The engine behind Splitter Flash game

If you played Splitter in these days, you probably enjoyed the gameplay thanks to the knife cutting and slicing various objects in the game


Obviously you can made your own splitter game with BOX2D, and the “only” problem seems to be the knife.

Well, in the BOX2D official forum there is a thread where a user created his own slicing engine (with a laser in the example) and released the source code.

This is what you will get with the script:

The boxes have been cut by the laser, sorry for the picture but I was controlling the laser with the mouse, pressing “C” to cut and “Print” to capture the image… I wasn’t quick enough…

The source code is C, but you (or me) can easily port it into AS3.

Fortune and fame in this blog for who will convert it, otherwise it will be me…

This is the source code.

  • Hawdon

    I tryed porting it…
    But just got a lot of errors and gave up :P

    This might be because I tryed to port it without knowing anything about C or Box2D in C.

    Can’t weit for you to convert it!

  • Hawdon

    Or someone else.

    (Sorry for x2 post)

  • Hawdon

    Or someone else.

    (Sorry for x2 post)

  • Or someone else …

  • anlik


  • And porting it to AS2?


    I couldn’t begin to open the source file, it’s an exe. I can open zip or rar, not exe.

  • Pompom

    Hi Emmanuele ! I try to contact you but I can’t, it’s about a port of splitter engine. Can you contact me at please ?

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