Learn an important lesson from the new search engine Cuil

Yesterday a new search engine called Cuil (pronounced “Cool”) made its debut on the web.


According to its developers, (Tom Costello and Anna Patterson, ex-Google search experts) it can index web pages significantly faster and cheaper than Google.

But the point is not how cool is Cuil, it’s that some big names think there is still room for another search engine… and want to go against Google.

What does it mean?

That you don’t have to be afraid to make another arcade site, another Bloons clone, or another “whatever-you-can-imagine”.

There is room for everybody.

Firefox has its niche. Probably Cuil will do the same. And maybe you (or me, or granny) too.

Just make something cool.

  • I’ve read their “About us” and it seems like a cool project. I don’t know if I’ll switch.

    I agree that there is always some place for something new when you have something that the others don’t have.

  • all of this is really cool !
    i have also noticed that it’is very good at finding flash games… maybe cause it’s a semi-semantical search engine ? ;) wow !
    try searching my first game “ultra avoiding turbo”

  • Looks pretty cool!

    Already added it to Firefox’s search menu…

  • I will not switch… It may look cool, but I will never quit using Google search.
    And google has more powerful things like Maps, Analytics, Gmail, Calendar, Books etc etc etc


  • oh, Emanuele Goes ghandi ;]

    “There is room for everybody.”
    nice tagline for yet another flash game portal ;]

    but it’s true. it’s all about just doing things. trying your luck and skills.

  • Thomas


  • I tried searching for a few topics and the results were allright but there were tons of repeated links to same site.

    I wont switch from Goole coz their such is much more related to what i was looking for. Personally I dont see them giving google a hard time ( with their current search engine )

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  • sikpop

    I don’t think they’re giving Google a head-on too. Most people aren’t switching. I myself prefer simple search results layout like that of Find.com and Google.com, rather than 2 or 3-column layout of Cuil.com