it’s quite old bomboozle….

  • Can you make an online game tutorial? a simple one, for like 2 players atleast?
    just to show us how it works?
    and also, how do you keep on duplicating the background and items when an object is moving fast through it (like canon games) :

  • Thousand blades

    Nice tutorial, but drawing isn’t a good control mechanic for this game, imo.
    You lose the pen trail after each column shift, you can’t use big&fast mouse movements…It’s just not fun.

    Much tweaking required.
    (all of these doesn’t matter if you won’t use it in a full game, of course)

  • @Everybody

    Check out 9 Ball Connect… The twist is that you’re forced to follow a numeric order.

    Here’s the URL:

    @Thousand blades

    Pausing the column shift interval when the mouse is down might fix it.

  • I’m sure emanuele would find another way to improve the gameplay! ;)

  • LOL… Wow… spent more time playing with it with my Wacom than actually reading the tutorial. I should really check out more games designed for use with a stylus and such. :)

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  • Daniel

    Very good work.