Mouse avoider/Biggification remix prototype

Just a quick uncommented prototype involving growing (and moving) spheres and a sphere you control with the mouse.

Click the mouse to change color, if you touch a sphere of the same colour as yours, you’ll make it disappear.

Tell me if you have some good ideas to turn it into a game and I’ll improve it as you want

Download the source code.

  • Suggestions: Touching a sphere of a different color shrinks your ball by an amount that is a function of the size of the sphere. Touching a sphere of the same color grows your sphere by the same function. Your score goes up continuously based on how big your sphere is. If your sphere shrinks too much it is destroyed (game over)

  • Also: Spheres should fade in, so they don’t appear on your sphere and affect you without giving you a chance to move. Your ball should look slightly different from the other balls. The game should start with only 2 colors and gradually add new colors as time passes.

  • Superdean

    Scarybug…all of those ideas are great!

  • Rory

    Yeah, awesome ideas!

    Also you get some pretty crazy stuff if you just leave it. A screensaver maybe?

  • daniel

    Same as the game of collecting coins the player can get an score rating that tell quantity of spheres colour and time playing. Or if at an specified time can collect the maximum quantity of spheres.Ideal winner is who can get an empty scenary.

  • Rose

    Wow. This post is nearly 2 years old, and I just came up with a game idea like this one a couple weeks ago. Sooooo late! I had a heck of a time re-learning Flash, so I couldn’t get my game to work properly… and then I stumbled onto your site for about the 20th time and saw this. Even the rough version looks nice. Good job.