How to ask for help: the Philippines example

Normally everyday I receive about 10 emails asking for help.

They all seem to be made with a template, something like this: “hey this script does not work. Can you fix it?”

Obviously I cannot fix someone else’s scripts, but sometimes I got really impressed by an help request.

It happened about one year ago and it’s happening today.

This is an email from Jv Caalim from Philippines, in trouble with his computer science thesis…

« Hello Sir, and Good day.

Im Jv Caalim from the Philippines and im a computer science student from AMA computer college (a really crappy school if you ask me..), recently ive been basing my entire Thesis heavily on your tile-based tutorials (which is really really great btw im a fanboy of your site now lol).

My thesis entitled “Asian Museum” is an eduactional game aim for highschool students about, some limited scopes on a few Asian countries, it will be like a clone of castlevania (the player defeats an enemy using a linear weapon not by jumping on them) and along the way the player will recieve hints on how to open the door leading to the next level like ex:”Player battles a monster and gets
Chrysanthemun which is also a name for the national flower of Japan”, the door will be asking questions about asian countries like, “what is the national flower of Japan?”. the boss battle is a turn base system (which is only shown graphically) where random questions about asian history appears on the screen if the player answer it correctly the boss monster gets damaged

As of now i can only say that im still learning on what engine to use, ive also been reading about tonypa’s tile-based tutorials and it was quite helpfull but still there is one thing thats always leaving me confuse, the Collision engine that was used on tile based platforms engine, and if ever i tried experimenting with the collision engines it always ends messing up the collisions… sure the collision works if the “player” is smaller than the tiles but,

What if the player is bigger than the tiles?? lets say i have a 50×50 tile and the player is 49 pixels in width and 98 pixels in height (so that right = 24, left = -24, top = -49, bottom = 49) so its like the player is 2 tiles high and 1 tile wide, or what if the tile size is 25×25 meaning the player is 4 tiles high and 2 tiles wide? how can i make a collision engine for that?

i already know how all the basic movements of the character works and already applied that to a non tile based platform engine that i made (which has a lot of frustrating collision bugs). im not at all a beginner on programming nor a pro but, i have background on programing on VB and C++ on simple programs, and the basics on programming on AS2 (but im still confuse on AS3).

so i would like to ask for some help or at least a detailed explenantion on how i can fix my collision problems. i know that you are a very busy person and im sorry if i have to ask too much of a favor, im still a student i dont have a job yet so im sorry if i cant pay you anything but, i could at least give you all the rights on the game(thesis), most specially the “player sprite” i made by hand (its still not finish but i will give you all of it if its finished), you can also ask me to make you some sprites on your game for free if you like, so pls im begging for help… the submission for the thesis will be on Dec 6, and i havent really made anything that could be usefull to the game except the sprites.

P.S sorry if my sentences sounds as if i was demanding (or commanding you), my english is a bit bad.

Hoping for your relpy and more power to your site
(some of my recent experiments on .fla is attach on this email pls do scan it first for precausions) »

You will find the files here.

I hope Jv (I am really curious to know does it sound this name) can get some help, maybe someone can save his thesis.

  • Hey Emanuele, I sent you another email…

    Oh, and, what happened about the Flash Key icons? :)

  • Emanuele Feronato

    Your icon will be the next post

  • Hello there Jv here,

    Well just to make the story short, im asking if it is possible that the “player” movieclip be bigger (in pixels) than the “tile” movieclip, and if so how can i apply it?

    again thanks for putting my question to your blog i deeply appreciated it ^__^

  • tolleder

    Your problem is not that the player-movieclip is bigger than one tile, but that it is possible to move more than one tile in one single frame. To solve this you could either increase framerate (and decrease every force by the same factor) or execute the code multiply times using a for-loop (and decrease every force by the number of loops).