Understanding pixels and meters with Box2D and how to select an object with mouse – part 1

This will be the longest post title in blogging history… anyway I am about to explain you two things that seem to be still unclear about AS3 version of Box2D.

The first one is Box2D measuring units that may seem weird until you realize Box2D works with meters where 1mt = 30 pixels.

The second one is the capability of selecting single objects with the mouse thanks to the custom GetBodyAtMouse. There are even people willing to pay for those information in the official forum.

So I modified the HelloWorld example in my own way in order to have some 90×90 ox sided crates (texture by http://www.reallyreallygoodthings.com/) I can make “jump” and “torque” clicking the mouse on them.

This is the uncommented actionscript, I will post the step-by-step explaination tomorrow.

and this is the result:

Click on a crate to make it jump and torque. Download the source code and wait for the step-by-step tutorial.