Create a Flash game like Cirplosion

Do you remember Cirplosion?


It was quite successful some time ago, and now it’s time to create a game like it.

In this tutorial we’ll design the main engine. When you are going to design a game, or to write whatever script, try to explain yourself what you are about to do.

Let me try to explain with simple words what the does the script do:

* There are some blue orbs running everywhere with a linear motion
* You control a red orb moving it with the mouse
* If you click and hold mouse button, your orb start growing
* While growing, you can’t touch stage border or other orbs, or you will return small
* When you release mouse button you are ready to explode
* Pressing again mouse button will make you explode and kill all orbs you are touching
* Orbs close to explosion will move faster from now on

That’s about 75% of the original game… of course you will need to polish it and add new features.

You have only two objects: player and enemy. It’s up to you to guess their role in the game

Here it is the script:

And this is the result… play this quick Cirplosion version!

Now it’s time to add some new features and polish the game.

How will you do it? Download the source code, send me an example and get featured in the blog!