Goodbye AS2…

If you noticed, my last post about AS2 coding is New tile based platform engine – part 11 – slopes part b, almost a month ago.

I decided to quit talking about AS2 because I am not using it anymore, excluding a couple of games I am about to complete.

I am not that happy I had to learn a language I won’t use anymore, but this happened a lot of times in my life… from Commodore Basic to AS2, including AMOS, Pascal and some more.

When a programmer quits a language, it’s not a big problem, but when a blogger does it, he should think about his readers that don’t want to migrate to a new language.

While I don’t want to force anybody, let me share some thoughts:

You can get the latest Flash version, the so called CS4, for $699, and you can download a complete trial working for 30 days.

Even if you don’t have the money, I suggest you to download the trial, make a couple of simple games in a month and raise the funds to buy the license.

All new cool libraries are written in AS3, just think about BOX2D and the games you can make with it.

A PROgrammer **must** know the latest languages, not the old ones. Soon you won’t find any AS2 tutorial around the web.

Last but not least, you can make your own custom tombstone at

What about old AS2 tutorials? Well, the most successful ones will be translated into AS3 using classes. Which one would you like to see first?

  • WHAT?!

    *leaves blog*

    That’s a shame, I was going to move onto AS3 anyways but still…

    And since I don’t have any money, the flash CS4 download for the trial doesn’t work and flex is a pile of cabbages, oh dear D:
    It’ll be a while before I can keep up…

    *obvious pity request*

  • Orion

    R.I.P. AS2
    Will you be changing totally to CS4 or will my CS3 keep up?
    AS2 is so much easier for me, but I’m getting there with AS3 too (slowly but steadily~!)..


    Right, now I’ll have to ask my school to get me a copy of CS3.

  • Fair play Emanuele. Had to happen some time.

  • oliver_l1

    maybe some readers will left the building but a lot of new ones will come including me:-) AS3 rocks!

    translating old as2 tutorials ? hmm..what about gold miner:-)

  • Once

    Actually you don’t have to buy Flash… If you make games without animations, you can design all your shapes with whatever free software or with an old version of flash if you have it and program everything with Flashdevelop. This IDE is as good (some people say even better) as the one in CS3 and it’s completely free !

  • Finally, it was about time. :)

    Are you going to make some intro tutorials?

  • Another vote for Flash Develop:

    If you come from a programming background and, like me, never really enjoyed working with the Flash UI, Flash Develop is well worth looking at.

  • Well, like they say……Evolve or die!

  • I’d like to point out that FlashDevelop is just a text editor, you can’t compile flash files (or any file) with it.

    However, you can use it with the free Flex SDK, found on Adobe (, in fact FlashDevelop encourages you to.

    With the Flex SDK you can suddenly develop ActionScript 3.0 applications and games quick and easy. One way is to write your classes in whatever text editor (like SciTE) and create a simple batch file for compiling. Another, if you’re using Windows, is to download FlashDevelop, like mentioned, and set it up so that it knows where you’ve extracted the SDK to and it will call the SDK automatically with your specified parameters when compiling.

    Also, for anyone looking to really code in the latest and greatest language I suggest haXe which is web-oriented universal language that with one language can compile to a numerous of different platforms, including Flash, JavaScript, PHP etc.

    And it’s about as easy, or easier yet, to install as the Flex SDK. Check it out at

  • Excellent news. It’s ’bout ruddy time’n all!

  • Nathan

    Can you keep doing your tutorials in CS3? I just bought it, and I don’t want to go out and buy another (but very similar) version…

  • The Original Nathan

    Darn it. I don’t have enough money to get even to Flash 8. Ah, well, I guess that’s life.

  • From what I have read about CS4, it is essentially CS3 with a few added features that make animation easier and better looking.

    Lately, this blog is mostly about Actionscript and has move away from the animation/design topics. AS3 is still the same from CS3 to CS4, so there shouldn’t be any worries for anyone who wants to use the tutorials on this website and doesn’t want to upgrade.

    I for one am not shelling out the $700 to upgrade for awhile. The new CS4 design is very slick looking and the animation tools certainly are cool, but I do not animate anyways.

  • You have officially lost me. I’ll have to make my last game tutorial-less. Now how will I make communism?

  • Noo.. this sucks. I hate AS3 so much..

    Looks like no more game making for me.

  • steve

    Damn i still like as2 and dont get as3 i guess i wont use the blog that much any more until i learn as3. cya everyone

  • Orion

    Crymore ppl. Great opportunity to LEARN something you don’t know, if you decide not to like it if it gets too complicated, at least you’ll have the basics.

