Create a Flash game like Totem Destroyer

An interesting game released these days is Totem Destroyer

Totem Destroyer

Your mission is to destroy the totems without letting the golden Idol (aka Tot) fall into the ground.

It’s a game that can be easily done with the AS3 physics engine Box2DFlashAS3, recently updated at version 2.0.1

I already talked about it in the post Playing with Box2DFlashAS3, now it’s time to make something more serious.

To make this prototype, I just changed some values in the demo script provided with the package and I made the beginning of a cute game in a few minutes.

Since it’s not a final game, I just created a level, made the ground indestructible and the other bodies destructible by pressing the mouse on them.

The aim of the game is to destroy a number of blocks without letting the sphere touch the ground, but at the moment there aren’t any rule… you can even destroy the sphere… but let me show you the game:

In order to do this prototype, as said, I only changed the files, and that you can find in the distribution package. And obviously the PhysTest.fla.

Now, let’s see the to-do list:

Counting the blocks I need to destroy to complete the level
Preventing the ball to be destroyed
Checking collision between the ball and the ground
Attaching fancy graphics to assets
Commenting the code

Download the package with my modifications and you are a Box2DFlashAS3 guru and want to publish the next step, you’re welcome… or wait for me to do it.

  • Cool! :D
    I love the game and I really wish to see a tutorial about this game :)

    This will be interesting :)

  • David D

    Yes, interesting. If you will ever finish this.

  • It’s a shame I don’t have Flash CS3. I could get it from school though. I’m trying to learn how to use Flade. I’m only twelve so i’m not having much luck. You could try visiting if you’re interested…

  • D.w

    A detailed tutorial about this would be very interesting to read.

    *Hint hint*

  • Emanuele Feronato

    hey I think a detailed tutorial about this would be very interesting to read.

    I’ll publish the 2nd step soon.

  • Hi Emanuele. I’m trying to do a game and I need your help. I would like to know how to make a button in Adobe Flash CS3 3.0 link to a different scene in the same document.

  • ithkul

    I’ve seen a tutorial about box2D. with mr.Feronato’s permission its located here:

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  • Peter

    Hi!, is this possible with actionscript 2.0?
    Email me! :D
    Please, I beg you guys,

  • hello,
    I’m a french developper and I would first excuse me for my English quite bad.

    I have a little question concerning the block removed that I can not understand.

    Indeed, when I click on a block, this code return 0

    var count:int = m_world.Query(aabb, shapes, k_maxCount);

    It’s very strange because my world had some blocks. So I have posted my code on this page :

    and the result here :

    Can you explain me why when I click on one block, m_world.query return 0. :(

    I hope that the totem destroyer tutorial coming soon because it interests me greatly.

    Thanks you very much

  • Pat

    I am just beginning to learn Flash and I am most interested in creating puzzle and board type games. So far the majority of tutorials I have found are for arcade games (breakout / shooters / etc.) This one has definitely caught my interest and I would love to see the full tutorial. So I will add my voice to the requests to see this one completed.

    Also if anyone can point me to some more similar tutorials it would be quite appreciated.


  • oliver_l1

    please make a 2nd step very soon!

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  • julien

    sooooooooooo cool but its not hard to do this
    i love this game
    good luck!!!!!!!!

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