Create a Flash game like PixelField – part 2

Here we are with the second part of Create a Flash game like PixelField.

In this step we’ll see how to draw a level.

The game is obviously a tile based one, and I like how tiles are a bit smaller than the real tile size, to leave a little gap between tiles and make a lighter layout.

Everything is explained in the source code, but it’s interesting to notice how lines 75-76 does the same thing as lines 39-46 of the previous script but satellite rotation seems delayed.

I also would like to thank Tony Pa (the author) for telling us friction and speed_scale values in order to make the gameplay close to the original game.

Another variable that can affect gameplay introduced in this version is satellite_distance, that determines the distance from the big square and the satellite.

Here it is the source code:

And here it is the result

Download the source code.

  • you know how there are dynamic lines to the little squares. would anyone know how to add a curve to that so that it looks like it is always sagging down. I want to make a flame thrower for a game that im making and i want to add a hose from the gun to the tank of napalm.
    please help me someone…

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  • Jai

    It can’t be complete without the awesome music