  • Xodus


    o well…i knew it was gonna happen sometime
    but, emanuele, i can see that your trying very hard to turn this community from AS2 to AS3, with all your translation tutorials, and so id like to say good job for everything youve done so far!

  • Well, you may require someone else to translate your AS3 tutorials back into AS2 for the people who like AS2 like me! I may make a forum post about it!

  • Well, actually AS3 is a lot like AS2, you just gotta work out the differences. Thanks to you, after about 8 years of experience in AS2, in about a fortnight of playing around with AS3, I was at the same level as I was with AS2! And its super fast! Before that, I would of never thought of coding in AS3, and I was dreading switching! Its strange ’cause I though that AS3 would be much harder to use, even though they have a huge amount of changes, they always tell you in a “Migration Issue” error when you put in AS2! I soon figured out that the _root in AS3 can be targeted using MovieClip(root) and _parent with MovieClip(parent). It also makes a lot more sense using addEventListener(). I really love AS3!
    Ty for all your tutorials! Your amazing!

  • I have had a look at haXe recently, it looks awesome!
    Check it out here:
    Have fun!

  • pencha

    I was just starting to learn AS2 (from your ball revamped tutorial). The AS3 version of the tutorial is not even half as detailed. I´d prefer to start with AS3 instead of with AS2 but I haven´t found a good resource (every AS3 tutorial I´ve found is about migration, not about starting from scratch). I´d be very grateful if you can do or point me at some really basic AS3 tutorials so I (and some others in my situation) can skip learning AS2 as it´s a dying language.

  • how would you go about making $700 in flash games

  • Woo! This is fun news.

    Everyone that’s unhappy with this: You know this moment would come. Eventually all the tutorial-makers and employers are going to move on to AS3. Get with the times! AS3 is a much more efficient language. It’s not that much easier at first, but you’ll learn proper logical coding practices!

    Also, Emanuele, what do you think of this?

  • I stopped coding on AS2 more than a year ago.
    AS3 is much much more powerful language.

    But I cant say what knowledge of AS2 is useless.

  • Daniel Rodriguez

    Sorry as2 users, but no one use as2 now, and stop crying, just learn as3, now can use flash develop its free… Nice change.

  • vitaLee

    significant step in the right direction.

  • HiddenSpartan

    Its a step forward

    I third FlashDevelop, I find that it doesn’t lag like the flash IDE

  • I am still using as2… planning to move to as3 also..

  • ruberboy

    I think its a good move. Evolution is necessary look at the portals there will be a day when as2 wil be no more compatible so its natural to happen.

    I for one started learning as3 after some time used to as2, the differences are there, and I find as3 quite more robust, powerful and stable, and it makes you program usin opp style and objects which is very important if you want to maintain your code clean and efficient.

    I use flashdevelop and flex, Haxe is powerful too but I bit more complex but perfectly compatible with flashplayer 10 (and alchemy). I think Haxe is oriented to the advanced programmer.

  • more options

    some more tutorials to make into AS3

    Metro Siberia Underground or The artillery game

    flash element TD

    also a tutorial for a flash version of worms and/or a flash version of Age of Empires.

  • You used AMOS. Nice. :)

    AMOS was my first programming language, I used that back on my Amiga when I was very young (5).

    Personally, I don’t regret learning any of the languages that I’ve learned along the way, that even includes exotic ones that I’m unlikely to use again like Haskell and Prolog.

  • In response to:
    Daniel Rodriguez on November 29th, 2008 5:05 am

    Sorry as2 users, but no one use as2 now, and stop crying, just learn as3, now can use flash develop its free… Nice change.

    A lot of us in the business still use As2, because we are working on legacy sites. I’ve worked on projects for several companies as a freelancer and if the company was more than 3 years old, all the existing code was in as2. You can’t expect sites with a million or more users to start over, just because a new generation of code has come out. I like as3, but haven’t had much chance to use it yet.

  • I for one am still using AS2 along with AS3, I find it really difficult to make this transaction. What can help me make this transaction easier?

  • No! These tutorials are so great! I don’t want to learn a new one ether!

  • Ronerik

    I hate the AS3 mess and will use AS2 as long as I can, or maybe just skip the hole Adobe shit forever.

  • flashlover

    No. impossible. i will leave the blog. (;_;)/ bye as2

    i, i, I am now angry with you OK emanuele feronato??!???

  • flashlover

    Oh and my computer is too slow to run as3. and i have a LOT of important files and now i am STUCK HERE IN THIS SLOW COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you are a genius then work to tell me some fix for my computer