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Basic level editor for a tile based game

Emanuele Feronato Actionscript 3, Flash, Game design, Users contributions

I am sharing with you a basic level editor made for the platform engine but easily adaptable to any tile based game made by Daniel Felipe Rodriguez

Your recent set of tutorials about the platform engine inspired me so I decide to contribute to your cause, I made a really really basic level editor but I’m sure it will help the level design, and maybe some future projects because the editor can be adapted really easy to any game.

In a future I will do a better editor, but this was just a quickly one, because really love this tutorials, continue with the good work!

The editor is made in AS3

And this is the result: once you click on “Generate” the script will trace the array.

For this reason there is no way to see the result online, you have to download the source and execute it inside Flash.

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  1. Daniel

    AS2 version will be easy to do with the as3, I love OOP(so hate as2) for this reason made it in as3, if I get some free time will make the as2. remember its a really! really!! really!!! basic editor, but if tou are in a hurry :-).

  2. Post
  3. Arxanas

    Wow, that’s really good! Can you convert it to AS2, though, because I really suck at AS3.

    Could you also maybe explain how it works, in case we want to make our own custom level editors fitted to our own needs?

    Also, to Daniel Felipe Rodriguez, whoever you may be, you might want to add a legend at the bottom of the legend editor. Awesome work!

  4. Prankard

    This editor only traces out the level array. Basically, the traced array should be the same for both versions of the engine (both AS2 and AS3).

    But obviously you need flash 9 or greater to export AS3 (unless you have flash 8 with the beta AS3).

    Just remove all the “level[0] = ” etc and replace it with:
    level = *insert traced level here*

  5. Daniel Rodriguez

    @Arxanas, well it works really good to be something I made really fast :-), just need to change the tile movieclip and add other keyframes, I copy the emanuele movieclip tile, for this reason have his tiles.

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  7. Aksel

    Hey, what you could do, is to use System.setClipboard(array); instead of tracing the whole map. That would do so you can just get the map code directly to the “copy paste” thing.

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  10. John

    When I click Generate button I get level-array.
    Emanuele please can you just tell me how to load this level,
    How to add sprites to stage if I have 2d array?

  11. John

    Actually after I click generate button a get a string, I convert it to
    array like this:
    newArray = array.split(“,”);

    But how to add tiles from array to stage?

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