Create a Flash game like Snowflakes

Today I enjoyed a cute game called Snowflakes and I am about to show you how to create the main engine behing the game.


The game is simple: a bunch of stars (snowflakes in the game, but I guess the author new saw the snow…) is falling from the sky, and you can affect their direction with your mouse, blowing them around.

Only two objects in this movie, the star and the mouse pointer.

This is the AS2 version, tomorrow I’ll publish the AS3 one.

And here it is… now you can affect stars movement like in the original game.

Adjust gravity, influence, friction and divider to fine tune gameplay.

Download the source code.

  • cute little game, but it sure could use some relaxing music :D lol.

  • Doggy


  • Nonitt

    this version is more easier than the real game :S

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  • Hi, this is so nice. I plan to use it as basis for a game… i will be sure to notify you if my game is finished. Can i request a tutorial for a game like the Grow series specifically the seemingly random sequence of animation. thanks. You are a god amongst flash developers.

  • junior

    e presiso baixar que programa para mim fazer estes jogos

  • Flash CS 3.

  • Chrisby

    When you use a button to go to the next frame, the stars still come! How do you stop this?

  • Sean

    I have the same problem. What I’m trying to do is remove the movieclip at the same time that the event happens to take it to the nexty frame. Yeah, it’s not working. Apparently, I’m missing parameters.