Photoshop files to make your own key icons

Today I needed some key icons for developing an help window in a project I am working on and I stumbed upon 104 Standard PC Keyboard Key Icons.

These icons are free for personal and commercial uses but I needed something a bit different (and I have some keys on my keyboard that aren’t listed there) so I decided to draw my own icons.

The result worked pretty well in my opinion

so I decided to release the layered PSD file to let you make your own keys.

In the PSD you will find a white and a black key, ready to be customized.

If you manage to make an entire set of icons using these files, let me know and I will be glad to add them to the blog.

Download the PSD files.

  • This is very nice! :)

    For those of you who don’t have Photoshop or don’t know how to use it, I’ll be working on making them Flash files now. :)

    I’ll leave a comment with a link to them.

  • I sent you an email, Emanuele. :)

  • Daniel Rodriguez

    @EagleVision Thanks!, I come here to leave a comment, something like: “Can someone make it in flash”.
    Thanks Again.

  • I hope Emanuele puts it up on his blog once he reads the email. :D

  • Daniel Rodriguez

    Great, Thanks Again!

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  • satya

    Thank u…good and useful

  • thanks nice tut.

  • Great, Thanks Again!
    thanks nice tut.

  • is best and Great, Thanks Again!

  • Great, Thanks Emanuele Feronato