Platform engine variation with hangable tiles

This is another version of my platform engine made by Bryan Devlin introducing some graphics, a visual death and hangable roofs.

Bryan spread out the code to follow and understand it a bit better.

This is what you’ll get:

Notice the hangable tiles, that’s the major improvement.

You can download source code here.

Also, Bryan is working on a game probably started from my engine but with some new features like climbable walls, scrolling maps and timer, and would like some feedback… here it is the game:

Thanks Bryan!

  • Yeah!
    That rocks.
    Great, actually. :)

  • Once

    It reminds me “Meat Boy”. Very cool !

  • DavidD

    Yes really nice! But think of the older computers when coding programs, this laptop lagged a bit when the scrolling started. Not that much that the game is unplayable. But still

  • Great work. The game is very nice.

  • Questo

    Nice job. When he wall jumps don’t turn him around. If he stays facing the same direction it looks better.

  • Arxanas


    But you know the gears on the left of the engine? Well, they can’t both be turning the same way; It would be a physical impossibility.

    The hangable tile concept is great, and the Monkey Boy game is awesome!

    I’m gonna love the sources!

  • The Monkey Boy game is awesome. But it is too challenging for casual gamers. You should do 2-3 difficulty levels. Great game all together though and I wish you the best of luck with it!

  • Matt

    One glitch i’ve found is that you can’t jump if the bottom left point of you is not touching a platform. This can really affect the gameplay because it’s impossible to jump across the gap that the hangable roofs cross from the right side when it’s possible from the left side

  • Questo

    Another thing. the hittesting is off and in a one hit death game like this it can be frustrating. The hittesting on the bullets is WAY off. THis first three times they hit my the passed right through me. Thinking I was either superman or you hadn’t finished the bullet code like an idiot I stood right in their path and let one hit me. Guess what I died. Nothing too big though and the actual game is great. my last comment was from before I beat all twenty levels.

  • Overall a good game. A few items for improvement:
    When you climb up and hit a roof the monkey kind of bounces all over, looks a bit strange.
    I do not like the blood splash when the time runs out. A lot of kids will probably play the game and they are not going to like the monkey being killed.
    Just like Questo said before he completed the twenty levels I think it would be good to start with 1-2 really easy levels. Maybe the first one with an obvious short wall climb so that the players get a hang of the wall climbing concept.

  • David

    Dude, this is a copy from meat boy… you are good at actionscript but suck at idéas. Try to come with some new/own shit.

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  • DannyDaNinja

    Cool game.